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My point of view on Bluestar life by Silverclaw

Silverclaw shares their thoughts on Bluestar.

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Ye my second article yeah I have been very inactive but I am back.
So this is my point of view on Bluestar’s choice and other random things.
Well I think she made a mistake with Oakheart of course but I like BluexOak ship. So I think that Bluestar made a irrational choice but on my point of view a good choice she did not mean to have kits she just got caught up in the moment. So when she decided to bring her kits to RiverClan to live with their father I think it was a good choice she did not mean for Mosskit to die but when you look at it some people start to hate Bluestar but I still like her she gave up her kits for a good reason that could of gone worse and the clan’s in VoS and TBC but Mistystar would not of become leader and who knows what could of happened Mudclaw could of became Mudstar instead of Onewhisker/Onestar. Firestar and LionClan could of never defeated TigerClan of BloodClan the warrior world could be a mess. Okay now back on point Bluestar gave up her kits to become deputy and leader because she did not want Thistleclaw who would become Thistlestar and like destroy all of the clans but back to Bluestar’s choice it prevented that from happening.
Also you do not know because Sunstar could of thought that she would not be able to lead the clan after her kitting and taking care of kits for six moons. Thistleclaw kinda broke Bluestar by winning Snowfur’s heart and then the sisters separated from each other because of Thistleclaw and then when Snowfur was expecting kits it was worse then she had her kits and got hit by a monster and then Thistleclaw blamed her and then she took care of Whitekit and Thistleclaw demanded her teach Whitekit warrior and apprentice things that kits do not need to know.
Sorry for the random blabbering in this article but Bye and stay safe so where a mask over your nose and you will be okay. 🙂

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  • Great article! (Although at times I couldn’t really understand what you were talking about)

  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

    Hi, Silverclaw! Nice article 🙂
    However, in the future, perhaps you could use more punctuation in your articles? It helps people to understand your opinions in articles 🙂
    History Has Its Eyes On You

  • Great article! I disagree a bit, as she could’ve entrusted her secret with Thrushpelt and asked him to look after them for a bit, or just told some other cat a lie like ‘Sunstar told me he would consider me for deputy, but he doesn’t want the kits to be without a parent as I did my duties.”

  • Good article! I agree that Bluestar is overhated, but I also disagree with you on some points. She definitely wasn’t AS bad as she is sometimes portrayed, but she wasn’t a saint either. With the kits thing, she had many solutions. She could have just went to Sunstar and outright tell him “hey, Thistleclaw threatened me. He’s going on ‘patrols’ that end up attacking vulnerable kittypets who crossed the border on accident. He told me not to tell anyone, but I can’t stand it no more”. Sunstar treated her like a daughter. He loved her. If she told him that somebody is being abusive to her, he surely WILL listen. I know, maybe she won’t get the deputy function, but this is not a tragedy. A good deputy is enough. She could have asked Rosetail (I get why she would be scared to ask Thrushpelt) to help take care of the kittens. That bean would jump in a raging river to help those kits, she would be amazed by such offer. She could ask Goosefeather to give her some parsley so she couldn’t feed them. Like seriously, a lot of ways. She gave those kits up because of stress, but she certainly was able to NOT give them up.

  • And I don’t really like BlueOak. It isn’t the worst ship, but it’s just… flat. No chemistry. I’ve had an actual storyline of BlueOak to send to you, but it turns out too long to send. The only scene I liked is “But I want to know what’s your favourite prey bla bla bla” because I’m ashamed to admit, but I like this kind of scenes. But seriously, even Featherwhisker and Bluestar had more chemistry, and he’s like her foster uncle.

    • tbh i think bluexoak makes sense bc if i remember correctly it was supposed to be a one night stand/something for bluefur to de-stress from thunderclan stuff so that’s why there was never chemistry (im prolly wrong tho i havent read bluestar’s prophecy in like 2 years)

      • Yeah, for this kind of thing it does make sense, but then it’s suddenly referred to as a big love and literally Romeo and Juliet of these times, “oh Oakheart dearest”.

  • seeing bluexoak makes me feel queasy…
    seeing snowfur die makes me cry *weeps*

    i read bluestar’s prophecy and cried when i read whitekit’s reaction to his mom’s death

    i read bluestar’s prophecy again and cried again. many of my tears have been spilled because of bluestar’s prophecy

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