The weird genetics of Cherryfall by Wolflight

Wolflight takes a look at Cherryfall’s genetics.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)

Howdy! It’s Wolfllight here with the weird genetics of Cherryfall! This article is pointless but I don’t care because she looks nothing like her parents, and I forgot how to draw Cherryfall once. I hope ya’ll like it!!! 🙂

Cherryfall- Cherryfall’s parents are Berrynose(Cream colored) and Poppyfrost(tortoiseshell and white). Yet her pelt color in her fan art is between ginger(light orange/yellow) to dark ginger(red). She is described as a ginger she cat, which is orange. With Cherryfall, I’m going to disregard her father’s (Berrynose) family because we do not know that much about them, with the family only extending to grandparents who look nothing like her. So lets skip to Brakenfur, her grandfather. Brakenfur is Poppyfrost’s father, and he is a golden-brown tabby. Golden brown in warriors looks more like light brown then ginger orange. So Cherryfall didn’t get her fur color from Brackenfur, but she did get his amber eyes.

Before I go on, here is some warriors who do not affect Cherryfall’s pelt color: Lionheart, Poppyfrost, Sorreltail, Frostfur, Willowpelt, Whitestorm, Robinwing, Fuzzypelt, Speckletail, Smallear, Harepounce, Stagleap, Swiftbreeze, Adderfang, Snowfur, Moonflower, Daisytoe, Rooktail, Stormtail, Thistleclaw, Fallowsong, Windflight, Squirrelwhisker, and Eaglestorm.

And here are possible warriors: Flashnose and Poppydawn.

Flashnose- Flashnose is a dark ginger she cat(color range is from red to dark orange). Flashnose is Cherryfall’s great great great grandmother, yet they look similar. Cherryfall is a ginger she cat, and her art fur range is from yellow to red. Flashnose’s fur color is more red and dark orange, so there is a possibility that Cherryfall could have gotten her fur color from Flashnose.

Poppydawn- Poppydawn is a dark red she cat, and Poppydawn is also Cherryfall’s great great great grandmother. Most of her art consist of her with really red fur. The art that doesn’t contain her with red fur has a very similar color. So she has a more darker and redder shade of ginger then Cherryfall.

So who did Cherryfall get her pelt color from? She probably got her fur from both, but if she could get her pelt from one, it would be Flashnose. Flashnose’s dark ginger pelt is the most similar to Cherryfall’s ginger pelt. The strangest thing about this is that she got her fur from her great great great grandmother, instead of her grandfather, Brakenfur.

While researching for this article, I found some facts about how Cherryfall has some Windclan blood in her, and how she is related to Mistystar and a whole lot of other Riverclan cats.

Well, that is the end of the article. Have a good day!!! 🙂

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  • Cherryfall’s fur is actually possible. Cream is dilute red, and dilute is a recessive trait. Poppyfrost is not dilute, which is dominant. Cherryfal inherited Berrynose’s red gene and Poppyfrost’s not dilute gene, meaning Cherryfal is totally possible. Also, the red gene has a lot of variations in color.

  • since i cannot understand genetics or dominance for the life of me i used a cat genetic calculator and some genetic resources online to figure out what would do what, and, with this it says

    “Offspring have a 50% chance of short vs. long hair.

    Toms have a 50% chance of being red, a 25% chance of being chocolate, and a 25% chance of being cinnamon. Mollies have a 50% chance of being red, a 25% chance of being chocolate tortoiseshell, and a 25% chance of being cinnamon tortoiseshell. Dilute kittens have a 50% chance of having a caramelized color.

    Offspring have a 50% chance of being solid. Tabbies will all be mackerel tabby.

    Kittens have a 50% chance of having under half white spotting and a 50% chance of having no white.”
    “Red” cats are actually ginger/orange, and since her mother has white on her coat she can also have white unders as shown in Roseshard’s design. Still an interesting article though! I think this is one of the few times Warriors is actually somewhat genetically accurate lol

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