Why Leafpool shouldn’t ahev been punished for her kit’s by Ocean-reed

Ocean-reed shares why they think Leafpool didn’t deserve what happened to her.

Art by TheMoonfall

Hi blogclan! This is my second article and I am very excited about it.! WARNING! SPOILERS FOR PoT AND OoTS!!! So here is why I think leafpool should not have been punished for having her kits! So your will all know the prophecy “there will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws” yeah. And the cats of the prophecy were jayfeather, lionblaze and dovewing! (hollyleaf helped out her brothers lots tho) and jayfeather and lionblaze are leafpool’s kits! So if she hadn’t left with crowfeather, then the kits would have never been born, so the prophecy would never have them cats in it. So now more detail.

So as kits, Jay, Lion and Holly escaped. Got attacked by fox. Almost died. Didn’t die. Now, skip to their app life. Here it stared with Holly = med app, Jay = warrior app and Lion = warrior app. Then Jay and Holly swap. Not much happens here (I don’t think)

Now, onto them being warriors / med cats!
So, ofc jayfeather finds the stick, and things happen with the ancients. He falls for half moon and everything, and rock tells him many things. At this time, hollyleaf is running around screaming at everyone, to follow the code, and lionblaze is showing everyone how awesome he is. But when Jay finds out about the prophecy, they are all like 😵 and then, they try to find out more. Also sol comes and torments them, and here, is where the cats save Shadow clan! They fake the omen, and then running nose and ragged star come down and are like BELIEVE IN STARCLAN NOW and blackstar exile sol. Ima just go straight to the main bit. So then with the DF, they played such a crucial role (not talking about dovewing rn) and like they are a lot of the reason why they won. But then the clans were like MED CAT HAS KIT! EVEN THOUGH THE KIT IS GONNA SAVE THE WORLD WE STILL MAKE THE MED CATS LIFE A LIVING HELL! THAT’S GOOD! And this but is stupid in my opinion. But yeah, starclan wanted these kits! So why let the clans punish her? Like cover the moon or something? Like your being stupid starclan! You send a PROPHECY ABOUT THE KITS AND THEN PUNISH THE CAT WHO HAD THE KITS? MAKE UP YOUR MIND? Like your making the creator of these holy cats be punished even though you wanted the kits to be born? Seriously? Yeah, it’s stupid Ik, but I hope u like my article! This was submitted on the 22/03/21 I wonder if it will ever be posted. 😀

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  • Great article!

    But actually- Leafpool wasn’t punished for her kits. She punished herself.

      • I personally think that punishment was more for lying/deception than her actually bearing the kits. I imagine Firestar would’ve minded, but possibly have been a little biased since Leafpool is his daughter. The Clan wanted Leafpool to step down, so she did, and they eventually rewelcomed her to her position.

        The punishment the Clan gave her was what she deserved. The punishment she brought on herself, I think she didn’t deserve quite as much.

      • But it wasn’t Firestar who did that, or any other cat.
        Once her secret got out, Leafpool said she would step down as medicine cat, because she said she doesn’t deserve it. But no one made her do it. It was her own choice.
        So no one really punished her. She just punished herself.

        But I loved the article a lot! <3

        • I disagree.

          Some people think Leafpool’s punishment is light because she just lose her position as a medicine cat. But no. She was punished in a different way.
          There is two kinds of norms in the current society; market norm and social norm.
          Let us say market norm is more like value and price while social norm is more personal.
          Market norm is more like you get exiled for a certain amount of moons.
          Social norm is you being disrespected and humiliation.
          As you can see, studies found out that social norms can make people even more guilty of their actions than market norm.
          Market norm doesn’t work because you get rid of your guilt by doing it. So it does not prevent anything.

          Leafpool was judged, humiliated, and had the label of codebreaker. She almost got killed by Hollyleaf and exiled by the imposter (if she was alive). Yes, she broke the code. Yes, other cats have been exiled in same situation. However, she regretted her decision and helped Jayfeather assist in battle.

  • Nice article! Also, you have to admit, Jay is the living embodiment of the “You don’t say!?”meme

    • Yesssss! I can just imagine…

      Hollyleaf- Hey Lionblaze look at the sunset! Its so pretty!

      Lionblaze- Wow yeah! Jayfeather, can you see it?

      Hollyleaf- Lionblaze!?!? Hes BLIND!!!

      Jayfeather- You don’t say!?!

      Hollyleaf, Lionblaze- AHHHHHH (running from Jay who is going to hit them with stick)

  • Like, to me, she deserved some part of her punishment. Think about it: She broke two warrior(sacred, sacred) rules! Who I, in my opinion, I think should not be punished, was Squirrelfight. Ofc she wasn’t officially punished but Brambleclaw/star was a complete jerk to her for doing that. The whole hate from her kits was an overdose(It didn’t take a while for Mistyfoot/star and Stonefur to forgive Bluestar!!), but overall she had to realize her mistake was a mistake. But still, if it is part of a prophecy, is it really a bad thing? Exactly. See, I contradicted myself! Anyway, great article. Hopefully I can stop blabbering random nonsense and get something to do.

  • I think this was awesome cause I don’t see many people who defend Leafpools choice. And to be honest, I think the greatest punishment was Crowfeather’s rejection of her and their kits. When he refused to accept them and said Breezepelt was his only son made me want to cry! This is great Ocean-reed.

  • leafpool is punished for codebreaking. Just because the KITS. saved the clan does NOT mean leafpool did not break the code. So the punishment is for breaking the code and the fact that the kits are great does not matter.
    Plus the only cat who used her help to fulfill the prophecy is jayfeather.
    So I disagree with you
    Great article though!

  • Has anyone noticed that the last names of two cats Leafpool is related to make up her name?
    okay family tree time.
    First one is easy. hollyLEAF.
    second one is ivyPOOL
    Ivypool’s mom is Whitewing who’s dad is Cloudtail who is Firestar’s nephew and Leafpool is his daughter.
    hollyLEAF ivyPOOL

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