The top worst mothers of all time by Swanflight

Swanflight lists some of the worst mothers from the series.

Artwork by OceanMist78

Hiiii it’s Swanflight😁 and i’m gonna tell you guys about the top worst mothers of all time!
1. Rainflower. She loves Stormkit soooooo much then he breaks his jaw, suffers alone in the medicine den, is in pain, is bored, and it hurts to swallow. then when he moves back to the nursery, Rainflower makes him sleep ALONE. Then poor Stormkit hears his parents fighting and his loyal, kind, dad, sticks up for him. But nooooooo Rainflower re-names him Crookedkit! How mean is that! When Oakpaw (Crookedkit’s brother) beomes a warrior when Crookedpaw is still an apprentice, Rainflower tells Oakheart that Crookedpaw becoming a wariror soon isn’t important and Oakheart is the only one who matters. WHat a jerk. In the end, Rainflower gets what she deserves and Crookedjaw, a new warrior leaves her to die and goes to fight the dog that killed her. leaving her without a med cat, without even cobwebs. But she deserved it. and she made it into STARCLAN not the darkforest WHYYYYYYYYYYY
2. Millie. Blossomfall might have been a jerk, and might have been in the darkforest, but she did not deserve what Millie was like to her. Millie forgot Blossomfall was even fer kit, and can i just say I don’t think Millie even KNEW BUMBLESTRIPE EXISTED!! Blossomfall hit her head in the caves, got lost and scared in them to. And guess what? Millie YELLS AT HER FOR SOMETHING THAT IS IVYPOOLS FAULT (no offense, I <3 Ivypool too). Maybe Blossomfall made a mistake, but EVERYONE does. Our famous, jerk-faced street rat, prim-perfect DOVEWING (Oh Dovewing I will go to the ends of the earth to kill you) who loved lionblaze, was all like ” I could NEVER break the warrior code, oh i love it soooo much!” then started going out the the FREAKING MOST ARRAGOUNT SHADOWCLAN TOM EVER. Blossomfall NEVER broke the code. Did you ever suspect Ivypool of breaking the code? No! Blossomfall is the same as Ivypool, but she did not no what the dark forest was training her to do, and Ivypool’s mother always loved her. DIE MILLIE!
3. Leafpool. Ok, i mean no offense, i love leafpool to! I also like CrowXLeaf. Leafpool, this is nothing personal. I just think u were a bad mother. Leafpool wouldn’t be on here if she had just told Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf the truth. If she had, Ashfur Might never had died. Squirrelflight should also have told Brambleclaw, because my sister is in love with Brambleclaw and she was soooo happy when they broke up because Brambleclaw as mad he got lied to.
I got some more but I dont have time to write them.
Pinenose (Violetkit’s foster mother. hate her)
and Lizardstripe (Made Broeknkit evil by being sooo mean to him)

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  • The Dovewing/Millie hating was EPIC! I’m pretty sure she fell in love with Tigerstar, though, but I knew exactly what you were saying. I feel bad for Squirrelflight now :/

  • Though I do sort of agree with the Leafpool bit, I disagree with it to. In the beganing, I vaguely remember one of the chapters saying Leafpool used to give the kits honey to eat. I also think there was reason for her not really being in their lives. Leafpool was forbidden to even have kits. It;s not supprise it turned out like this.

  • I’m confused why a brown tabby would be named storm kit. Also, why is Crookedstar a brown tabby? Both of his parents are slightly gray.

  • Nice article!!
    I felt so bad for Crookedjaw when I read crookedstar’s promise
    She was so mean to him and I totally agree.

    I have to say I really like Millie but I agree that she wasn’t a really good mother.

    I love leaf pool but I feel like she should have told her kits. Maybe it would have been easier for Hollyleaf to process if she new earlier. Also Squirrelflight should have told Brambleclaw (star).

    • XD I may have over-exagerated how bad she was… She wasn’t TRULY evil enough to go to the dark forest, but she doesn’t deserv starclan!