Elections, Day 9: First Round of Voting Ends + Final Round of Voting Begins!

Welcome back to the 2021 Elections, BlogClanners!! In case you’re just tuning in, these elections are to elect our future Medicine Cat and Deputy! We are trusting this amazing community to elect who you believe is the best fit for these roles! Both are important positions and are role models and representatives of the community. Click here for the original 2021 Election post.

If you did not vote in the first round, fret not! You still have an opportunity to vote between 3 amazing candidates for each position in the final round of voting.

As of today, the first round of voting has come to an end! Votes have been counted, polls closed, and finalists chosen by y’all have been selected.

Before we announce the finalists, I’d like to thank this entire community. Candidates who had the courage to run in these elections, wrote excellent speeches, and amazingly answered questions, y’all rock! So do you BlogClanners who have made everything possible through your hustings questions, voting, and encouragement! Everyone has come together to make this event the best it could be!

To every candidate that ran, we appreciate you beyond words. Y’all make BlogClan a better place just by being here and BlogClan wouldn’t be the same without you. You are integral to this community and each of you would make an amazing Medicine Cat or Deputy. 🙂 These elections are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and the results do not determine your worth as a person or BlogClanner. ❤️

BlogTeam has entrusted you to do the hard job of picking candidates and y’all knocked it out of the ballpark! Picking just a few people out of all the amazing candidates is a hard task!

Without further ado….

Our finalists for Medicine Cat are: Viperfrost, Goldenfawn, and Mapledrift!

Our finalists for Deputy are: Cheetahspark, Emberdawn, and Owlnose!

Now that the finalists have been announced, shall we move onto the final round?

From today to 23:59 UTC on July 12th (click here to convert to your local time), polls will be open!

In this final round, each individual will have the opportunity to vote for one candidate for each position. The final results will determine our future Medicine Cat and Deputy for the next two years.

You must have been part of the blog for at least one month to vote. You may not vote for the same person twice and must only vote for one person for each position. While we trust you to be honest, we have multiple things in place to catch any cheating, so don’t try it. Everyone will be completely anonymous, but your votes will become invalid if caught cheating.

We suggest that before voting, you look back on the hustings to refresh your brain on both the speeches and answers to questions from our candidates!

To reiterate the characteristics of each position:

Medicine Cat

The Medicine Cat is a friendly ambassador to this community.

  • They welcome the newest members of BlogClan and play an active role on the New Members page.
  • They keep the community content, making sure every member of the site feels happy and involved.
  • They act as a go-between with BlogTeam and BlogClan, being one of the most useful points of contact between these two parts of the community.
  • They will choose a Medicine Cat Apprentice that they believe most fits the role.


The Deputy is a friendly, welcoming role model to this community.

  • They welcome the newest members of BlogClan and play an active role on the New Members page.
  • They help out members with any problems or difficulties around the blog.
  • They are generally a friendly person anyone can approach for help and guidance. They are a role model for BlogClanners.

While we’ve seen so many candidates, only one Medicine Cat and one Deputy will be elected in the end. Please don’t just vote for your friends, vote for who you truly feel deserves and fits the position. And vote wisely!

Polls are now closed!

Good luck, all! 😀

*Please do not state who you voted for in the comments below. While I’m sure the candidates appreciate your support, we want voting to be anonymous. Thank you. 🙂



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