Twigbranch Is Legit Annoying by Stormpaw

Stormpaw shares their opinion on Twigbranch.

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So I’m sure there will be a lot of peeps that disagree, but I’m still writing this article: when Twigbranch and Violetshine are apprentices and Twigpaw has brought SkyClan to the gorge; Twigpaw is just pestering Hawkwing with question after question about Pebbleshine. And that must have hurt Hawkwing by reliving his moments with Pebbleshine, but Twigpaw didn’t even notice that it was hurting him. And then when Violetpaw had the dream about Needletail, and Hawkwing was worried; Twigpaw opened her big mouth and blurted that Violetpaw’s always been sensitive. But guess what Twigpaw? You haven’t gone through what Violetpaw went through, so you don’t really know what it’s like to be afraid of putting a paw wrong with a cat like Darktail hanging around, or feeling unwanted by your own clan. (And those are practically the words Violetpaw thought when Twigpaw said that). THEN, when Violetpaw was gone with Hawkwing to find the lost SkyClan cats; Twigpaw was feeling sorry for herself, thinking that Violetpaw and Hawkwing would become so close that she would become a third wheel. But she had all that time alone with Hawkwing when she went to find SkyClan! So her and Violetpaw where even, there was no reason for her to feel jealous.
And when Twigpaw become’s a warrior, her & Finleap get in these arguments about kits. And in one of the arguments, Finleap says that he wishes Twigbranch loved him enough to have his kits. Then Twigbranch retorts that she wants him to love her enough to wait. But wait for what Twigbranch? She says she wants to focus on being a mentor, but she can always have kits once her apprentice becomes a warrior. She doesn’t have to give a straight out NO answer. But because she can’t even imagine having kits, Finleap starts to think about going back to SkyClan. But why would having his kits be so bad? Finleap left his birth clan and all of his kin for her, and she can’t give him his own family to love?
Then, when she acts like it’s not important that Reedclaw is sick, she goes ahead and makes a big deal about Violetshine and Hawkwing leaving. And she only has her sister and father that is leaving her! But Finleap’s mother, father, sister, and brother are leaving and he still decides to stay with Twigbranch because he loves her. But on the way back to the clan’s from fetching SkyClan in the storm, Twigbranch tell’s him that she’ll never love him enough to have his kit’s. And that is selfish!
Finleap gave up his kin 2 TIMES FOR HER, and she hasn’t given up anything for him! 1st she left him in SkyClan, then she says “I don’t love you enough enough to have kit’s. Maybe never.” And this is what Finleap says… “Let’s forget about kit’s.”

That’s why I don’t think Twigbranch is as great as everyone thinks. She was annoying and oblivious of people’s- cat’s -feelings when she was an apprentice, and then she became selfish when she got her warrior name.
I get that she didn’t want kit’s at the time she had an apprentice, but she still could have had kit’s after her apprentice turned a warrior. She could have at least given up a few moon’s of being a warrior to take care of kit’s. Anyway… those are my thoughts on Twigbranch ^ ^

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  • I agree! But everyone who reads the books seems to love her.
    But, I think that it is wrong that Finleap was pressuring her like that.

  • Yo, WHAT? She should’ve just given Finleap a family, even though she didn’t want to? Haven’t you read the series? Giving birth is described as torture in every book it happens, and disregarding that, Twigbranch did not want a family yet. She would be forced to leave her duties behind and live in the nursery. She did NOT want to be a mother yet. I don’t care about all your other points, but this one is extremely misogynistic. Because Finleap wanted a family, she should’ve just given him one? She doesn’t give a straight out ‘no’ answer because she might want them in the future, but wasn’t ready to have them now. She was still young! Finleap CHOSE to leave SkyClan. He guilt-tripped her, and it was just extremely disgusting. It isn’t Finleap’s choice. It’s THEIRS. And it’s easy to say for Finleap. All he has to do is get her pregnant and show attention to the kits. Twigbranch needs to carry them around, give birth to them, raise them in the nursery, etc.

    Don’t be so immature. What you’re saying here is misogynistic and it just shows that you think that if the man wants a kid, the woman should just have to accept it and get pregnant, give birth to it and raise it. Maybe remember that sometimes women can choose not to have kids?

    • Yesssss thank u!
      In the end wether or not a couple should have kids should be decided by the female. She’s the one who will have to go through the pain of pregnancy and birth. Saying that she should just give Finleap a family bc he left his clan for her is gross. In the end it should be the person with the uterus who decides thank u very much

  • Twigpaw has been worried about her sister before, and was sad to leave her to join ThunderClan. Violetpaw overreacted, and was just like “Ugh, she wants to leave me? I should be happy, not her!” Which ticks me off. And the decision of leaving was Finleap’s choice, not hers. She said she may not want kits then, but she may someday. Finleap pressured her, and it was really stupid. Honestly, when she asked Hawkwing about Pebbleshine, he wasn’t too bothered, and told her a story about when she was an apprentice. This article is just stupid

  • i agree with a few points but finleap was literally trying to pressure her into having his kits, guilt tripping her and making her feel bad. he was straight up rude to her despite her not wanting kits, at least not then. She was still a younger warrior and most likely wanted to enjoy her time as one before settling down with kits. and even if she doesn’t have kits who cares? she-cats don’t need kits to lead a fufilling life. Just because someone wants a family doesn’t mean you have to give one to them. Anyways i hate finleap