A Look At Minnowtail’s Life by Minnowkit

Minnowkit takes a look at the RiverClan cat, Minnowtail.

Art by Warrior cats designs (tumblr: warriorcatslooks)

Hi BlogClan! this is Minnowkit, back with an……interesting article today! 😛
So, yeah, as you probably guessed, I’m analyzing Minnowtail, the cat I named my purrsona after, and also the only current RiverClanner with a sliver of relevance.

Here’s the Warriors Wiki’s description of her.
Minnowtail is a sleek-furred, dappled dark gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes.
Minnowtail is a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar’s and Mistystar’s leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Minnowkit to Dawnflower alongside her siblings, Pebblekit and Tumblekit, in the old forest. They participated on the Great Journey and, after settling by the lake, the family fell ill from poisoned water, and Tumblekit died. As an apprentice, Minnowpaw was mentored by Voletooth, and she later earned her warrior name, Minnowtail. She became a mentor to Mossyfoot and trained in the Dark Forest. However, she fought for the Clans in the Great Battle and later mentored another apprentice, Breezeheart. Following Softpelt’s death, Minnnowtail mentored her former apprentice, Splashpaw.
Now moving on to the analyzing and fixing.
Fixing: If I remember correctly, she, her siblings, and Dawnflower only got sick because Minnowkit dared Pebblekit and Tumblekit to lick Twoleg poison (battery acid, according to the Wiki) then their mother licked them clean. Not much else to fix here.
Analysis: Minnowkit was supposedly a very curious, troublesome kit, which Mistyfoot mentions in Twilight.
“The other day they ran away from camp and went exploring on their own. It was Minnowkit’s idea. She can think of more ways of getting into trouble than there are stars in Silverpelt. The sooner she has a mentor to keep an eye on her, the happier I’ll be.” – Mistyfoot to Leafpool about Minnowkit, Twilight (page 163)
This shows she was an adventurous kit, which probably led to her daring Pebblekit to drink the poison, which she describes as “yucky”.
Later, her sister Tumblekit dies because of this.
Imagine yourself in this situation. Living with this kind of guilt would certainly be painful.
Now, let me go slightly off track and compare Dawnpelt and Minnowtail, who have remarkably similar stories.
Dawnpelt: She was the one who suggested Flametail go play with the warriors on the frozen lake, possibly leading her to project these feelings of guilt and grief onto Jayfeather.
Minnowtail: Instead of projecting, she trains in the Dark Forest out of pressure.
I can’t say that I agree with either coping mechanism, as both she-cats did something wrong.
Anyway, back to analyzing!
As a ‘paw, she seems to have interacted a bit with Mousepaw of ThunderClan, who mentions this:
”She’s a whole moon older than me. Come and talk to her, you’ll see she’s not as soft as she looks.” – Mousepaw introducing Lionpaw to Minnowpaw at a Gathering, The Sight (page 134)
Speaking of Mouse/Minnow, I used to love it. I don’t know why, but I just really liked it. Now my opinion of it is souring; it has no development and there is nit enough interaction between them.
Minnowtail trains in the Dark Forest for unknown reasons (though it probably was, and realistically would have been, due to Tumblekit’s death.) She receives Shredtail as her mentor and trains hard, oblivious to the danger, like all other trainees.We have this quote to prove she was not aware of anything:
”You don’t understand! I trained in the Dark Forest. I gave away our battle secrets. They said they were training me to be a better warrior for my Clan. They said they’d kill me. But I would never have betrayed RiverClan.” – Minnowtail’s confession to Mothwing during the Great Battle, Mothwing’s Secret (Chapter 8)
In the Broken Code arc, she mentors Splashpaw after the battle with the rebels, in which Splashpaw’s mentor, Softpelt, dies.
That’s about it for the analysis. Now for the fun part.
Theories and Questions
Question 1: What’s your opinion on Mouse/Minnow? My Answer: Souring, as I mentioned above.
Question 2: Can Minnowtail’s training in the Dark Forest, as well as her previous actions, really be absolved? My Answer: No, but her probably-reasons are understandable to an extent.
Question 3: What do you think of Minnowtail’s character? My Answer: She’s quite well developed for a RiverClan cat, but there area lot of questions that could be answered.
Question 4: What would you have done in her position as the cat at fault for her own sister’s death? My Answer: I would just…be really panicked and guilty and probably never show my face in public again 😛
Question 5: Does she deserve a novella? My Answer: Yes.

That’s it for today, folks! See you next time!

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