Interesting Facts about Leaders by Flowermistle

Art by graypillow

Flowermistle compares many Warriors leaders

In warriors, there are many Clan leaders throughout history, and each of them leads separate but all great lives. I know most of them have tough childhoods and big life events, but today the theme would be more detailed: all of their lives are TOTALLY the same!

First, one parent dies early or goes missing. This is a part of tough childhood, but I’ll take it out to explain because it’s such a “coincidence” they all have similar things happening to their father/mother. This fact can be seen on Tallstar and Bramblestar with their father dead, Bluestar and Thunderstar with their mother dead, and Raggedstar, Brokenstar, and Mistystar with one of their parents missing. A missing parent is too much pain or burden for a young kit, and they might waste half their lives trying to do things for them then discover that it’s all just their imagination, or that their parent is actually evil and is using him/her; this could be seen in Tallstar’s Revenge when Tallstar is avenging Sandgorse, The New Prophecy when Tigerstar tried to force Bramblestar to kill Firestar, and Bluestar’s Prophecy when she is determined to moan for Moonflower forever and never be happy again, even being angry with Snowfur because she seems happy.

Secondly, they were often blamed of a murder, no matter true or untrue. As shown in Tallstar’s Revenge, he was blamed by Shrewclaw for not fetching help earlier and got his mother killed, but it wasn’t exactly his fault because there were too many ShadowClan cats fighting, and Tallstar’s help patrol is not enough to handle them all. Also, in Crookedstar’s Promise, he left Rainflower to die because Mapleshade said she was going to die anyway. Although afterwards Rainflower died, Oakheart, Crookedstar’s brother, still blamed him for killing her because he could have fetched Brambleberry to at least see to her wounds. This can also be seen in Skystar and Firestar, when Skystar really did kill Rainswept Flower (though he regretted it afterwards) and Firestar accidentally chased Whitethroat onto the Thunderpath and the ShadowClan warrior died under a monster’s paws.

Next, there are always evil cat(s) around them, and often very close. For example, Bluestar has Thistleclaw, her sister’s mate, competing with her for the deputyship of ThunderClan and threatens to drown everyone in battles; Crookedstar has Mapleshade, who is his great-grandfather (I think?)’s former mate; Raggedstar has Brokenstar, his son, who killed him in the end; Tigerclawstar has Thistleclaw as his mentor and Mapleshade adding on to it; and Blackstar has served as deputy under two big villains, Tigerclawstar and Brokenstar. A very evil influence in cats’ lives sometimes leads to driving the cat mad or make them as evil as the bad guys, which ruins their future; because of that, leaders often get evil characters around them to show how upright and innocent they are.

Okay, now it’s fun time! These things below are just interesting facts, having nothing to do with the leader’s lives! They are just similar things I found out in every Super Edition 😛

So first, they either have a single littermate or the whole of his/her litter dies! I don’t know why the Erins are doing this, maybe making their lives more difficult with no one to rely on? Anyway, I’ve noticed Bluestar with Snowfur, Tallstar with no littermate living, Crookedstar with Oakheart, Raggedstar with Scorchwind, Tigerclawstar with no littermate living, Brokenstar with whole litter dying, Thunderstar with whole litter died, Windstar with an unknown sister, Shadowstar with Moon Shadow, Firestar with Princess (no I don’t mind those bgcs that never appeared in a book,) Bramblestar has Tawnypelt and Mistystar has Stonefur! This list is just HUGE and I’ve been looking for similar leaders ever since I found out that many of them have no littermates alive, and it turned out as though everyone have same breeding genes lol

Then, they are ALL born alongside another litter of three kits, even sometimes one more of two! This pattern is noticed first from Bluestar, Crookedstar, and Tallstar from their Super Editions, and Raggedstar and Brokenstar adding on! Bluestar’s got Thistleclaw litter (with Sweetpaw and Rosetail) and Goldenflower’s litter (with Lionheart;) Raggedstar’s got Yellowfang’s litter (with Rowanberry and Nutwhisker) and somehow Foxheart’s litter (with Wolfstep;) Crookedstar’s got Petaldust’s litter (with Beetlenose and Voleclaw;) Tallstar’s got Stagleap’s litter (with Doespring and Ryestalk) and Shrewclaw’s litter (with Barkface;) and finally, Brokenstar has Tangleburr’s litter with Deerfoot and Runningnose. I totally have no idea what this is for, and I am not going to find the answer any sooner, so I’ll just leave it be 😀

Lastly, another interesting fact is that their mates are from a litter of two! Don’t believe it? Just check the first cats you’ve thought of. Look at Crookedstar with Willowbreeze (Graypool,) Bluestar with Oakheart (Crookedstar,) Tigerclawstar with Goldenflower (Lionheart,) Tigerheartstar with Dovewing (Ivypool,) Pinestar with Leopardfoot (Patchpelt,) Mistystar with Blackclaw (Skyheart is his sister and I know he’s very background but he’s the one Graystripe pushed off the gorge,) and finally Bramblestar with Squirrelflight (Leafpool!) This one was kind of messy, because I have not enough cats for this one and just went to find for more random leaders 😛

So this is the end! If you enjoy this article, please comment below so I can see your feedbacks, thank you <3

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