Defending 3 Codebreakers that should not be punished by Swanflight

Swanflight defends three cats who broke the Warrior Code.

Art by Shyranno’s Art (tumblr: shyranno)

Defending Codebreakers
Hiii Im Swanflight and Im gonna defend some codebreakers! I mean, not all codebreakers are BAD, they just made mistakes.
*WARNING* spoilers of the following sieries may ocur: 1 2 3 4 5 and 6. so literally all of them
1. Yellowfang. I defend her because she SUFFERED for her mistake. She watched her love get MURDERED, her clan fall apart and her son turn evil. Her punishment was to watch all of that. She lost her 2 daughters, and lost her son because he never knew her more then a medicine cat that he controled. She had to watch her only kit, that she refused not to love get tormented and punished for being born at all by his foster mother. In my opinoin it is Lizardstripe’s torment that eventully turned Brokenstar evil. All Brokenkit knew was his father, Raggedpelt and the abuse of Lizardstripe. He never had a mother who loved him (that he knew of) and watching that must have TORTURED Yellowfang. She did not deserve it because she didnt want to break the code. Having kits would have been fine but she HAD to become a med cat. She wanted to be a warrior, a queen. But that was all taken away from her and was replaced by Brokenstar’s rath.
2. Twigbranch. She was separated from her sister, then she found her father in another lost clan. She joins that clan with her sister and now she has a family. But switching clans is against the code. Then, after loving Finpaw, Twigpaw who is about to become a warrior, runs back to thunderclan with Finpaw. SHe switched clans AGAIN. But to defend her, her mother, her home, her friends, were all in Thunderclan. It was the only home she had ever known. Skyclan was just were she WOULD have been born and grew up, but she didnt and that makes Thunderclan her home. If you belonged in the US but grew up and spent ur whole life in England, you’d think England was your home, not US. Twigpaw was given a judgy, mean, tough mentor who didnt want Twigpaw to come BACK to THunderclan. Sparkpelt was happy to leave Twigpaw to Skyclan, but Twigpaw’s loyalty was to Thunderclan. She was loved and cared for there. This is why Violetshine was more then Happy to go to Skyclan. Her foster mother didnt give a fox dung about her and loved her own kits more. Lilyheart on the other hand, treated Twigkit like all of her other kits,loved her, and Snowbush, Lilyhearts mate likely treted her like his own kit too.
3. Bluestar. She had kits in another clan. But she served her punishment because Mosskit died, she had to watch in agony as Mistykit and Stonekit grew up in another clan, and she let go of her kits for the most selfless reason ever… so she could save her clan from Thistleclaw becoming deputy. She stopped wars by giving up the kits so everyone who hates her for breaking the code and letting go of her kits, know she suffered, she doesnt need fan hate aswell. Bluestar is being defended because she was punished by not being able to grow old with her kits, or care for them when they had kits of their own. She had to watch from the other side of the river, never knowing thier mother, or how much she loved them. Like with Yellowfang, but Bluestar’s kits foster mother loved them as if they were her own. Mistyfoot became leader, even after EVERYONE knew she was half-clan. Stonefur was kille dby Blackfoot, but forgave him. Bluestar always loved her kits and in her final moments they loved her to. She doed not deserve punishment. Bluestar haters: Imagine your choices: Keeping your kits but keeping them in a clan that will be destroyed by war, or giving up your kits to save everyone from needless bloodshed? Which to you pick? Do you keep the peace, or liev with your kits? Hard choice, eh?
I hope you like my article!

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