My top 5 least favorite cats by Swanflight

Swanflight lists their least favourite characters from the series.

Art by HollyHeart22

Hewo! I’m Swanflight! Back again with a new articel: All my least favorite cats and why
**WARNING**: Spoilers my ocur of sieries 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,and 6! THANKS!
1. Ashfur. I mean, dude, you love Squirrelflight, and to express your love you attempt to MURDER HER FATHER!?!!? What kind of mousebrain does that? Then in Broken Code, HE TRIES TO KILL SHADOWSIGHT. Ok, i’m not that sad about that, i dont rly care about shadowsight, but still. Then Ashfur is his FRIEND?? Like dude, first u wanna kill him, and now u tell him he’s ur only friend? Messed up, man.
2. Dovewing. She is a whiney, selfish, obnoxias little brat. “Ohoh, my life is sooooo hard! My boyfriend is in another clan! I am part of a prophecy and i have powers. Im sooo unlucky! I can’t tell my sister to protect her feelings! Ohoh, i HAVE to protect my sister who is perfectly capable of preotecting herslef, from an army of demons!” Says brat face. Ivypool felt worse BECAUSE you didnt tell her u idiot! Oh, i’m not done bad mouthing Dove. She BROKE BUMBLESTRIPSE HEART! Poor guy. He really loved her. And then she LEFT HIM for the most arragount, self-absorbed shadowclan tom EVER. I will go to the ends of the earth to kill u dovewing
3. Millie. She was HORRIBLE to Blossomfall, and she didnt even know her son EXISTED. poor Bumblestripe got his heart broken and was ignored by his own mother. Blossomfall got lost, terrified, and injured in the tunnels and Millie was AWFUL to her. Told her that she was uselesss and wasting everyones time. What a GREAT mother, am i right? Millie thought Briarlight could never live, and that at least in death she woulnt have to suffer anymore. I mean, really. Briarlight is HAPPY and who wishes death apon their HAPPY DAUGHTER? What. A. Jerk.
4. Silverstream. She was such a brat to Crookedstar, who only wanted to make sure she was OK. She was sooooo perfect. She had a perfect name, a pretty pelt, her father was leader, everyone felt bad her her because her mother, and two sisters died at birth. Ya, i know. But she was a jerk to her father, was way to perfect, was super stuck up, did not ever really care that Fireheart was concered about his friend. Inconisderate brat. DIE SILVERSTREAM. Oh wait…. you did. THX!
5.Appledusk. Okay, okay, yell at me. I know we don’t learn much about him, but i know this: I HATE HIM. He pushed Birch-whats-his-name into the river by accident, thn birch dud drowned. an APPRENTICE drowned too, trying to save him. Thx alot appledusk. Then Appledusk gets Mapleshade pregnant, and Mapleshade claims the father is Birch dude. But med cat realizes that APPLEDUSK is the father and Mapleshade and HER INNOCENT KITS get banished. Her kits drown when she tried to reach APple dusk across the river, and then he denies that the now dead kits where his, and that he ever loved this scrawny thunderclan she-cat. She comes back later to find HE CHEATED ON HER and is having kits with another she-cat. Mapleshade kills him in return for cheating on her and now I am happy, because he got what he deserved.
I Hope you liked it!

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  • Great Article! I have a level of love for all these cats, so I’ll try and justify myself
    1. Ashfur sucked up until now. He’s a great villian! He’s the reason why TBC is amazing!
    2. I love wing Dovewing hehe. Her heart was tearing her in 2 different directions, and she tried to do what was best for her Clan by staying there, but I feel she is very brave for having the courage to do what her heart desires – go to Tigerheart. Lionblaze and Jayfeather were being very pressuring about her power, but she held up pretty well! And the Bumblestripe thing – she was unhappy, and she tried to tell him best she could that she didn’t want kits (or him) and Bumblestripe ignored that completely, which was upsetting for Dovewing.
    3. Millie did what was right. Briarlight was on the verge of death, and she still loved her kits, but she felt that she should’ve stayed with Briarlight. Blossomfall’s feelings are also entirely understandable, but so were Millie’s.
    4. Silverstream I’m neutral on
    5. None of it was Appledusk’s fault, Mapleshade did basically all of it. Appledusk and Reedshine loved each other, and if you found out your former mate decided to cross a clearly flooding river (that Petalkit noticed), they drowned, and your mate came in asking for shelter and love because she couldn’t go anywhere else (she could) and that it wasn’t her fault (it was), then you’d be truly angry at her for making a choice that resulted in the deaths of your kits. Also I believe the Birchface thing was and accident, Flowerpaw wasn’t his fault and Mapleshade made the wrong choice by not correcting Frecklewish when she said they were Birchface’s kits.

    Amazing article, though!

  • Hi, dovewing has a perfectly good reason to protect ivypool as ivypool
    LITERALLY CHOSES TO TRAIN IN HELL. Dovewing wishes she could be more there for her sister and ivypool is like AUGHHHHHHHH WHY AREN’T I SPECIAL
    When dovewing trys to make up with ivypool, ivypool gets angry. dovewing has a hard time with her powers and wishes she could be normal, really badly. you know why? Because ivypool hates her for being special. And bumblestripe loved dovewing, sure. But that doesn’t mean she needs to love him back. And she Truely loved tigerheart.

  • I’m kina neutral on several of these cats, but I hate Appledusk too. Like. Seriously dude? He literally killed the other cat while cheating on Mapleshade (who was going to have kits!) just…ugh. I don’t LOVE Mapleshade either but I hate Appledusk a lot more

  • Hello! I have a question for you! It isn’t related at all to the actual points of your article, but rather a one-off sentence that REALLY made me mad. You said, and I quote, “Ok, i’m not that sad about that, i dont rly care about shadowsight”. Please explain to me why in the name of StarClan would you not care about Shadowsight and not be sad about him NEARLY DYING? In case you can’t tell, I’m a really big Shadowsight fan xD

  • I agree with all of these except dovewing both she and ivypool are great and they just couldn’t tell each other their secrets to solve the wedge in their relationship.

    • You are truly one in a million. With majority, you hate dovewing or you love her. You have Ivypool or you love her. You are truly amazing. I don’t know how you do it;

  • Personally, I love Ashfur and Silverstream, but I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE Dovewing, Millie, and Appledusk!! THEY NEED TO DIEEEEEE. Well, I guess just Dovewing, ’cause she’s the only one who is currently alive, but STILL. I HATE DOVEWING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Great article, though! 🙂

  • Great article! Now I shall defend Dovewing! Jayfeather and Lionblaze made Dovewing promise to not tell anyone about the prophecy. If your sibling was going to visit a bunch of evil demons every night wouldn’t you also want to protect them? And then Bumblestripe. Dovewing did not have to marry Bumblestripe. She should be able to choose who she is mates with. It’s like hating Bluestar for not being mates with Thrushpelt (and also I think Oakheart is annoying). Dovewing loved Tigerheart and she can do that. That is her opinion on him and people should respect that. And I know you didn’t write about this part but still: Dovewing’s enhanced senses were her normal senses to her. If one day you woke up and you could barely hear anything wouldn’t you be freaking out too?