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Why IvyXHawk is my Least Favorite Ship by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares their opinion on Ivypool and Hawkfrost’s relationship.

Art by Vialir

IvypoolXHawkfrost is my least favorite ship.
In this article I will explain why I dislike it and why I think it’s bad.
Warning: I will be talking about abusive relationships.

I’ve never understood why people ship Ivypool with Hawkfrost. There are so many things in this ship that are uncomfortable and just negative.
First of all, nothing romantic was ever implied.
What’s more, their relationship in the books wasn’t even positive!
It may have seemed to Ivypool at first that it was a positive relationship, but in reality Hawkfrost was only acting nice towards her to gain her trust and Ivypool eventually figured this out and wisely turned against him.
“You murderer! Liar! Betrayer!” -Ivypool to Hawkfrost in The Last Hope
He was manipulating her! Hawkfrost was using Ivypool for his benefit- that’s not even a friendship!
Hawkfrost was also much older than Ivypool and began manipulating her while she was still an apprentice. He took advantage of her and is not to be trusted.

What I hate most about this ship is that if it were a romantic relationship it would be very, very toxic.
Hawkfrost lied to Ivypool, tricked her, and used her. He manipulated her and that shows me that it’s not and could never be a healthy relationship. In fact, it’s extremely unhealthy.
This relationship would be abusive, and Ivypool doesn’t deserve that. She doesn’t deserve to be abused.
No one deserves to be manipulated or abused.

If that wasn’t enough evidence to convince you that IvyXHawk is toxic, Hawkfrost actually tried to murder Ivypool!
“Do you really think you’d live after betraying me?”
“Let’s make her death slow.”
These quotes are what Hawkfrost said about killing Ivypool. He is dangerous and she should not trust him!

The IvyXHawk ship is just… NO.
I’m glad this ship never happened, and that Ivypool managed to get out of the abusive mentor-apprentice relationship with Hawkfrost.
She is 100% better off with Fernsong- a cat who is caring and kind towards her, actually loves her and DOESN’T manipulate her.
IvyXFern is, unlike IvyXHawk, a perfect example of a healthy relationship, and that’s what Ivypool -and everyone- should pursue.

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