[Dovewing and Ivypool sit beside and look at each other]

Defending Ivypool and Despising Dovewing by Swanflight

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Swanflight defends Ivypool

So a lot of people hate Dovewing (like me) and love Ivypool (also like me) but then some people love Dovewing and hate Ivypool. Today, I’m going to explain why you should hate ovewing and why Ivypool is the best. *WARNING* Contains spoilers of Omen of the stars and Tigerheart’s shadow.

Dovewing, facts, thoughts, and why I hate her
1. She never cared what Ivypool felt. See, Dovepaw wanted to tell Ivypaw about the prophecy so that DOVEPAW could keep her friend. And if Dovepaw had been more aware of Ivypaw’s feelings, she would have at least tried to explain some part of what was happening, and then Ivypool would never have gone to the darkforest. I know what your thinking: But actully Dovewing did us a favor by making Ivypaw go to the dark forest! Now we have a spy! Ya, no. ANYONE could have spied. They could have hired Birchfall or Blossomfall to spy. I mean, it isnt hard to tell if someone is going to the dark forest… Just look at their fur when they come out of the den! Dovewing thought she had to protect Ivypaw from the darkforest, but ivypaw was PERFECTLY CAPABLE of protecting herself!
2. Dovepaw never did anything. Let me explain this. Okay, she idid tons of things, but not in the way i mean. When Ivypaw was mad that Dovepaw never went on dawn patrol and got special treatment. I mean, sure she WISHED Brambleclaw would put her on equeal patrols as Ivypaw but she never ONCE got off her tail and asked Brambleclaw if she could go on dawn patrol on a rainy day. Oh no, she just let it happen. (I am soooo sorry your sister was like this Ivypool!) Also, Dovewing just whined to herself that it was soooo annoying that she had to be in a prophecy “Oh im special its the worst. can’t i just have a normal life?!” and pointless relationships, (TigerXDove….ewwwwwww) while Ivypool risked her life EVERY SINGLE NIGHT so that the clans would not be completely demolished. Curse you lazy bones whiny Dovewing.
3. She only wanted what was bst for HER. Like in the section above, she only wanted to tell Ivypaw about the prophecy so that SHE could keep her friend. Dovewing kept going out with Tigerheart even though Ivypool was trying to protect her by telling her not to. Ivypool was DEVESTATED when her sister left for the city, but did Dovewing care? Nooooo. She left anyways, without even saying GOODBYE. Like what the…. Dude, are you trying to pull a No-Good-bye Leafpool? Plus, Dovewing still left for Shadowclan. Couldn’t she like stay with her kits in thunderclan then when they are older, and her family in thunderclan is ready to accept her departure then she could leave for Shadowclan. She never even CONSIDERED hwo her PARENTS felt. She was like “i’m so sorry” to Ivypool, but I don’t think she even said GOODBYE to Birchfall and Whitewing.

Ivypool, facts, thoughts and why I love her

1. She had the right too. She had all the rights to be jealous of Dovepaw. Dovepaw was getitng pulled aside by her CLAN LEADER and Ivypaw just wanted to be as good as her sister. Totally natrual. Dovepaw never considered WHY Ivypaw was so easy to fool by the Dark Forest. She was only like ” They are EVIL. You mouse-brain how can you trust them!” but its Dovepaw’s own fault. Dovepaw only ever considered that Ivypaw WENT. Not WHY she went. And honestly, I don’t blame Ivypaw for going. If someone came to my dreams and taught me how to get as much attenion and be as good as my sister, I would TOTALLY accept. When you have a sibling you always want to be the best for your parents. So Ivypaw had all the right in the world to want to accept Hawkfrost’s invitation. How should she know he was evil? And Tigerstar is a good liar. Do you expect her to be a cat lie detector?

2. She wasnt the only one. they didn’t just trick Ivypool. They tricked: Beetlenose, Iceing, Hollowflight, Sunstrike, Furzepaw, Boulderpaw, Antpelt, Birchfall, Blossomfall, and either Mousewhisker or Thornclaw, Redwillow, Ratscar and Applefur. BOOM. In Omen of the Stars it says it’s Mousewhisker, but in Bramblestar’s storm it says Thornclaw was in the Dark Forest. I didn’t list Breezepelt because he always knew what they intedned to do. He was never TRICKED. But still. You can’t expect them to know what’s happening unless the cats tell them DIRECTLY. I mean, look how good a liar Tigerstar is: He was able to trick Bluestar into thinking he was innocent and did NOT kill anyone. So, you can expect a lot of cats to fall for his tricks.

3. She put her clan first. Okay, so what, Dovewing could hear the dark forest coming. Shortly after she ABANDON her CLAN and FAMILY for literally the most arragont shadowclan tom EVER. Ivypool, fought the Dark Forest, risked her life to spy on them, chose a mate IN THE CLAN, tried to veer her sister away from disloyalty to the clan, mentored Twigbranch willingly, even though she was not technecally thunderclan. (Via Blood andn kin) When life gave Ivypool lemons, she tried to make lemonade. WHen life gave Dovewing lemons, she usally rubbed them in her wounds and made them worse.
Also this is one last fact: Dovepaw yelled at her and said she was traitor to her clan for going to the Dar FOrest, but then like two days later Dovepaw sneaked out of camp in the middle of the night to meet a shadowclan cat…. like who’s the traitor now, Dovewing?
Tell me what you think of this article and weather or not you agree! Also I’d like to know if this helped convince you that Ivypool is the best!

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  • The first part that you said, they were still paws’. Also, how would you feel if a sibling kept showing off and gets praised and stuff? Dovepaw did not understand a single bit of Ivypaw’s feelings, so she got the right to not care about her. Ivypool was in the Dark Forest because she was tricked, like many other good cats such as Birchfall and Blossomfall. Does that mean that they are bad? I don’t think so. How about the Dove x Tiger? At least Ivypool served her clan, unlike dovewing, who only wanted Tigerheart(star) after the battle. (I’m not saying bumblestripe is a good mate though) Overall I think Ivypool is way better.

  • I completely agree with you with everything!!!!!!!!!!! Ivypool is amazing and while I don’t hate dovewing I do not like her or agree with her

  • Omg 100% Ivypool! We played warrior cats at school and when me and my friend were trying to think of a name they(they’re a non-binary) said ‘How about Ivypool?’ Loved the name,idea, loved everything! Then I learnt her backstory and man life intensified! Whenever I’m going through something tough, I ask myself ‘What would Ivypool do?’ Also u know the 3 prophecy cats, there names are animals(e.g, LIONblaze) but the sibling are plants(e.g, HOLLYleaf.) HMMMMMM STARCLAN, U SAYING SOMETHING?

  • I 10000% agree! Dovewing is a spoiled brat and Tigerheartstar is the absolute WORST!! Ivypool risked her LIFE every night to help the Clans, and what did DOVEWING do?! Absolutely nothing! She calls Ivypool things like “evil” and “stupid” for going to the Dark Forest, but it was all DOVEWING’S fault!! She even called Ivypool a traitor to ThunderClan for going to the Dark Forest, but SHE was the one who left ThunderClan WHILE pregnant to partially become a KITTYPET, and THEN decided to join SHADOWCLAN with her STUUUUUUPID mate, Tigerheartstar. So, yeah, Ivypool is SO much better than Dovewing. 🙂 *Also, Ivypool and/or Hollyleaf deserved to be the Third cat, NOT Dovewing. 🙂 *

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