8 Cats Who Deserve the Dark Forest by Mellowix

Mellowix lists casts who should have gone to the Dark Forest for their actions.

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8) The Killer of Badgerfang
Though this cat’s identity is unknown, we know they’re responsible for murdering a kit. Even if the Brokenstar put Badgerfang in the battlefield in first place, that doesn’t mean any warrior is free to kill him. The killer shouldn’t be dissolved of blame.

Even if was a battle, self-defence wouldn’t count in this case. In self-defence cases, there’s the concept of “responsible force”- Meaning the defender used a justifiable degree of force, in accordance to the level of the threat.

Badgerfang was only 3 month old when he died, it was bluntly obvious he couldn’t serious injury or kill a grown cat, even if he wanted to. Therefore, using fatal force against him was unnecessary.
To make a comparison: This is how Firepaw handled one of Brokenstar’s underage apprentices during a battle: “A young ShadowClan apprentice leaped at him from the edge of the camp, its softkitten fur fluffed up with fear. Firepaw sheathed his claws and batted him away easily. “This is not your battle,” he hissed.”

This was how Badgerfang’s killer handled it: “The Windclan warrior sprang with his claws unsheathed, and the little black-and-white cat fell to the ground without making a sound. A trickle of blood crept from his ear, which was crumpled in the dust.”

From here, we can see key differences: Firepaw purposefully kept his claws in and merely pushed the kit aside. Meanwhile, Badgerfang’s killer full-out sprang out at him with claws, with such force, it causes him to knocked to the floor and bleeding.

If Firepaw as an apprentice can get this right, then a warrior has no excuses. This Windclan warrior should be held accountable for Badgerfang’s death.

7) Ripplestar
Some of you may not know who this, as he’s an ancient leader from one of the Field Guides. He leads Shadowclan to attack the other three Clans during the Gathering. Granted, this was before the official rule of the truce. However, even back then it was considered unethical – The Clans still put their trust in each other not to fight. Especially when the Gatherings are attended by Elders and Queens, who shouldn’t even be targeted.

The Four Trees belongs to nobody, so no land or prey was being fought over. It was senseless and reckless violence. Additionally, Ripplestar was endangering his own clanmates by making them fight such impossible odds – Three cats for every Shadowclan cat.

6) Breezepelt

Everyone knows his crimes, so I’m going to repeat what you’ve already heard. Though what I will do, is cover him in Crowfeather’s Trial and beyond. He has not redeemed himself, he’s done far more worse than good:

Declares he doesn’t care about anyone else multiple times, aggressive towards his former victim Lionblaze the whole book, endangers his clanmates by attacking the stoats against orders (Does this three times), almost attacks every non-Windclan accuser (Once at a gathering), claims innocent cats are as “bad as the trainees”, lies he never attacked Windclan and threatened to kill Pickle.

By far his worse, is hiding certain crimes he did. For example, he covered up Antpelt’s murder and praised Beetlewhisker’s murder as it happened. He lied about his attempted murder of Jayfeather and pregnant Poppyfrost. Those who forgave him, did under false pretences.

Even one of his actions that’s commonly praised, is pathetic once you analysis it. He didn’t risk his life for Lionblaze, literally, all he did was knock two stoats off him and immediately left him.

It was up to Lionblaze to confront Breezepelt first – Breezepelt didn’t choose to “apologise”, he was put on the spot. Even then, he didn’t directly acknowledge his crimes or say “sorry”. Even the Book itself admits this:

“I should never have listened to the Dark Forest cats,” he mewed stiffly. “You’re a Clan cat, and my loyalty should be to the Clans.” Crowfeather realised that this was as close as Breezepelt was ever going to get to an apology for attacking Lionblaze during the Great Battle. […] The two toms stared at each other and exchanged an awkward, jerky nod before each of them quickly turned back to his own Clan.”

In comparison, Crowfeather who’s not even in the same realm when it comes to his guilt, make Breezepelt’s “apology” look pathetic:

“I’m sorry I didn’t accept you and your littermates when I found out about you. I’m sorry that I said I had only one kit, and that anything else was a lie. If I’d known . . .” He stumbled over his words and had to begin again, while Lionblaze listened, expressionless. “If I’d only known when you were kits, when you needed me, surely things would have been different. I have no excuses, but . . . I hope you can forgive me for the way I acted.”

Then in Vision of Shadows, Breezepelt still has old attitude, just not attempting to kill anyone, which is such a low bar, it shouldn’t count. His new actions include: Trying to deprive Shadowclan the cure to yelllowcough (Like Onestar), including being aggressive towards Medicine cats. Then, he hypocritically demands the Kin repenters should be exiled, including a pregnant queen.

In Squirrelflight’s Hope, during the Sister’s battle, he’s amongst five cats ganging up on the kit, Creek. The books ponits out that excessive amount of force risks killing the kit.

In the Broken Code *Spoilers* He’s the most violent of the rebels. He insists on a camp invasion early on, during a time when it wasn’t necessary. When it pointed out innocent cats could be killed, Breezepelt shows it no big deal, insisting Clans have always fought anyway. He’s one of the earliest cats to say Bramblestar’s body should be executed and the most vocal about it. He also still holds a grudge against Squirrelflight, despite already reconciling with Crowfeather, even victim-blaming her for Ashfur/The Imposters. He bullies Shadowsight for accidentally killing Bramblestar, when he’s a cold-blooded murderer himself.

6) Ashfur
A classic choice. Everyone knows this topic inside and out by now, so there’s no need to go deeper.

4) Sleekwhisker
Pretty self-explanatory for those who read Vision of Shadows. Out of every Clan cat, she devoted herself to the Kin’s brutal ways the most. Unlike others who were forced to do, some even being held prisoner, Sleekwhisker willing did it.

She took part in Needletail’s execution; attempting to force her to kill Violetpaw, but then drowning her for refusing. It’s implied that Sleekwhisker took place in more drownings like this.
When she had a chance to rebel herself after Darktail’s death, she spat at that. She kidnapped Yarrowleaf’s kits and threatened to kill them. Then she killed Rowanstar for attempting to save them.

3) Quick Water
In Shadowstar’s novella, she leads dogs into Shadowclan’s land, getting Sun Shadow and Shadowstar killed. She then attempted to take the Leader’s final life by shoving her into the Thunderpath, which failed. Once she was confronted with her evidence, she denied it. Quick Water took advantage of Thunderclan’s ignorance and sheltered there to escape her exile.

Because of this, she indirectly caused a four-way battle between the Clans. Shadowstar tried to talking first, so Quick Water had numerous chances to confess and prevent the fighting – Yet lied to the very end. During the battle, Quick Water had the nerve to attack Raven pelt and took Shadowstar’s final life for defending her deputy. She did nothing to redeem herself before her death.

2) Goosefeather
By far, my most obscure choice. You may think Goosefeather had done anything to earn the Dark Forest, but most of his crimes are in the background, which is why the fandom tends to forget it.

1) He abandoned Leopardfoot’s birth in favor of searching for omens.
2) He gets Whitekit isolated from his father, without speaking to any suitable parties, not the father, leader or deputy.
3) He’s shown to be aware of Spottedpaw and Thistleclaw’s relationship when he off-handedly mentions she “loves foolishly”. However, does nothing to about it, not even reporting it.

4) He’s shown making regular trips to the Dark Forest. He does nothing to warn the Trainees like Croookedjaw.
5) He covered up Bluefur’s Forbidden Relationship.
6) He falsely accused Stormtail of attampting to murder with him with a badger. Despite his mentor, sister and Stormtail himself pointing out he was getting help. For all his life, Goosefeather never apologised or admitted he was wrong.

7) Goosefeather got Thunderclan to attack Windclan unprovoked during Leafbare – Using the dirty method of destroying herbs. This endangered the lives of all of Windclan’s members, including Queens, Elders and Kits. He also indirectly got Moonflower killed.
8) After Pinestar had a dream from Starclan demanding he kill Tigerkit, Goosefeather tells him to listen. He’s telling a father to murder his only surviving infant. Goosefeather himself also acts aggressive towards Tigerkit.

9) He pressured Bluefur, a nursing queen to get rid of her kits. Indirectly making her drag them through a snowstorm, endangering all of them: “StarClan made me sacrifice everything I loved.” Bitterness rose like bile in her throat. “My kits—” Goosefeather cut her off. “They’re alive, aren’t they?” “Not Mosskit.” “StarClan will honor her loss.” “What about my loss?” “It is small compared with the fate of your Clan.” – He sounds surprised that the whole litter isn’t dead. Had Goosefeather expected Bluefur to murder them? And neither does he care to hear about Mosskit’s death.

10) He attacked two kits next to a river as a Medicine cat – Basically attampted murder. Stormkit broke his jaw and almost died. And unlike his other crimes, there’s no grand purpose behind it, he almost killed two kits for no reason.

1) Clear Sky –
Similar to Breezepelt, many fans know their crimes well, though it’s argued their redemptions allow them to go to Starclan. However, I’d argue Clear sky didn’t change enough after First Battle and caused much death and suffering even afterwards. For every ‘good’ deed Clear Sky did post-First Battle, he did two more crimes to counter it.

1) Allows One Eye to join, despite his first impression of him, is him attacking Tom, his supposed ‘friend’. (Blazing Star)

1.5) Then declares he won’t listen to an ex-rouge after Mouse Ear warns him about One Eye. (Blazing Star)

2) Suggests to Thunder to drive out Grey Wing from his camp, acknowledging it as good as leaving him for dead since he can’t survive alone with his illness. (Blazing Star)

3) He gives One Eye permission to attack a kit, Sparrow fur, almost getting her killed (Blazing Star)

3.5) Because of his orders, Tom is forced to defend his daughter. After Clear Sky ordered for Sparrow Fur’s healing, he just stood there, not bothering to do the same with the battle – Admitting he doesn’t care about it. Without intervention, Tom is foreseeably killed by the would-be kit murderer.(Blazing Star)

4) After everything that’s happened with One Eye, Clear Sky still expects to reaccepted as a leader. When Snake protests this and briefly lashes out at him in anger, Clear Sky banishes him, not even getting him medical treatment after getting injured (Blazing Star)

5) Clear Sky becomes mates with Star Flower, despite being fully aware his son has a crush on her. Then gets aggressive and mocking of Thunder after trying to voice his concerns. (A Divided Forest)

6) He attacks Quick Water for doubting Star Flower (A Divided Forest)

7) He demands all the Clans give up valuable prey in Leafbare and negotiate with a dangerous rogue group, all for the sake of a singal hostage, who a pregnant Star Flower. Clear Sky is endangering every Clan cat with long-term issues and not having any self-control when he’s meant to be a leader. Clear Sky is bluntly biased/hypocritical here, as no one led reckless recuse missions when Clear Sky himself murdered and held hostages. Yet when it’s someone personal to him, Clear Sky expects everyone to make the expectation. He even threatens to disown Thunder a third time. (Path of the Stars)

8) He refuses to allow for more hunting patrols despite the whole Clan criticising it, to the point he mocks Thunder if he wants to be ‘leader’ This leads to many members leaving for second time in a row. (Path of the Stars)

9) Clear Sky controls/spies on Micah unfairly, treating him worse than his clanmates, despite having accepted numerous rogues beforehand. It gets worse considering Micah is actively trying to save Clear Sky’s son, Tiny Branch’s life with herbs. This is eerily similar to how Frost, Jagged Peak and Jackdraw’s Cry were treated seasons ago, despite claiming he wouldn’t after the First Battle:
(Moth Flight’s Vision)

10) He refuses to give up herbs, not caring if Rocky will die without it. Then he attacks Moth Flight, an untrained cat who’s barely older then a kit and Medicine cat. (Moth Flight’s Vision)

11) When Clear Sky orders his clanmates to stop Micah while he’s gathering herbs from a tree – Micah falls from a branch, killing him. (Moth Flight’s Vision)

12) He keeps Moth flight and Spotted Fur prisoner, shortly after Moth Flight had done her best to save Tiny Branch. (Moth Flight’s Vision)

13) In the pending battle with Windclan, Clear Sky injuries Wind Runner so severely, she’s bleeding from the neck and her leg is broken. Moth Flight is forced to give Windstar nine lives to save her. A.K.A Clear Sky killed Windstar. (Moth Flight’s Vision)

14) He then unnecessarily kills Willow Tail for staging the battle, when he could have exiled her instead. (Moth Flight’s Vision)

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  • As for Goosefeather, #6: He genuinely believed that Stormtail left him to get killed by that badger.

  • Great article! It’s written very well! 😀

    I agree with most of these, except Breezepelt and Goosefeather! But I understand your reasons!

    Great article once again! 😀 😀 😀

  • I to-o-o-o-tally agree with you on Goodsefeather. If it wasn’t for him, Crookedstar would have been Stormstar, loved by all his clanmates(even more) and adored by his mother.

  • I think the Clear Sky thing is very contriversal. He founded a clan, but he was the worst cat in Dawn of The Clans. I think you’re right about his fate.
    There is no reason Sleekwhisker shouldn’t be in the Dark Forest.
    Straclanners for sure under estamated Ashfur.

  • Great article!!
    I agree that even though it was Brokenstar’s fault that bagerkit (paw, fang)
    Was out there his attacker should have left a poor harmless kit alone.

    I don’t agree with Breezepelt though if you haven’t read Crowfeathers trial then you don’t know how he changed so…

    I totally agree that Ashfur should go to the dark forest.

    I partly agree with goosefether ; he had a hard life as a kit

    And I partly agree with clear sky he was an arrogant idiot but he changes in the end ( if you have read mothflights vision )

    • Did you read the whole article? Because I addressed the exact topic of why Clear Sky didn’t change in Mothflight’s Vision and the same with Breezepelt in Crowfeather’s Trial (And beyond). Both toms continued to do horrible things after their “redemptions”.

  • Great article!!
    I agree that even though it was Brokenstar’s fault that bagerkit (paw, fang)
    Was out there his attacker should have left a poor harmless kit alone.

    I don’t agree with Breezepelt though if you haven’t read Crowfeathers trial then you don’t know how he changed so…

    I totally agree that Ashfur should go to the dark forest.

    I partly agree with goosefether ; he had a hard life as a kit

    And I partly agree with clear sky he was an arrogant idiot but he changes in the end ( if you have read mothflights vision )

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