Jessy- My Second-Favorite Warrior Cat and why I Defend her by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares their opinion on one of their favourite characters from the series, Jessy.

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A while back I made an article about why I love my favorite Warrior cat- Honeyfern. So I decided to make one about my second-favorite character- Jessy! She’s also the character I defend most! In this article I will talk about why I love and defend Jessy, and I’ll list her actions that show she’s a great cat.

Jessy has a great personality. I love how spirited, brave, and kind she is. I’ve heard a lot of people say she’s annoying and mean, but in reality she’s super nice and I’ll give examples to prove it in this article.
Here are some scenes from Bramblestar’s Storm which made me love how helpful and caring Jessy is:

When Frankie was scared and having trouble walking after being saved from the flood, Jessy stayed beside him and quietly encouraged him. She also had the idea of letting him ride in the tub while they crossed the water, and insisted that they couldn’t leave him- which showed her loyalty to her friend.
“We can’t leave him here. What if we put him into the tub?”
—Jessy suggesting that Frankie should ride in the tub
“Come on, Frankie. We’re going to give you a ride.”
—Jessy encouraging Frankie to get into the tub

While she was staying in ThunderClan, Jessy was very helpful- often volunteering to go on patrols and doing many small tasks around the camp. This wasn’t her Clan, yet she was still loyal to the cats here and helped them out as much as she could.

When Jessy moved her nest to Bramblestar’s, it wasn’t a romantic advance like some fans accuse her of. She was simply worried about Bramblestar because him and Frankie had a hard day looking for Benny, so she was checking on him. She most likely moved her nest out of concern for him. Jessy was just being a good friend. This quote shows her true intentions:
“It’s okay. How do you feel? You had a tough time yesterday.”
—Jessy showing concern for Bramblestar

When Spiderleg teased Amberpaw in response to her asking how to fight badgers, Jessy told him not to tease her and offered to show Amberpaw some moves. I understand how that could be annoying to Spiderleg, but Jessy’s intentions were still good- she was being kind to Amberpaw and offered to help her out since her mentor hadn’t showed her the moves she wanted to learn.
“Don’t tease her. Don’t worry. Bramblestar taught me some moves for badger attacks. I’ll show you some if you like.”
—Jessy to Spiderleg, then Amberpaw

Jessy stopped Bramblestar from killing a rook, noticing that the bird was sitting on eggs and about to be a mother. Jessy showed compassion for the bird and her chicks. This shows that she has compassion not just for cats, but for other species as well, and I think that shows her gentle heart. As a person who is passionate about animal rights, I highly respect Jessy’s moment of compassion for prey species.
“No, leave her! She’s about to be a mother. You’d be killing her chicks as well!”
—Jessy protecting the mother rook and her chicks

Bramblestar woke up concerned after Yellowfang came to him with a prophecy, and Jessy showed gentle concern for him, asking him if it was a bad dream and offering that he could talk to her. The next morning she told the other cats not to wake Bramblestar, because he was awake a lot during the night and she worried he didn’t get enough sleep. This might be annoying to him because he has responsibilities as a leader and would have liked to get up on time, but she clearly had good intentions and did this because she cared. I think that was sweet of her and showed she’s a good friend.
“Take it easy, Bramblestar. I told the others not to disturb you. I know you were awake during the night.”
—Jessy telling Bramblestar that she told the others not to wake him
She went on to say that Bramblestar may be a leader, but he’s also a cat and needs to take care of himself, and I think there’s wisdom in this.
“But you’re not just a Clan leader, you’re a cat, too. You need to look after yourself as well as everyone else.”
—Jessy to Bramblestar

When Daisy found out about how Bramblestar was planning to fight the badgers, she was very worried about the plan and disapproved, accusing him of putting her and her kits in danger. Jessy stood up for Bramblestar, but not by lashing out at the scared queen. Instead, she was gentle and respectful towards Daisy, tactfully reassuring her that she is a Clan cat and has the courage to survive this.
“You’re a Clan cat through and through. You’ve had courage to survive in the past and you’ll survive again.”
—Jessy reassuring Daisy

During the fight against the badgers, Jessy fought bravely and helped Bramblestar save two ShadowClan apprentices, and then saved Bramblestar by showing him where there was a tree trunk crossing the stream.

What moved me most was Jessy’s final act of kindness in ThunderClan- leaving so that Bramblestar could be with Squirrelflight. This was so kind of her. I’m a big BrambleXSquirrel shipper which makes me love Jessy all the more since she approved of their relationship and wanted to help them heal. Through a moving speech Jessy convinced Bramblestar that his heart does and should lie with Squirrelflight. Then she left ThunderClan. Despite the fact that she clearly loved life as a Clan cat, she gave it up for the sake of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship. Why? Because she cared more about their happiness together than her own happiness. And I think her selflessness is wonderful. Here’s her incredible quote:
“I know. But you already love Squirrelflight. As you should. She is the mother of your kits. I know they weren’t born to you. But you are their father, just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That is not a bond that’s easily broken. Not even washed away in a storm!”
— Jessy to Bramblestar about his relationship with Squirrelflight

I just love Jessy’s overall pleasant personality. She’s kind, helpful, sassy in a funny way, and likes to playfully tease other cats- but never in a mean way.
I’d love to know Jessy in real life- she’s so caring and fun, and would be a absolutely wonderful friend to have.

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  • never read the books with Jessy in them, but she sounds like a cool character! Kinda like the character I use a lot in the roleplays with my brother named Rose. Rose is just like Jessy, and I can see people telling me she’s a mary sue and she’s also way too perfect, but Rose just wants to be nice to everybody because why be mean? Anyway, I loved your article!!!! <33333