Relating Warriors Characters to Chicken Breeds by Pinestripe

Pinestripe compares characters from the series to real life chicken breeds.

Those who know me probably won’t be surprised that I managed to find a way to sneak chickens into a Warriors article. 😛 I’m obsessed with them.
I’ve also studied the many chicken breeds, and am familiar with them, so I thought it would be fun to match warrior cats to their fitting chicken breeds, by both appearance and personality, while sharing the things I’ve learned about some breeds.
Note: It’s important to recognize that each chicken is a unique individual, and no two act the same- therefor they will often act very different from the general personality of their breed. My breed descriptions are more about how chickens of certain breeds tend to act- how most individuals of that breed will act, but definitely not all.
That said, breeds do have their certain tendencies and special qualities, which I will use to determine which breeds fit these warrior cats best.

If the warrior cats were chickens, what breeds would they be?

Squirrelflight- Leghorn
Squirrelflight would definitely be a Leghorn! This is my favorite chicken breed and just like Squirrelflight they have huge personalities.
Since I’m very familiar with this breed, I’m going to use my own experience with my awesome Leghorn hen Pepe.
Leghorns are usually white, but they do come in orange.
Leghorns are very confident chickens who are often at the top of the flock, and when they are they make fair leaders. Pepe is at the top of the pecking order, and she allowed the bullied hen to sleep under her wing for protection. In Squirrelflight’s Hope Squirrelflight was a fair-minded deputy and stood up for the Sisters when they were being mistreated by her Clanmates.
In TNP, it was mentioned that Squirrelflight talks a lot. Whenever we talk to Pepe, she always answers.
Leghorns are chatty chickens, and they have an attitude! They are assertive, sassy, and want what they want, but when treated with respect they are also very affectionate and sweet. Squirrelflight is stubborn, feisty, and sassy, but also very kind and can be gentle- just like a Leghorn.

Honeyfern- Rhode Island Red
Just like I did with Leghorns, I’m going to use my personal experience for this one since I’ve had Rhode Island Red hens.
Rhode Island Reds are sweet and agreeable. They can be very shy and get scared easily. Honeyfern is sweet and quiet, and can be anxious.
I’ve seen my sweet RIR Autumn share food with her flockmates, and Honeyfern has shared prey with other cats multiple times. She is generous, like a Rhode Island Red.
My favorite thing about this breed is how gentle and kind they are, and that’s my favorite thing about Honeyfern as-well.

Feathertail- Andalusian
This is a breed I dream of having someday.
Blue Andalusian chickens look a lot like Feathertail. They have pretty silver feathers- and Feathertail is the Silver Cat from the Tribe’s prophecy.
The source Purely Poultry states that, “Unlike some other active breeds, Andalusians are known to be quite gentle.” Feathertail is definitely known to be very gentle- she’s one of the kindest cats!

Jessy- Campine
These active speckled brown hens are definitely quite similar to Jessy in appearance and personality.
The source Roy’s Farm “Campine chicken is a very active and hardy breed with inquisitive nature.”
This describes Jessy perfectly! She is an active cat. Judging by how well she adapted to Clan life she had to be very hardy. And she definitely has an inquisitive nature, with all her questions about Clan life.

Twigbranch- Dutch Bantam
Twigbranch would probably be a Dutch Bantam. They are active little chickens with caring personalities.
My two Dutch Bantam babies Peach and Cherry are sweet, playful, and curious. Twigbranch has some of those traits as-well.
Whenever I’m doing something, my girls, especially Cherry, will be right in the middle of it, examining my work curiously and trying to “help out” which usually ends with a mess. This reminds me of how Twigkit hung around the medicine den, helping out where she could and curiously trying to learn things. Only unlike Jayfeather I actually enjoy this kind of company. 😛

Fuzzball- Silkie
So my first reason for this is his name- it’s just perfect for a chicken that looks like a ball of fuzz.
His looks and personality fit this breed, too, though. He is described as fluffy and soft, and silkies are the fluffiest chickens with very soft feathers.
Silkies are also silly, funny, playful, and sweet, and that’s Fuzzball’s personality, too.
They are also both caring. Silkies are gentle birds who make attentive parents, and Fuzzball was shown to be caring when he helped treat Briarlight, and when he comforted Jayfeather.

There are many more chicken breeds, and many more warriors characters, too, but these are the ones that stood out to me as perfect matches.
I had a lot of fun writing this and relating the beauty of amazing types of chickens to some of my favorite characters. I hope you enjoyed this article and possibly learned something new about chickens!

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