The power of three: character development by Snowmist

Snowmist takes a look at the original three and their character developments.

Art by climbdraws on tumblr

Hello blog clan! Snowmist here with my first ever article and today I will be looking at the character development of the original three. (Hollyleaf, jay feather, lionblaze.) SPOILERS FOR POWER OF ThREE AND PROBABLy OMEn OF THe STaRs! so let’s start with hollyleaf. So she starts out as a cat who wants to help her clan the best way possible, and she believes the best way to so is being a medicine cat. So, she initially does this but discovers it is not her calling. She has a fighting practice session and it comes more naturally for her than learning herbs. Then she becomes a warrior/apprentice and likes it much better. Now, here is where hollyleafs character starts to get not so good. She discovers that leafpool is her mother and cause she is a goody cleanpaw, she can’t accept that her life was created by codebreaking. So, she deals with this by trying to kill leafpool with deathberries. Low, hollyleaf, low. So then she kills ashfur to stop him revealing her secret, and self exiles herself. She comes back in OoTS but she dies like a book later.

Ok I won’t be doing lionblaze cause his development as a character is far too boring. So, straight to jayfeather. Jayfeather had a hard life. He started out as a warrior apprentice but eventually decided he couldn’t also cause starclan told him he should be a med cat (or they at least implied it) so he does after hollyleaf becomes a warrior he becomes a medicine cat and he at first is disappointed because he still thinks he’s just giving up and being unable to do something cause he is blind. But, eventually he starts to like being a medicine cat and he is a happier kitty. Then, when he discovers leafpool secret he handles it a lot better then Hollyleaf. He is still upset, just not as bad. Then he fulfills the prophecy in OoTS and blah blah blah he takes alderheart as an apprentice. There you go, blog clan! My random summary of jayfeather and Hollyleaf! I’ll do squirrelflight and leafpool next cause they’re interesting kitties too. This is Snowmist, signing off!

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  • Sorry, but I disagree.

    Every time I see a article that has a topic about The Three, the answer is Jayfeather.
    He is too overrated and very rude. Don’t say that he has a unique personality because blind people don’t complain they are blind. I think rather than looking at biases on their interests we have to judge them by individual actions.

    For me, I don’t like any of the Three.
    I don’t like Hollyleaf because of her obsession to the code.
    I don’t like Lionblaze because he is bland.
    I don’t like Jayfeather because of her personality.
    I also don’t like Dovewing because her character is very blunt.

    • Jayfeather is an amazing cat, and he goes through an AMAZING character arc! However I don’t blame you if you hate his “rude” personality, since not everyone saw that one bonus scene that revealed so much of his development. And as for Hollyleaf, I think her obsession over the warrior code led to some pretty interesting story arcs, so I’m not complaining.

      Though, I agree, Lionblaze is quite bland, and maybe Dovewing is a little bad in the character development section 😛

  • I disagree with Jayfeather. I guess he was okay as a kit, but I don’t like how he was so judgmental about Brightheart as a mentor. Brightheart was a senior warrior and had lots of experience. She faced many problems, including other cats flinching at her when they saw her face. Now, when Jayfeather was a kit, he had problems about his small size and being underestimated. Brightheart could’ve helped him with this. But no, he chose to be grumpy whenever she tried to help him. Also, once when Jayfeather was cleaning up Mousefur’s den he was like “Oh, Mousefur, you are so cranky and stubborn, so once you turn nice and sweet then I’ll take you to a doctor.” This sentence partially shows that Jayfeather is being a hypocrite. No offense, but he’s also pretty cranky and stubborn, too. Also, you can’t just say someone’s cranky and stubborn, and then assume that’s their only trait.

  • Jayfeather cared for briarlight, invented water therapy so cinderheart could walk, tried to save flametail from the ice when he is blind and can’t swim, and suffered great loss with leafpool( as said in the bonus scene from Barnes and noble) Don’t you dare say jayfeather is overrated and mean!

    • Everyone is always talking about this strange “bonus scene.” Do you know which book the bonus scene is from? I can’t find it anywhere on my reading app, OverDrive… perhaps if I can find the scene, I would understand Jayfeather more. ~ Cloudy

  • Lionblaze is by far not boring, a Mary Sue, or a cold-blooded murderer. Yes, he killed Russetfur, but if you hate him for doing that, I suggest you rereading Fading Echoes. Russetfur was on the verge of killing Firestar. She was still biting down on his throat, even when he was being surrounded by his own pool of blood. Now, put yourself in Lionblaze’s place. Your Clan leader is being killed. Are you just going to sit there and let him die? Wow, I really hope not. Plus, Lionblaze didn’t kill Russetfur on purpose. Russetfur was already getting old and weak, so when Lionblaze pushed her off, she likely died because of the little pain and shock. Also, Lionblaze is not boring. Do you call meeting with a WindClan apprentice, training with Tigerstar, having the ability to never get hurt in battle, killing the ShadowClan deputy, getting rid of Cinderpelt’s spirit, and fighting against your own mentor (with claws unsheathed) “boring?” Hmm… well, let’s see what your answer is. ~ Cloudy