Elections, Day 7: Commentary, Part 1

Hey BlogClanners! Welcome to the 2021 Deputy and Medicine Cat Elections – are you excited? I know I am! So, grab some popcorn and let’s recap the last week of elections!

First though, let’s give a massive thank you to Emberdawn and Iceflower, who have been valuable and vital members to the community for years – we love you, Embix and Icy! Thank you for making the community safe, welcoming, and positive <3

Now it’s time to pass on the torch to a new medicine cat and deputy!

We’re on to the first round of voting—an exciting time for candidates and voters alike. This is the moment where YOU, our lovely BlogClanners, can decide the future Medicine Cat and Deputy of BlogClan. Like in the Warriors books, these are prestigious, highly coveted positions. Choose someone who will change BlogClan for the better, and do us proud! 
In the first round of voting, you can vote for up to 3 candidates. The final round of voting will include the top three candidates with the most votes.

Curious what these two positions are all about?
The Medicine Cat is the friendly ambassador of our community. The Deputy acts as an easy-to-reach source of guidance and assistance around the blog.

Some of the most exciting parts of the BlogClan election season were the hustings! If you’re not entirely sure what hustings are and/or missed out on them, feel free to read the introductory post and the candidates’ responses here

Now let’s take a quick look at the candidates!

Quotes taken directly from Hustings posts. Descriptions of candidates are my personal opinion and not a direct statement from the candidate.

Here are the candidates running for Medicine Cat: Dovestream, Goldenfawn, Viperfrost, Tansypool, Loneheart, Pinestripe, Waffleheart, Mapledrift, Moonbreeze, Pineblossom, and Fernpaw!

  • Dovestream – “I absolutely love helping people and welcoming people” – an active and dedicated member of the community, Dovestream is committed to making the blog a safe space!
  • Goldenfawn – “You all belong here and I’m glad you’re here. And you will always be accepted on BlogClan.” – a longtime member and mod, Goldenfawn wants to give back to the community that has mattered so much to them
  • Viperfrost – “I will always work with dedication toward preserving the kind warmth that drew me in” – a friendly and outgoing mod, Viperfrost strives to foster a warm community
  • Tansypool – “I also remember being inspired by the past medicine-cats of BlogClan” – dedicated to the community, Tansypool honours past medicine cats by striving to follow in their footsteps
  • Loneheart – “new BlogClanners are pieces of fabric to be sewn, and I want to be the one threading the needle.” – a caring member of the community, Loneheart seeks to bind the community in a metaphorical quilt
  • Pinestripe – “determined to do my part and spread as much [happiness] as I can” – a sweet and kind member, Pinestripe loves the friendly and kind atmosphere of the blog and wants to help it grow
  • Waffleheart – “i LOVE BlogClan and all its members” – an outgoing member, Waffleheart cares deeply about the community of the blog
  • Mapledrift – “we can promote an environment that makes all of the voices of BlogClanners heard” – dedicated to making the blog a fair place for everyone, Mapledrift values community engagement
  • Moonbreeze – “BlogClan gave me a place to feel like myself” – committed to giving back to the community, Moonbreeze cherishes the blog’s welcoming atmosphere
  • Pineblossom – “this community and the people in it have changed my life for the better”, a longtime member, Pineblossom loves and appreciates everyone on the blog
  • Fernpaw – “BlogClan is a home to all of us” – a friendly and caring member of the blog, Fernpaw loves how much the blog feels like a home

Wow, so many amazing members are running!

Let’s now take a look at the candidates running for Deputy: Redblaze, Owlnose, Emberdawn, Falconstorm, Sandfrost, Brambleheart, Adderkit, Rockpelt, Cheetahspark, Pebblerose, and Thistletooth!

  • Redblaze – “I’ve always wanted to have a part in the blog’s future” – an outgoing and friendly member, Redblaze looks to play a role in the community going forward
  • Owlnose – “I hope to serve as a good role model for the blog” – a longtime and levelheaded member, Owlnose looks to be a positive role model for new members
  • Emberdawn – “the blog will always have a special place in my heart” – a very longtime member and mod, Emberdawn values the experiences and friendships the blog has given her since 2013
  • Falconstorm – “I want to help you all” – an active member, Falconstorm wants to give back to the community and its members
  • Sandfrost – “I love everything and everyone about the blog” – a friendly and caring member, Sandfrost cherishes the connections made through the blog
  • Brambleheart – “[I want to] be a role model they can look up to for help” – a kind and thoughtful member, Brambleheart wants to be a positive role model for new members
  • Adderkit – “I could help people with their problems” – a smart and happy member, Adderkit wants to help other people feel safe and calm
  • Rockpelt – “I’ve strived to brighten the atmosphere in the people around me” – grateful to have found the blog during quarantine, Rockpelt strives to foster a positive environment
  • Cheetahspark – “I want to continue to let BlogClan be a place where we’re allowed to slip up” – a longtime member and active mod, Cheetahspark wants people to feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them
  • Pebblerose – “I’ve heard this place be called a second family” – a longtime and accepting member, Pebblerose believes the blog is much more than a place to chat about warriors
  • Thistletooth – “I am loyal, honest and helpful” – a longtime member of the blog, Thistletooth strives to be a deputy you can look up to

So many wonderful people!

This year’s election is going to be difficult – I don’t know how I’ll be able to choose who to vote for! All these speeches were so heartfelt and authentic; it’s clear how dedicated these members are to making the blog better!

I know elections can be such a frenzied time, both for people running and those of us who are voting, so let’s ease the tension with some fun facts about last election! In 2019, there were 9 candidates for Medicine Cat and 9 candidates for Deputy – this time, there’s 11 Medicine Cat candidates and 10 Deputy candidates! Wow!

Some other interesting facts from the 2019 election season (don’t read too deep into these, but they are some food for thought):

  • Average # of comments in a Medicine Cat hustings post: 82.75
  • Average # of comments in a Deputy hustings post: 61.75
  • Elections are held every 2 years.
  • All the candidates are so awesome and would do great in their respective positions! (And that’s a fact. 😉 )

Wow, that’s cool! I wonder what the averages will be from this election season!

Voting ends soon! Think your decision through, then cast your vote! You can vote for three candidates this round—hopefully that makes the choice a little easier! Though it probably won’t since, wow! All the candidates are so awesome, and would all make great medicine cats and deputies!

So, what do you think about the elections so far? Leave a comment below and tell us!



  • ~🌊Gracey who recently made a wikia page🌊~ (Gracepaw/Gracesplash/Gracey/Gracie/Gracy/Grace), Questioning, she/her/they/them says:

    (Wait day 8??)
    Good luck to everyone <3
    Everyone would make an amazing medicine cat/deputy!

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