Why Ashfur’s crimes were not just ‘loving too much’ by Thornfeather

Thornfeather takes a look at Ashfur and his actions. Spoilers for The Broken Code!

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Hello fellow Blogclanners! Today,i’m going to post an article about how Ashfur’s crimes aren’t ‘loving too much.”

He didn’t ‘love too much’. love isn’t obsession,and What Ashfur did was totally obsessing,plus being crazy and mad.
First of all,when he was a good warrior,he defended Cloudtail about the whole kittypet food thing. He was fine by then,and i respected him by then. But then,he got kicked by Squirrelflight because she didn’t love him. That’s how the bad things started. He sulked and didn’t concentrate on his duties. He literally sulked for a long time,getting crazier and crazier. Ashfur misunderstood Squirrelflight when all Squirrelflight wanted was a comfort from a friend. It was Ashfur who misunderstood. Do you think is proper of misunderstanding and threatening and killing,and even after he got a second chance in Starclan he comes back and obsesses obsesses and obsesses and blocks Starclan, and posesses Bramblestar and never regrets it and does the right thing even by now, even though it’s his own fault he misunderstood? no! He isn’t just ‘mad with grief’
He tries to hit on Squirrelflight and revenge her several times,not just one or two. And (spoilers) in the last of the latest book,He hurts Squirrelflight:not emotionally,but physically too. His actions are just crazy. This isn’t just ‘being mad with grief,and his only crime is loving too much’. It’s ‘STAYING mad with grief and anger and revenge,and he has so many crimes . He killed Squirrelflight’s father(Firestar’s one life) and he never regrets it,as we know by his acitons:He tried killing Squirrelflight’s family again which means he never regretted it. He tries to kill Lionpaw without regretting,and tries to kill the three without regretting. After he had a second chance by going to Starclan,he blocks the connection with Starclan and obsesses over Squirrelflight again,killing Bramblestar and posessing him ,and again,never regretting or trying to do the right thing,even know. He’s not ‘not innocent but is a good cat with good intentions’, Saying he’s still a good cat with good intentions is just like saying Mapleshade is a good cat with good intentions,which she’s not,and a villian. And Mapleshade had gotten through more grief,when Ashfur was just kicked by his crush. Did Bumblestripe go mad like Ashfur? Did Thrushpelt? no. And the only difference in their actions of Mapleshade and Ashfur is that Mapleshade succeded on killing,and Ashfur failed because of the lack of luck and because he was a moron. That’s how i think. Ashfur is not a cat who’s fault was just loving too much,but a cat who’s evil.

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  • Squirrelflight was being a “mehhh” over the whole Ashfur and Bramblestar situation. While I don’t defend Ashfur and believe he should’ve been sent to the Dark Forest, and add he’s extremely creepy, I have to correct you that Squirrelflight believed Ashfur might be whom she could be for the rest of her life.

    • She did believe that at first,but her thoughts and mind changed. And Ashfur did all that just because she changed her mind and loved Bramble,not him.

  • Great article! While I don’t defend Ashfur, I will say that he was a breath of fresh air for everyone. Instead of a cat who’s focused on taking over the Clans, we have an obsessive yandere cat, which… That’s new, I guess 😛

    Also, unrelated fun fact, Ashfur is actually a possessive yandere, not an obsessive one! He’s willing to hurt Squirrelflight just so no-one can have her, which is a really terrible thing to do, which makes him even worse! 🙂

    • XD That’s new i guess..
      Possessive and Obsessive,i think there are both traits in Ashfur XDD
      He’s neutral as a villain tho 🙂

  • Great article I agree! Hah, if you think ashfur’s bad in darkness within.. he gets even worse in the place of no stars. Another thing I want to add is that, at the end of darkness within, he literally told squirrelflight to “come away with him” and “learn to love him” but then he straight up attacked her when she said no? I don’t think loving someone and physically harming someone is the same thing. Ashfur said he loved Squirrelflight but he didn’t. If he loved her he would’ve let her move on the first time, and if he loved her, he wouldn’t straight up attack her, drag her into the moonpool, and force her into the dark forest. Not to mention, mind control her mate and force him to attack her (in the latest book). Ashfur has serious issues and I just.. won’t be surprised if he keeps getting even worse in a light in the mist.

    • I know, i wrote this article before the place of no stars was published. His actions are totally worse in the place of no stars,i agree. And yes,it’s not love,it’s obsessing. Like,he has so many problems! Irl,there are many people who kills their ex or crush just because they broke up or didn’t have the same feelings. And Ashfur is like,very similar to that..

  • I don’t think Ashfur would be allowed to rejoin Starclan after his recently behaviour. The statement that he only had “loved too much” was made before his return to the clans (and before Lost Stars).
    I think Starclan forgave him for his past mistakes because Ashfur was a loyal warrior then. He was only “mislead”. Squirrelflight first really raised Ashfur’s hopes when she tried to make Brambleclaw jealous, then she let him fall abruptly and decided on Brambleclaw. Ashfur was really hurt by her. And he wanted to hurt her, too. But he actually didn’t do it. He threatened the Three, was ready to let them die in the fire, but he didn’t (no matter why!). He threatened to reveal Squirrelflight’s and Leafpool’s secret, but he didn’t. He might have done at the clanmeeting, but he had no more chance of doing it – or to drop his sinister plans. This was probably the case for Starclan’s decision then: In dubio pro reo (benefit of the doubt). That’s why they came to the conclusion that Ashfur had been only “loving too much”. Right now they would probably reconsider their decision.

  • I agree with this, I also want to know why starclan let him in almost right after he tried to kill the 2 of the cats that they chose to give powers to.

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