The Three’s Appearances Are Possible by Nightpaw

Nightpaw shares how the Three are genetically possible to be the kits of Leafpool and Crowfeather.

There are many confusions and controversies about whether the appearances of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze – the three – are actually accurate. However, in this article, I, Nightpaw, will be proving that they actually are accurate – and the three are possible.

Let’s start with Crowfeather and Leafpool’s family. Leafpool’s father is Firestar, and her mother is Sandstorm. Her sister is Squirrelflight, and her aunt is Princess. Leafpool gets her looks from Princess, her aunt. Crowfeather’s father is Deadfoot, and his mother is Ashfoot. His siblings are Eaglekit, Hillkit, and Downkit. Now we have an okay view of both Leafpool and Crowfeather’s family.

First, let’s start with Jayfeather. Jayfeather’s looks are pretty easy. Ashfoot, Crowfeather’s mother, is a gray she-cat with blue eyes. So, Jayfeather can get his looks from Ashfoot.

Next is Hollyleaf! Hollyleaf is fairly easy, too. Crowfeather’s father, Deadfoot, is a black tom with green eyes. Now, we also have Hollyleaf’s looks confirmed: From her uncle, Deadfoot.

Last is Lionblaze. This one is pretty complicated. We can see that there aren’t any obvious cats related to Lionblaze are golden tabbies with amber eyes. So, we have to search through the golden tabbies in both WindClan and ThunderClan. In ThunderClan: Lionheart, Thornclaw. In WindClan: Appleshine. However, Appleshine is much younger than Lionblaze, so the only possible must be from ThunderClan. So, let’s go with Lionheart, who is the closest. Lionheart is Goldenflower’s sister, who is Bramblestar and Tawnypelt’s mother. So, if we find a way that Lionblaze is related to Bramblestar, we can also find that he is related to Goldenflower, and therefore Lionheart. We can find: Lionblaze is related to Leafpool, is related to Squirrelflight, is related to Bramblestar. With this, we find that Lionblaze is Bramblestar’s nephew. However, Lionblaze cannot be related to Bramblestar because Bramblestar isn’t related to Squirrelflight. So, we are left with only one choice: Either Firestar or Sandstorm have golden tabby family members that are older than them. But we find that Firestar doesn’t have any golden tabby family members, so that leaves us with only one choice: One or more of Sandstorm’s older family members are golden tabbies. We can’t prove this, but it is definitely possible for Lionblaze to be a golden tabby tom with amber eyes if this is right.

So therefore, we can see that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather have appearances that are actually possible. It requires a bit of genetics and studying to figure out, but ultimately we know that the three are actually realistic and existent C; (Haha in appearances, at least!)

Thanks for reading my article, Nightpaw out! C:

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