Did Hawkfrost and Mothwing Do The Right Thing? by Nightpaw

Nightpaw wonders what impact Hawkfrost and Mothwing had on the Clans and what impact their absence could’ve had.

Art by XxLunaWarriorxX (Amino Apps)

We all know that Mothwing and Hawkfrost left Sasha when the forest was leaving to find its new home. But was that really the right choice? What would’ve happened if they hadn’t made that choice? I’m Nightpaw, and I’ll be answering this question.

Mothwing and Hawkfrost were born to Sasha and Tigerstar, and unfortunately received quite a lot of hate because of it. Not only were they Tigerstar’s, one of the biggest villains in Warriors, children, many cats thought they were “untrustworthy” and were self conscious around them. This is what made Hawkfrost furious and ambitious. But this is also what made Mothwing determined to prove herself.

When Twolegs started invading the cats’ territory, the Clans decided to move in search of a new home. At the last moment, Sasha showed up at the RiverClan camp and asked Mothwing and Hawkfrost to come with her, away from RiverClan and the rest of the Clans. Hawkfrost immediately refused, trying to prove to the other cats that he was loyal. Because of this, Mothwing was influenced, feeling the other cats’ and Hawkfrost’s gazes on her, and also decided to stay with the Clans.

What if she hadn’t? Let’s admit it, that wouldn’t have been beneficial for RiverClan. Mothwing was a terrific medicine cat, and helped save tons of lives during her time as one. Also, without Mothwing, RiverClan would’ve had a shortage of medicine cats, making it experience what ShadowClan would later on experience. Mudfur, Mothwing’s mentor, would soon die, and when he did, without Mothwing the Clan would have no medicine cat. Of course, soon Willowshine would arrive, but [SPOILER ALERT] as we can see in The Place of No Stars, she is killed by Ashfur. Mothwing was in ShadowClan at the time, but we all know that Mothwing would eventually return to RiverClan. But without Mothwing, RiverClan would again be without a medicine cat. So as we can see, without Mothwing, RiverClan would have become a complete mess – not once, but twice.

But what if Hawkfrost hadn’t stayed? This is a whole different story – Hawkfrost was a villain, not a hero. He’s the one that caused the prophecy: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red. (He tried to kill Firestar and Brambleclaw killed him, which was the prophecy)After his death, he took part in the Great Battle on the Dark Forest’s side, trainingIvypool and other unsatisfied cats to fight on their side. Later, after Ivypool’s betrayal, he tried to kill her and accidentally killed Hollyleaf. So without Hawkfrost, Hollyleaf would still be alive and well. Without Hawkfrost, some other minor cats would also be alive. So, if Hawkfrost hadn’t stayed, some things might have been better.

Of course, there is a possibility that Hawkfrost could’ve stayed and Mothwing could’ve left, and vice versa. Most likely, however, they would’ve made their choice together. We already know what happened when both of them stayed; what would’ve happened if both had left?

No Mothwing, as we know, is total chaos. However, no Hawkfrost means peace. But, no Mothwing and no Hawkfrost means both chaos and peace at the same time. RiverClan would have had no medicine cat, which would’ve made things even more chaotic than Hawkfrost made things. Having no Hawkfrost would’ve been good, but as we can see here, it wouldn’t have helped because having no Mothwing would’ve been devastating. So as we can see, having no Mothwing and Hawkfrost would ultimately be terrible for the Clans. No peace would’ve happened because there would’ve been no medicine cat in RiverClan.

All in all, we can see here that Hawkfrost and Mothwing did make the right choice when they stayed in RiverClan. With the two, there might’ve been some extra chaos and losses, but without them, the consequences would’ve been worse.

Thanks for reading my article, and I hope you enjoyed it :).

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