Why the warrior clans should all be dead by Rockpelt

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Rockpelt examines the Clans’ remarkable survivability. Is it realistic?

Hey! Rockpelt here for another article. Today I would like to ask the question of whether or not the clans should be alive. I’m genuinely asking the question. This article will probably be pretty long, so be prepared. Today I’m going to prove how and why the warrior clans should have died out by now.

First, we are going to talk (or write) about medicine. Medicine is used by medicine cats in the warrior series for the purpose of healing. (obviously.) What I didn’t know before I made this article, is many of the plants used are poisonous to cats. Here’s an example:
Water hemlock. Water hemlock is widely considered one of the most poisonous plants in North America. It is seen in OotS (book: The forgotten warrior) when Cherrypaw and Mousewhisker eat some, mistaking it for parsley. It causes them severe pain and foaming at the mouth. Cinderheart/pelt is able to help save them through the power of yarrow. I have two problems with this.
-As I mentioned before Water hemlock is one of the most poisonous, if not the most poisonous, plant in North America. A couple leaves can kill an adult human. If it can kill a human, by the time the medicine cats can save them shouldn’t they be dead?
-Vicky revealed that she used Culpeper’s Herbal Remedies, a book written on how to treat humans with herbs, to learn the herbs and how to use them for the Warrior’s series. I did my research and I found that many medicines used for people are poisonous to cats. Yarrow is one of them. If the Water hemlock wouldn’t have killed them the yarrow would have.
That means just from medicine we have a total of: Cherryfall, Mousewhisker, Yellowfand, Brokenstar, Shadowsight,Sparrowpelt, Pebbleshine, Sunnypelt, Pigeonfoot, Violetshine,Twigbranch, Rootspring, Needleclaw and more! (I found it too tedious to check every cat who ever had a yarrow.)
That’s two of the newest series main protagonists! I’m not going to go much deeper into medicine because of how unpredictable it is. (and it’s too tedious to look up every herb.)
Next we’re going to see how well they would survive against the trauma of battles:
I did some research and there is actually no way to determine the survival rate of cats who experienced severe trauma. We are going to give the warriors the benefit of the doubt and say none of them died due to trauma.
Let’s move on to the moments in the warriors series that would destroy almost all of the cats. Here we go:
Some resources say that cats suffer as much from cold as we humans do. Exposure to cold for extended periods of time can lead to hypothermia. Hypothermia can be fatal to cats. We have never seen this in a book where a cat dies due to hypothermia.
We can’t randomly guess which cats would have been inflicted with hypothermia so once again we will give them the benefit of the doubt.
If you really think about it the warrior cats are so inbred at this point they should probably be dead. I’ve seen firsthand how bad inbreeding can be for cats. Many inbred cats are able to survive through their kittenhood due to extensive human care. This would leave every clan (except skyclan for now) extremely sick.
Clans in general:
Studies show that feral cats can live together healthily as long as they don’t see each other as competition and perceive themselves as part of the same group. When they do see each other as competition as clans do… Well… Things become violent.
There you have it! Four reasons why the clans shouldn’t exist. (Thank Starclan they do) if you’re willing to fact-check me. I’m always open to being wrong! Comment below with more things you would like to see theorie on. See ya!

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