Elections, Day 10: Commentary Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

HELLO BLOGCLAN! Welcome to the second round of commentary for the BlogClan elections! Can you believe that it’s nearly time to welcome two new individuals into the status of BlogClan’s deputy and medicine cat? But first! We must pick from the 3 Medicine Cat and Deputy candidates with the most votes from round 1 – are you ready?

This cool cat is super excited for elections!

We’ve had a wonderfully smooth adventure for these elections. I want to thank the candidates and the community for being so kind and considerate during this time.

Remember, even if you don’t make it to the final round, we appreciate your commitment to the community and your bravery to put yourself out there during these elections! We love you all!

Now, onto the finalists – all of whom will be amazingly suited for the roles they desire, if chosen.

Let’s take a look at these stupendous six, shall we? First off, we can discuss the Deputy candidates!


Cheetahspark, a longtime member and mod with an upbeat attitude and outgoing personality. I know Cheetah will bring so much positive energy to the role of deputy if elected!

Emberdawn, who’s been a long-term member of the BlogTeam, but it is not only her responsible and consistent presence that makes her special. Emberdawn is an all-around warm and kind-hearted person who is undoubtedly a great candidate!

Lastly, Owlnose, who’s been a consistent and active member for a long time, and who approaches the role of deputy with maturity, empathy, and grace. Owlnose is truly a role-model for all BlogClanners!

Wowee! So many wonderful candidates! Now onto the Medicine Cat finalists:

(*equally dramatic drumroll*)

Goldenfawn, whose commitment and love for BlogClan is astounding. They’re an excellent and phenomenal person who very much fills the shoes of a friendly and compassionate friend to all!

Viperfrost, whose outgoing and bubbly presence as a member and moderator makes BlogClan a warm and comforting space for old and new members alike! Viperfrost is fun, welcoming, and dedicated!

Mapledrift, who is a lovely and outgoing individual who makes every effort to befriend both old and new members, and strives to create a warm environment for everyone. We’re lucky to have such a fantabulous friend like xem!

I know this election is going to be so difficult with so many wonderful candidates to pick from! Good luck to all of these wonderful folks!

Please share your enthusiasm in the comments below, and a big round of applause to everyone who ran this year – you all made these elections super special!

And please, as a reminder: don’t share who you voted for and don’t self-deprecate about the results. We want the elections to be fun and run smoothly, and we don’t want to stir up unhappy emotions <3

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