My Thoughts on A Warrior’s Choice and The Place of No-Stars by Lilypearl

Lilypearl shares their thoughts on The Place of No Stars and A Warrior’s Choice. Spoilers for both books!

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Hello! I am Lilypearl, here with my second article! It is right now Tuesday, April 6th, 8:30am and I am waiting for the new Warrior books to come out! I am literally bouncing up and down with excitement! *Calm down, Lilypearl, stay calm* Since I live in Hong Kong, I have to wait until later than 12:00pm to read the books. Anyway, in this article, I will be telling you a summary and my opinion of them. Oh, by the way, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Place of No Stars and A Warrior’s Choice! But other than that, let’s start!
-The Place of No Stars Excerpt Summary-
In the excerpt of The Place of No Stars, we see that Squirrelflight has been taken to The Dark Forest by Ashfur. Only Rootspring had witnessed that, so when he tried to tell the other Clans what happened, they didn’t believe him at first. In Chapter One, Bristlefrost welcomes her brother, Flipclaw, home, who had gone for a ‘wander’. He tells us that Graystripe had gone back to visit the old territories, which I already know because I have read Graystripe’s Vow. Then, we know that Ashfur has escaped his prison in ShadowClan, because Shadowsight let him escape. In the third chapter, we see that with his mother and father in his prison. He tries to explain why he let Ashfur go, but his parents don’t understand. When he tries to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water to escape his clanmates, the other Clan leaders see him and accuse him of trying to escape the trouble he caused. So, Shadowsight willingly let them take him back to his prison. Now, let’s skip a few chapters… Ah-ha! So the Clan Leaders go to the Moonpool to try to find answers. That was the end of the excerpt!

-The Place of No Stars Book Summary-
OMG! It is 8:25pm right now (I went horse-riding, but that’s no excuse!) I am NOT proud of the time I took to finish the book. And I haven’t even finished A Warrior’s Choice! Anyway, the book was so unpredictable! I cried when Willowshine died and was very shocked when I found out that she was controlled by Ashfur when she dragged Rootspring into the Moonpool. I’m not really sure, but I think that somehow, Shadowsight not being able to move his injured ear is connected to Ashfur. Since Shadowsight was injured while fighting against Ashfur, I think that Ashfur might be able to control Rootspring or something. Oh and, I was really upset when the Erins’ ended the book with Rootspring fighting Snowtuft! But I really enjoyed the book overall and I grade it a 10/10 book!

-A Warrior’s Choice Excerpt Summary-
In the beginning of the excerpt, Daisy is in ThunderClan when Smoky asks her for help since his mate, Coriander, is kitting but having trouble. So Daisy helps her deliver two kits, although Coriander dies.
The excerpt doesn’t tell us about Blackstar or Spotfur, so that is all!

-A Warrior’s Choice Book Summary-
I’m back! I’ve finished A Warrior’s Choice, and here are the summaries:
•Daisy’s Kin
Daisy’s Kin is a very good book, although I would have liked it more if she stayed with Smoky. At the end of the book, it says that Spotfur had given birth to kits! I would have LOVED to know their names as they are described as ‘very beautiful’. I feel bad for Coriander, but other than that, it was one of my favourite books!
•Spotfur’s Rebellion
In Spotfur’s Rebellion, we see that Spotfur (Spotpaw) was very rebellious when she was an apprentice. She crosses the border with her toe! I laughed so hard at that point (I was imagining her cute little toes!). I really enjoyed the book as it tells us what she was like when she was younger and how she felt about BristlexStem!
•Blackfoot’s Reckoning
So in the beginning of this book, the battle against Scourge had just ended, and Blackfoot was going to Highstones. Before he leaves, he decides Russetfur should be deputy. I was kind of surprised to read that most of Blackfoot’s warrior ancestors were hostile to him when he received his nine lives. He received his first life from his father, Blizzardwing, but before that, he thought back to when he was an apprentice, how he figured out that Blizzardwing was his father, even though he already had a mate, Featherstorm. Blizzardwing gave Blackfoot a life for acceptance, so he could accept his past so that he could leave it behind and focus on the future. I was really surprised about this since I don’t remember reading about this before. Anyways, Although most cats may see him as a tough and strong cat, he was actually very uncertain in the beginning of his leadership. The book was mainly about Blackstar receiving his nine lives.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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  • Nice article! I loved Blackfoot’s reckoning!!!

  • Great article! Thank you so much for not saying “Bristlefrost only thought about rootspring she’s boring blah”. THANK YOU! First person I’ve seen who actually talked about the book properly, and didn’t complain about it. Also your article was really fun to read and I enjoyed it! I also have a feeling that Rootspring is being controlled by Ashfur but I hope I’m wrong. I just want Rootspring to get out of the dark forest and be with bristlefrost lol. I’m really excited for A light in the mist, and so far, 4 more months until I get to read it.

  • Am I the only one who started nearly hating Lionblaze due to his attitude in this book?He wants to kill Shadowsight for being misled by his powers and that’s rich,coming from someone who nearly killed three cats before maturing.I mean,he was slightly younger than Shadowsight is,but it doesn’t give him an excuse.Btw,isn’t Shadowsight stil a little young to have his full name?I know Puddleshine got his name at about eight moons,but it just seems weird to me,even though he’s one of my favs and I know they had no choice.

    Btw,the three cats he nearly killed were:Heatherpaw/tail,Mosspelt of RiverClan,and Crowfeather.

    P.S.Great article,and I’m sorry you had to hear my rant.

  • (Ok I’ve read ALITM already) But this is like the only article I’ve found that doesn’t say that Bristlefrost is boring she cares only about Rootspring blah blah blah. But seriously, BristlexRoot is actually ok. But Willowshine… well that wasn’t. Overall I sort of liked this book. MUCH better than Darkness Within.

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