Top 5 Most Annoying Characters (In my opinion) by Aspenpaw

Aspenpaw shares their opinion on the most annoying characters from the series.

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There are a LOT of characters in Warriors, but that means a lot of good characters, bad characters, and downright annoying characters. I’m going to take you down my list of the most annoying characters:

1. Pinestar: I Just think that giving up your life as a LEADER to be a KITTYPET!?! I would want to die an honorable death in battle, not die to being overfed with disgusting pellets. I just think he made a terrible choice, I mean, I think lots of you can agree.

2. Hollyleaf: She had tons of chances to be interesting, and failed. 7 BOOKS! She didn’t mention anything about Ashfur’s death, and her chapters were just boring. She also sacrificed herself to be forgiven, but already was. So……yeah.

3. Heathertail: For the first few books, weyhough Lionpaw and Heatherpaw would be a thing. In fact, some of us wanted them to be a couple. But stupid WindClan just had to get in the way, and she FORGOT about Lionblaze, and mated with Breezepelt. Yeah. You heard me right. BREEZEPELT. Who would want him as a mate. So yeah, you can probably see my reasoning.

4. Rowanstar: Rowanstar was rude to a ton of cats….and then that was forgotten about. He was a good leader. Until he let his apprentices leave and rogues take over his camp. Then, because he was too weak, the other clans got problems. Afterwards, he just GAVE his cats to SkyClan because he “wasn’t worthy”. It’s like Pinestar. He makes me furious.

5. Ashfur: Here is a list on why he is annoying: He is obsessive, he is too good at being a villain, he is too powerful, he’s lazy, and we could be here all day discussing Ashfur. Enough said: He is annoying.

Just a reminder to check out my other articles, if/when they come out. I have an article about which characters are on the reprinted Warriors covers. I hope you enjoyed reading my article, and if there is any topics you want me to cover, just tell me in the comments. Sorry if the article was short, I was on a time crunch.

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  • Hollyleaf was an OK character, but she didn’t have to sacrifice herself. Ashfur…I feel like he was just upset because Squirrelflight didn’t love him, so I like Ashfur. Rowanstar sucked altogether. Pinestar does make me furious, not only because he left his Clan to become a Kittypet, but because he was just a lousy leader overall.

  • I havr to agree with all of these except for Hollyleaf and Heathertail💜 Hollyleaf, I like her, she actually was interesting and she was driven crazy and I like characters like that. Heathertail was eh- I used to like HeatherXLion but them she got mad tjat Lionblaze wanted to be loyal so she’s okay to me💜💜 Great article though!!

  • I agree with most of these but I have to say that I absolutely hate Sol, not sure if he counts for your list because he isn’t a clan cat, but I really don’t like how he returned in the forgotten warrior.

    I understand that he was central to a couple of plot points but he just really got on my nerves.

  • Pinestar- he left the clan, and his two, young, sickly daughters died soon after, his neglect lead Tigerclaw his only surviving kit, down a path of treachery, which later he neglected his own sons and daughter Bramblekit, Tawnykit, and Swiftpaw. Why you put him on this list is totally understandable.

    Hollyleaf- her passion for the code and doing the right thing, was a unique and unusual characteristic, I enjoyed her, a lot less boring then Lionblaze.

    Heathertail- My Favorite windclan she-cat! She was fiercely independent, and playful, I sympathize her feelings of sadness and rejection after Lionblaze pushed her away. I feel like there friendship could have been something special.

    Rowanstar- Yeah, giving you major points on this one 💯

    Ashfur- I felt sorry for him- until broken code.

  • 1. I like him. Not one of my favorites though. I do get it though, he left Leapordfoot with a kit to be a single mom.
    2. I liked her in the OoTS. In PoT she was annoying though.
    3. Meh.
    4. Idk who he is
    5. He is superrrr annoying, but he has a better reason to take over the clans and makes a good villian.

  • Completely agree except HOLLYLEAF. Ivypool and Hollyleaf are like my two favourite cats. HOLLYLEAFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Heathertail is so. . .UGG! I just don’t understand her whole deal with Lionblaze. It was so unnessesary, and really did it do anything that important to the plot???
    I totally agree about Rowanstar. He let’s everycat walk all over him. His mate is better! #Tawnyforleader
    Hollyleaf is good after in Omen Of The Stars and the last book of The Three. As an apprentice, she is just not it.

  • pinestar i kinda understand why he did it?? he didn’t wanna deal with his problems so he ran away from them making them worse so yea hes pretty annoying. hollyleaf and ashfur though.. (for ashfur i’m talking abt before tbc bc i havent read it), unrequited love makes you do a lot of stupid stuff lol, also i think his mother dying and squirrelflight being nice to him when nobody else was could be a factor in his “obsessiveness” (tbh i could go on for a while on how i think ashfur is mentally ill coded or specifically BPD coded as someone with it but that ain’t the point), but yeah he ain’t really all there in the head. the villain thing idk about so i wont comment on it. hollyleaf though.. her not mentioning ashfurs death? really?? would you mention you breaking the code when you’ve dedicated a very large portion of your life to abiding by it to a clan gathering?? while you’re telling all 4 clans that your parentage literally BREAKS the warrior code??

  • Well, Lionblaze broke up an clearly didn’t want Heathertail back. And she moved on! It’s not like she tried to kill Hollytuft/Sorrelstripe/Fernsong, but you call her annoying for not grieving after her friend for….. more than sone books?
    There is something called love, and I don’t think she would have two litters with somebody who is a bad mate.

    Hollyleaf wasn’t annoying, Lionblaze was and Jayfeather somites too (like, really, you don’t want to have your blindness noticed and still say things like “I can’t SEE her”?) Lionblaze was an whole arc like ” Love is bad” and then was like “Oh no, Cinderheart doesn’t love me!” And don’t come with killing Ashfur and revealing the truth at the Gathering, she has some more facts collected that made it necessary to do that, and Leafpool should have died.