Defending Ivypool and Despising Dovewing by Swanflight

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Swanflight defends Ivypool

So a lot of people hate Dovewing (like me) and love Ivypool (also like me) but then some people love Dovewing and hate Ivypool. Today, I’m going to explain why you should hate ovewing and why Ivypool is the best. *WARNING* Contains spoilers of Omen of the stars and Tigerheart’s shadow.

Dovewing, facts, thoughts, and why I hate her
1. She never cared what Ivypool felt. See, Dovepaw wanted to tell Ivypaw about the prophecy so that DOVEPAW could keep her friend. And if Dovepaw had been more aware of Ivypaw’s feelings, she would have at least tried to explain some part of what was happening, and then Ivypool would never have gone to the darkforest. I know what your thinking: But actully Dovewing did us a favor by making Ivypaw go to the dark forest! Now we have a spy! Ya, no. ANYONE could have spied. They could have hired Birchfall or Blossomfall to spy. I mean, it isnt hard to tell if someone is going to the dark forest… Just look at their fur when they come out of the den! Dovewing thought she had to protect Ivypaw from the darkforest, but ivypaw was PERFECTLY CAPABLE of protecting herself!
2. Dovepaw never did anything. Let me explain this. Okay, she idid tons of things, but not in the way i mean. When Ivypaw was mad that Dovepaw never went on dawn patrol and got special treatment. I mean, sure she WISHED Brambleclaw would put her on equeal patrols as Ivypaw but she never ONCE got off her tail and asked Brambleclaw if she could go on dawn patrol on a rainy day. Oh no, she just let it happen. (I am soooo sorry your sister was like this Ivypool!) Also, Dovewing just whined to herself that it was soooo annoying that she had to be in a prophecy “Oh im special its the worst. can’t i just have a normal life?!” and pointless relationships, (TigerXDove….ewwwwwww) while Ivypool risked her life EVERY SINGLE NIGHT so that the clans would not be completely demolished. Curse you lazy bones whiny Dovewing.
3. She only wanted what was bst for HER. Like in the section above, she only wanted to tell Ivypaw about the prophecy so that SHE could keep her friend. Dovewing kept going out with Tigerheart even though Ivypool was trying to protect her by telling her not to. Ivypool was DEVESTATED when her sister left for the city, but did Dovewing care? Nooooo. She left anyways, without even saying GOODBYE. Like what the…. Dude, are you trying to pull a No-Good-bye Leafpool? Plus, Dovewing still left for Shadowclan. Couldn’t she like stay with her kits in thunderclan then when they are older, and her family in thunderclan is ready to accept her departure then she could leave for Shadowclan. She never even CONSIDERED hwo her PARENTS felt. She was like “i’m so sorry” to Ivypool, but I don’t think she even said GOODBYE to Birchfall and Whitewing.

Ivypool, facts, thoughts and why I love her

1. She had the right too. She had all the rights to be jealous of Dovepaw. Dovepaw was getitng pulled aside by her CLAN LEADER and Ivypaw just wanted to be as good as her sister. Totally natrual. Dovepaw never considered WHY Ivypaw was so easy to fool by the Dark Forest. She was only like ” They are EVIL. You mouse-brain how can you trust them!” but its Dovepaw’s own fault. Dovepaw only ever considered that Ivypaw WENT. Not WHY she went. And honestly, I don’t blame Ivypaw for going. If someone came to my dreams and taught me how to get as much attenion and be as good as my sister, I would TOTALLY accept. When you have a sibling you always want to be the best for your parents. So Ivypaw had all the right in the world to want to accept Hawkfrost’s invitation. How should she know he was evil? And Tigerstar is a good liar. Do you expect her to be a cat lie detector?

2. She wasnt the only one. they didn’t just trick Ivypool. They tricked: Beetlenose, Iceing, Hollowflight, Sunstrike, Furzepaw, Boulderpaw, Antpelt, Birchfall, Blossomfall, and either Mousewhisker or Thornclaw, Redwillow, Ratscar and Applefur. BOOM. In Omen of the Stars it says it’s Mousewhisker, but in Bramblestar’s storm it says Thornclaw was in the Dark Forest. I didn’t list Breezepelt because he always knew what they intedned to do. He was never TRICKED. But still. You can’t expect them to know what’s happening unless the cats tell them DIRECTLY. I mean, look how good a liar Tigerstar is: He was able to trick Bluestar into thinking he was innocent and did NOT kill anyone. So, you can expect a lot of cats to fall for his tricks.

3. She put her clan first. Okay, so what, Dovewing could hear the dark forest coming. Shortly after she ABANDON her CLAN and FAMILY for literally the most arragont shadowclan tom EVER. Ivypool, fought the Dark Forest, risked her life to spy on them, chose a mate IN THE CLAN, tried to veer her sister away from disloyalty to the clan, mentored Twigbranch willingly, even though she was not technecally thunderclan. (Via Blood andn kin) When life gave Ivypool lemons, she tried to make lemonade. WHen life gave Dovewing lemons, she usally rubbed them in her wounds and made them worse.
Also this is one last fact: Dovepaw yelled at her and said she was traitor to her clan for going to the Dar FOrest, but then like two days later Dovepaw sneaked out of camp in the middle of the night to meet a shadowclan cat…. like who’s the traitor now, Dovewing?
Tell me what you think of this article and weather or not you agree! Also I’d like to know if this helped convince you that Ivypool is the best!

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  • I strongly disagree. Ivypaw and blossompaw get mad at dovepaw for sleeping in, and so dovewing goes and gets wet on the dawn patrol. “ special treatment!” I ivypaw whines.
    Dovepaw also had the right to want to keep her friend, but she tells ivypaw about the prophecy because she loves and cares about her sister
    Ivypaw had the right to be jealous, but not to be mean. Training in the dark forest is kinda bad, no?
    Ivypool also Despises her sister AFTER dovewing tells her.
    Then dovewing is forced to go to the tribe and ivypool is ANGRY. when dovewing finds out about the beavers
    she tells everyone, but ivypaw, her beloved sister first. And do you know how ivypaw reacts?
    “quit trying to get attention dovepaw!”
    She’s even punished by her father. ivypaw should’ve at least LISTENED to her sister, but no. ivypaw wants to be the best ever, not caring about dovepaw. when dive goes to stop the beavers ivypaw kicks rocks at old people, and then trains in the dark forest.
    overall I do not like ivypool

  • Hi! First of all great article Swan, but I disagree on some points. I love ivy pool she was a truly unique character, and never meant to cause any harm by training in the dark forest. As result of feeling like a Outcast because of dovewing this something that a lot of people would do. But Dove is not a villain, her relationship with tigerheart was simply because she was a little lonely, felt like an outcast with her powers, and took comfort in a friend from her quest to kill some beavers. She also didn’t whine that much about her powers I thought, and I think if she did that it was totally reasonable. She could hear everything! Imagine the head aches and all the TMI secrets she overheard. And lastly she loved ivy so much! She was constantly worried about her and standing up for her in Dovewings Novella. Which might be annoying but better than not caring. Thank u for your time.

  • Some of your points here I disagree with, because I do think Ivypool was being very unfair about her jealousy over Dovewing and that Dovewing is a good sister, but Ivypool is one of my favorite characters and I love her so it’s not about liking Dovewing more since Dovewing is actually very annoying to me.
    And I actually wrote an article about Dovewing and Ivypool where I talked fairly about each of them, so that will tell more about what I think between the two sisters when it comes out 😛

  • I really disagree. Ivypool is great and brave cat, no doubt, and Dovewing is just as special and great. I wish people would stop hating on her so much.

  • I REALLY disagree. Ivypool is stuck up and always mean to Dovewing. Maybe some people think that Ivypool was cool and brave and stuff, but really… I know I, Frost, sound like a fool for saying this, but who really cares about feelings when the Clans are in danger? Cats can feel the way they want to, but when the Clans are going to be attacked, cats need to be ready for battle, and there are so many other things these seemingly invincible cats have to deal with. Okay, that was a long comment, but I really liked your article! It gave strong reasons on why Ivypool was better than Dovewing, (Which she is not in my opinion!)

  • Er, sorry? I can’t agree with you, at least not about dovewing being bad. I think both she and ivypool are amazing characters and I hate taking sides in the debate about them.

  • Part 1 of pointless Dovewing defense rant

    I disagree. A lot.

    Of course Dovepaw only saw that she was going, not why. She had every right to try and convince her sister that they were evil; after all, how would she see that Ivypaw was hurt by Dovepaw getting “special treatment”? It is natural for Ivypaw to feel overshadowed and angry, but that’s not an excuse to outright ignore your sister and train with murderers from hell. What she should have done was tell Dovepaw why she was angry—I don’t care how bluntly. Yes, they lured her in slowly, but their fighting skills were vicious once they started teaching everything.

    Ivypool isn’t a cat lie detector, no. But with the hindsight of multiple tales telling of these notorious troublemakers—well, maybe not Mapleshade, but still—she should’ve known better. I mean, Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are two of the most famous villains in the Clans!

  • Part 2 of pointless Dovewing defense rant

    Ivypool put her Clan first, but so did Dovewing. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have tried to risk her life for the prophecy, or for ThunderClan, or for the Clans, while Ivypaw only saw herself, her jealousy, and that she should always best Dovepaw. Also, Dovewing fought the Dark Forest army too. It’s not just Ivypool. She also risked her sanity at the private meeting on the island. Also, choosing a mate inside the Clan has nothing to do with being good or bad, or anything like that. It’s just love. It’s not disloyalty. Especially since she stopped later. Also, I’d say she made everything worse for herself and others by
    – training in the Dark Forest
    – whining about Dovepaw being better
    – refusing to tell the Three about the Dark Forest training sessions
    and other stuff that I’m too tired to list.
    She didn’t abandon her Clan. Yes, she left them to cope with harsh realities, but as a reader that loves Dovewing, I defend her actions here and support them. She was happy with Tigerheart. I don’t care what you think of him, she was happy with him. And she switched Clans so that she could be with the one she loved and the one she was happy with.

    She didn’t say that Ivypaw was a traitor. She said that it was stupid to train in cat hell, which it is. As for the Tigerheart-meeting, she did it behind the backs of her loved ones, and this I don’t agree with. However, at least she made a choice and owned up to it. She didn’t continue it. There are several instances in Omen of the Stars where she even tries to quit thinking about him.

    Overall, I love Dovewing.

    (It’s late and there’s stuff going on, so sorry if this is a little harsh!)