Hailstar’s Big Mistake by Hopfall

Hopfall analyzes Hailstar’s actions in Crookedstar’s Promise.

Art by theDawnmist

Hello! It’s Hopfall here with an article! This will be my first one, so yay! Anyway, as you probably guessed from the title, this article is about Hailstar’s big mistake. (Spoilers for Crookedstar’s promise, by the way.) “What might Hailstar’s big mistake be?” you may ask. Well, I will tell you!

Before I tell you though, I should tell you who Hailstar is incase you have forgotten or have never read Crookedstar’s promise. Hailstar is a cat that led RiverClan in the forest territories. He was leader before Crookedstar was leader, and was leader since before Crookedstar was born. So with that in mind, let’s get into Hailstar’s mistake!

So, it was partially Hailstar’s fault that when Crookedstar was a kit, his name was changed from Stormkit to Crookedkit. “What?” you may be thinking, “I thought it was Rainflower that changed it!” Well, it was, in a sense. She was the one that thought of it and successfully tried to get Hailstar to change it. Hailstar could have chosen to say no. On page 51 of Crookedstar’s promise Rainflower says, “And I’ll keep calling him that till Hailstar changes his name formally.” This makes it clear that it was partially Hailstar’s choice, and I think he chose wrong. Rainflower is hated by most fans for changing Crookedstar’s name. I think it’s weird that people aren’t mad at Hailstar at all for agreeing to it. I am not defending Rainflower at all, she was a truly awful cat. It’s just it would be more fair if people acknowledged Hailstar’s wrong in the matter.

Some people could argue that it wasn’t wrong of Hailstar to do this, because he should respect the mother’s wishes. I can see why someone could say this, but I disagree. Hailstar knew that the name was cruel, anyone could have figured that out. But he chose to go with it anyway. Is it right to give someone a cruel name just because their neglectful mother wants it?

You’re probably thinking right now that I think Hailstar is a horrible cat, but that’s not actually what I think. He made many good decisions, such as getting Willowkit and Graykit back from WindClan. I think he made a wrong choice, but we all make wrong choices sometimes, and the good that he did outweighs the bad. That’s why I called this article “Hailstar’s Big Mistake” rather than “Hailstar is evil” or something like that.

So that’s what I think Hailstar’s big mistake was, tell me if you agree in the comments! Hopfall out!

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  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

    This is the exact reason I hate Hailstar! 😛 Great article!
    That Would Be Enough

  • I agree that Hailstar wasn’t wise about the decision involving Crookedstar’s name. but the erins needed that to make rainflower look bad

  • ~🌊Gracey who recently made a wikia page🌊~ (Gracepaw/Gracesplash/Gracey/Gracie/Gracy/Grace), Questioning, she/her/they/them says:

    Interesting! You’re right, Hailstar DID have a choice! Great article, I loved it!!

  • Great article! I agree completely. Hailstar should have listened to Brambleberry and Shellheart’s concerns about changing Stormkit’s name.