Whats the purpose of Shadowclan? by Embermoon

Embermoon wonders what role ShadowClan serves in the series.

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*This is my first article so i dont really know what i’m doing and there will probably be spoilers along the way, Please enjoy!
Was shadowclan created for the purpose of drama a antagonist? Or was it created for some other reason? On one hand at least two of the main antagonist took place in Shadowclan, but on the other not all cats of Shadowclan were bad cats. For example, Tigerstar was originally born in Thunderclan which exiled him because of his ambitions and what not, but shadowclan either saw right through all of that or agreed with that? Brokenstar was raised in Shadowclan but my theory is that he was evil because of his backstory. He had no mother and not a very good childhood. But does the fact that he was raised in shadowclan have anything to do with it? And lastly, why did Darktail to choose Shadowclan to start to corrupt the clans around the lake? Maybe it was because Shadowclan was more vulnerable to his ideas of life. Those are my reasons that Shadowclan was just created for the sake of a antagonist like clan and to create drama in the clans. The books could have been created with just 3 clans or maybe Skyclan could of been one of the original four clans. Of course if Skyclan was one of the original clans then Skyclans Journey, Firestars quest and a lot of the series books would be completely ruined. But think about it isn’t Shadowclan and Thunderclan very similar besides the fact that Shadowclan cat eat weird things like frogs and lizards? They both live in a type of forest, both hate water, both climb trees now and again. But You could make the argument that Skyclan Is also a lot like thunderclan. I’m not saying that Shadowclan shouldn’t be a clan im saying that it was created for a interesting reason. I’d actually say that part of the Warriors books success is because of shadowclan. Shadowclan added a lot of unnecessary drama to the book that made you wanna read more.My conclusion is that Shadowclan was created for the purpose of making the books more dramatic and so there would be our clans.

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  • Great Article! ShadowClan is my favourite Clan, and I agree with all of your points 🙂

  • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:

    Great article! I love the standpoint where there is no “bad” clan!

  • In my opinion, Shadowclan is basically Warriors’ Slytherin- the generally “bad” clan who isn’t actually that evil.

  • interesting point! shadowclan in the earlier arcs is just sort of *there* and kinda evil xD it does get better tho, in tbc thunderclan has like *problems* and shadowclan is nice (ish) and not corrupt (plus shadowsight- yay!)