Comparing the Tigerstar Clones by Moonshadow

Moonshadow takes a look at the “Tigerstar Clones”.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

You may have heard of some cats referred to as “Tigerstar Clones”. There are 5 common ones, all related to Tigerstar 1 himself. Today, I am going to compare them to each other.

Clone 1: Tigerstar 1-Tigerstar is one of the original villains. He, according to warriors wiki, is a dark brown tabby tom with unusually long claws and amber eyes. Each “Tigerstar Clone” looks similar to him for two reasons. A: They are either his son, grandson, or great-grandson. B: They are called a Tigerstar Clone, who else would they look like?

Clone 2: Bramblestar-Bramblestar is one of Tigerstar’s kits with Goldenflower. He is a “dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes,” according to the warriors wiki. This is the exact description of Tigerstar, but without the claw part. Bramblestar is similar to Tigerstar because of his looks, and them both being a clan leader. They are also similar, because Bramblestar has been drawn towards evil by his father and half-brother many times.

Clone 3: Hawkfrost-Hawkfrost is the Tigerstar clone who looks least like Tigerstar. He is one of Tigerstar’s kits with Sasha. He is described as a dark brown tabby tom with a snow-white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost may look the least like Tigerstar, but I believe he is the closest, when it comes to behavior. Hawkfrost and Tigerstar both went to the dark forest (and deserved it) at death. They were both evil and trained warriors to be like them, and they were both killed a second time, and wiped from existence.

Clone 4: Tigerstar 2-Tigerstar is Tigerstar (1)’s grandson. He is the son of Tawnypelt, the daughter of Tigerstar (1). He, believe it or not, has the exact same description as Bramblestar: a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. These two clones are quite similar, because they are both leaders at the same time (but Bramblestar does lead for one arc before Tigerstar becomes leader), and they have both overcome things. For Tigerstar 2, this was mainly depicted in Tigerheart’s Shadow: Should he choose his clan, or his kits? Tigerstar 2 is also similar to Tigerstar 2 because he is leader of ShadowClan, just as his grandfather was before Blackstar, before Rowanstar, before Tigerstar 2.

Clone 5: Strikestone-Strikestone is probably the most forgotten clone of Tigerstar. This is because he is not associated with too much leadership or evilness. But, he is indeed a true Tigerstar Clone. He is the great-grandson of the evil leader, mothered by Dawnpelt, Tawnypelt’s daughter. He is described as a brown tabby and white tom. One of his ears is shredded, and he has completely lost his hearing in that ear. Most will assume that he has amber eyes, because green eyes are rare in brown tabbies, and blue eyes are rare altogether (for cats). Strikestone is mostly focused on in Thunder and Shadow, Shattered Sky, and the beginning of Tigerheart’s Shadow.

These are the main Tigerstar Clones. Comment your favorite one! I hope this article was entertaining!

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