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5 reasons Warriors is special to me by Icepaw

Icepaw shares their experience with Warriors.

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Hey guys, it’s Icepaw here! This is my first article 😀
What makes me coming back to re-read these books over and over again even when I’ve finished the whole series? There are quite a few things that are special to Warriors that few other book series have. This topic is somewhat overlooked so I might as well do an article about it!
Okay let’s get started. Warning: Spoilers ahead!
5. Relatable characters
While most of us won’t be able to relate to saving the world, most of the cats daily lives are somewhat relatable. For example, say the time when Twigpaw was struggling to decide whether to return to ThunderClan or not. You’ve probably related to that type of indecisiveness before. Characters in Warriors also have strong, distinct personalities. This makes many characters easy to relate to. For example, an impatient person might relate to Jayfeather or Crowfeather, and a person who feels the need to follow rules but ends up breaking them anyway might relate to Hollyleaf.
4. Timeline
One of the most special things about Warriors is it’s timeline. If you’re caught up with the series, just think back to when you read Into the Wild, when Rusty was more than just a kitten. The Warriors universe has changed so much since then. This creates a unique feeling of nostalgia, as clearly shown in Graystripe’s Vow. There are so many different stories in Warriors, and yet they are so connected to each other. You can read about generations of cats after one another, when a beloved apprentice becomes an ancestor of current cats.
3. Realistic
I love how Warriors takes place in the natural world. The cats and clans are so realistic in many ways. For example, cats fight all the time in Warriors. This is the same as in the real world. Even though some might argue that talking animals and spiritual ghost cats aren’t necessarily the most realistic concepts, I think it’s a perfect balance of fantasy and reality. The more humanlike characteristics the cats have only make them more relatable. Another aspect that makes Warriors realistic is the amount of tragedy in it. Not all of life is happy endings, and the Erins made sure that Warriors was as realistic as possible the all the tragedy in it. While most people would argue that they’d like their favorite characters back, we have to admit that Warriors wouldn’t be the same if no one died.
2. Inspires readers
One of the best things about Warriors is how much it inspires us all! Whether it’s writing or art, it’s easy to picture a Warriors OC at the back of your mind and turn it into a masterpiece. On top of that, a Warriors character is so easy to create! It’s not like other fandoms where you have to think of a million random pieces of information for a certain character. In Warriors, all you have to know is the character’s name, appearance, gender, rank, clan, personality, and you can start thinking of a backstory. This inspires even those who don’t feel creative at the moment because creating a character is so simple. Another point is that there’s a lot of Warriors art online. This inspired many people (like me) to start practicing art. I don’t think I would have been so interested in art without Warriors.
1. Great fandom!
My last point on why Warriors is so special is the amazing fandom that we’re all part of. There are so many great communities around the internet dedicated to Warriors. Most people in the fandom are kind and funny, and just nice people to be around overall. There are so many MAPs and animations out there of warrior cats. They’re both fun to watch and demonstrates the skill animators have. The warriors fandom has also provided us opportunities to make friends and socialize online. I think the fandom is probably the best part of Warriors.
That’s it for this article! Hope you enjoyed 😀

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