[a full-body design of Juniperclaw walking with his colour palette]

Juniperkit and Juniperclaw by Moonshadow

Moonshadow wonders what would’ve happened if Juniperkit and Juniperclaw had existed at the same time.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)

I was reading the warriors wikis events timeline, when I realized something. Juniperkit and Juniperclaw were born in the same season! This raised many questions in my head. Was Juniperclaw named after Juniperkit? This is highly unlikely, but it is possible, because Sparkpelt was made a warrior before Juniperclaw, Sleekwhisker, and Strikestone. This implies that Squirrelflight’s kits are older than Dawnpelt’s. Dawnpelt could have heard about Juniperkit’s few seconds of breath, and named her kit after him. She could also just have picked the name herself. Or, maybe the Erin Hunters really like the prefix “Juniper” (I do, too).
If Juniperclaw isn’t named after Juniperkit, what would have happened if they had both died? The Erin Hunters wouldn’t do that, but what if they had? StarClan would have two Juniperkits, both similar-looking. That would be . . . quite interesting. If that happened, would Squirrelflight possibly find the wrong Juniperkit in Squirrelflight’s Hope? (If Dandelionkit weren’t there)
What if they had both survived? There would be two Juniperpaws at the same time! What would Juniperkit’s warrior name be? I personally like both Junipertail and Juniperfur, but I would think he’d have a more creative name than that (and probably not fur, because siblings that are both fur and pelt . . . blobbity). Juniperheart might also be nice (if Alderheart weren’t there . . . *sigh*). Comment what you think a good name for him would be!
And, one more thing. If Juniperkit (who I’m now going to call Juniperfur) had survived, what would his importance be in the books? Dandelionkit would have still died, so that part would be filled. Maybe Juniperfur would become deputy instead of Lionblaze! He might even be a protagonist! And, of course, he would be included on Alderpaw’s quest, just like Sparkpaw. But, that brings up another issue: Who would the mentors be? Alderpaw and Sparkpaw have Molewhisker and Cherryfall as mentors, because they’re siblings, too. Bramblestar likes to give apprentices to cats related to each other. But if Juniperkit *fur* were alive, who would the mentors be? Sometimes, one apprentice is given to a totally different cat (see Twigbranch and Finleap, with Flywhisker and Snaptooth, and Spotfur’s all alone), but that wouldn’t work for Alderpaw’s quest. Comment who you think the mentors would be!
And, that concludes my post. Hope you like it! Who do you like more: Juniperkit, or Juniperclaw? Comment below!

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