My three favorite cats and why by Emberpaw

Emberpaw lists their favourite cats from the series.

Art by Marshcold

1. Hollyleaf

I love Hollyleaf. I like her because I feel like I can relate to her, she built her life on the Warrior Code, and that failed her. I don’t agree with all her decisions, but I understand why she did them. In my opinion she deserved to be one of the three, she knew she messed up, and tried to fix it. Sure she tried to kill leafpool, but she was angry. Pretty much her whole world felt like it was coming down on her. The person she thought was her mother wasn’t, she felt lied to, and betrayed. One of the quotes said about Hollyleaf I love is this “Hollypaw is the thinker, the politician, sensitive and cunning and aware of all the different consequences that might come from a single action. For her, the warrior code is the root and reward of every choice a Clan cat has to make, and she would tread the hardest paths to defend it.”-Rock. Hollyleaf is amazing!! My favorite quote of hers is “We have to let the Warrior Code rule our hearts. The death of a warrior does not mean victory.”

2. Yellowfang

I like Yellowfang because she makes me so happy, her sarcasm is amazing. She didn’t, in my opinion, deserve all the pain she went through in her life. Her mate rejected her, she had to watch her son grow into a monster. She says that after she had Brokenstar, Raggedstar ignored her, his eyes were all for Brokenkit. I doubt that, while they were both alive, she even got the chance to tell Raggedstar that there were three kits. My favorite quote of hers is “I don’t talk for the pleasure of hearing my own voice, unlike some cats.”

3. Squirrelflight

I like Squirrelflight as an apprentice, she wanted to be independent. Is it just me, or is Firestar a jerk to Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw when Cinderpelt gets the prophecy, he didn’t even know the full meaning. He is one of the reasons Brambleclaw agrees to let Squirrelflight go on the journey. That, and Squirrelflight was gonna go anyway. My favorite quote of hers is “Yes, O Great One, I shall do exactly what you say. And when we come back empty-pawed, maybe you’ll admit I was right”

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