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spottedleaf: a defense article by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost defends Spottedleaf.

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hi! it’s me hollyfrost with another article and today, i will be defending spottedleaf and why she IS NOT useless,overrated or a mary sue! WARNING: this may contain spoilers for TPB,firestar’s quest and OOTS, read at your own risk. lets get started!

so about her getting in the way of fire x sand, well i mean she kinda did but i dont rlly ship fire x sand anyways,im more of a fire x cinder shipper,but fire x sand is still good. ANYWAYS, ahem, she wasnt trying to stop it,she just wanted firestar to be happy, this is proved when she dies the final time saving sandstorm from mapleshade (i haven’t read it but i know many spoilers for the last hope) she just wanted to make firestar happy as i’ve stated many times,she was also a very sweet,wise and loyal medicine cat. she wasn’t useless,if she was useless how would bluestar except rusty in the clan without the prophecy SPOTTEDLEAF received that said “fire alone will save our clan” that meant firestar would save them/ thunderclan. if she didn’t receive that rusty/firestar would not be in thunderclan and many,many, members of thunderclan would be not alive just because of the prophecy. she did enter his dream’s many times but just because she wanted firestar was safe (although he already was….) she just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t die. and in this scene:

“I know you love me, Firestar, but is that enough? Don’t you wish Spottedleaf were with you right now?” The question took Firestar by surprise. What would it be like to have the StarClan medicine cat at his side? Would she be able to convince him that he was doing the right thing? As he hesitated, the anger faded from Sandstorm’s gaze, replaced by a look of horror. “Don’t say a word Firestar,” she mewed. “I know what your answer would be.”
-firestar’s quest

we all knew firestar truly wanted sandstorm by his side instead of spottedleaf,sandstorm was just…. *sigh* it was just a sandstorm moment,you know what i mean. it was a possibility firestar thought that, but deep in his heart he knew he wanted sandstorm instead of spottedleaf. no matter how much he loved spottedleaf he loved sandstorm more. therefore: spottedleaf isn’t useless, even if she wasn’t there for much time, and she is defiantly is NOT overrated, i will explain why:
i rarely see people say “spottedleaf is my favorite” actually, the only person i know who said that is my bestie swiftmorning/swift. characters actually need to be many people’s favorite to be overrated,she is defiantly more UNDERrated than she is OVERrated.
why she isn’t a mary sue:
many people think she is a mary sue but she is NOT!!!! just because she has many good traits and a excellent scent doesn’t mean she is a mary sue. look at dovewing! pure mary sue!!!! i mean, maybe she just smells so good because of her herbs! then she’s not a mary sue! just because she smells so good doesn’t mean she’s a mary sue.therefore she IS NOT a mary sue!

well wraps it up for my article,i hope this changed your mind about spotteleaf. anyways, see ya’ll next time!
~hollyfrost who loves mha :3

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  • Dovewing isn’t a Mary Sue and neither is really Spottedleaf. I don’t think there are really complete Mary Sues, Jessy maybe? At least from what I’ve heard.
    The problem with Spottedleaf was just like the problem with Feathertail; she didn’t behave like a Mary Sue, but Erins, intentionally or not, would keep pushing her into the “silver she-cat stereotype”, of course beyond the fact that she’s calico. Tragically dying love interest (of course from the first sight), kind, gentle, sweet-smelling – although her scent is just because of herbs, Leafpaw herself describes it as “sweet scent of herbs”. Real Spottedleaf wasn’t really Mary-Suish. She sometimes would say something seeming a little weird to us, she was sort of naive after she died, and desperate to protect Fireheart & his kin, this goals starting to get in the way of reason. Yet, everybody made her LOOK like she was perfect, and that I think led to the Mary Sue vision. Honestly, I just think she died too early. She should’ve had an entire different development when she lived, based of the friendly nice Spotted we see in ITW, because the portrayal of her and StarClan itself always blocked the way to her getting a well-written character on her own.

  • The “She was ruining FireSand!” argument bugs me off so bad. Like, how could she know she would ruin it? She was the first one to fall in love. When you fall in love, you don’t suddenly think “I’ll die in 3 months and he’d marry another person, I can’t fall in love now”. She also was not stalking him, or dating him in his dreams, like the common belief says. Like, this was perhaps just supposed to be a joke, the truth is that she was helping with prophecies and that stuff, as an assistant, and not a girlfriend. We don’t even know if this was her idea or some cat asked “Yo, who wants to be an assistant of Fire and his kin? We need someone” and she offered to come down to him. Anyways I think the aura here was written wrong, she should just be a friend-assistant, like “Spottedleaf, tell me where’s the nearest river” (okay, I’m kidding. But I think you get what I mean), not the mysterious spirit. Still, when Sandstorm was getting angry, it was SANDSTORM getting jealous, because people do, and not Spotted coming to her with a Firesatr puppet and cuddling it. Another bad writing here, because Firestar’s possible crush was *commits angelica* “rumour a few, maybe two people knew” and suddenly everybody knows it and ships them. Anyways, Sand just got jeaulous. People also feel angry because Spottedleaf played the role of the beautiful coming to solve the drama, but I think she was fully aware of this and just couldn’t help. She was waiting for them to solve the drama themselves, and when the things got very tense, she came to help. We all have those situations when we know we look stupid and yet have to continue.
    Spottedleaf was butchered by the writeters. But she is also judged unfairly.

    Ah and also sorry for writing two comments, but the original one was too long.

  • Well, if you only know the spoilers you wouldn’t know that after Spottedleaf died Firestar yelled, “No! You said you would wait for me in Starclan!” right in front of Standstorm. Oh, and he died after wards so that did nothing for Sandstorm.
    It’s not that I hate Spottedleaf, just that point wasn’t entirly correct.

    • Yeah, that was bad of Firestar, and I heard that he did say something like this, but it was him and not Spottedleaf. She promised it to him before from what I remember, wanted to wait for him in StarClan first, and then Sandstorm came along. She never could control what Firestar says, she said what SHE thoght. Also, I am talking about the drama in Firestar’s Quest. Firestar wasn’t right to do that (although he grieved and Spottedleaf was also his friend), yet, it was months later after Spottedleaf told Sandstorm that she doesn’t want FireSand to end. Once again – I am talking about FQ, something happening before. Spotted tried to help in Firestar’s Quest. Firestar did it seasons, perhaps even years after the drama was solved. It’s apart from the drama. Firestar revealed this LATER, in Firestar’s Quest Sandstorm still got jealous apart from what Firestar said then. I don’t blame her for being jealous, yet she didn’t know that Firestar would ever yell that. Firestar saying something in Omen Of The Stars doesn’t influence anything in Firestar’s Quest. Sandstorm didn’t know about him saying anything in Omen Of The Stars then, and her motives still were the very same you see in Firestar’s Quest. Even if Firestar did one thing matching her imagination, at the point of Firestar’s Quest it was yet her imagination. It’s the same drama it was, EVEN after Omen of the Stars. And yeah, I know the you promised quote.

    • Okay, the first reply of mine (guess you were talking to me?) is messy, I’ll fix it.

      Yeah, there is this scene (which I know actually, I mean the fact that Firestar shouted it and Sandstorm watched). But Omen of The Stars is Omen Of The Stars, and Firestar’s Quest is Firestar’s Quest. It makes a difference. Firestar does say something matching Sandstorm’s imagination in TLH, but at the point of Firestar’s Quest it is still her imagination. Firestar doesn’t reveal his feelings to Sandstorm until then, and also I think this was a grief thing. Spottedleaf was not only his crush, she was his friend, his guide, a person he trusted, and it’s different knowing she doesn’t completely exist, you will NEVER EVER see her again. I don’t think he did seriously think she was more important than Sand, it was that grieving, he didn’t have control over his feelings, and he just wanted to see her someday as not certainly a mate, but a person dear to him. Either way, Firestar’s Quest is separate from TLH, and those dramas are apart. Omen Of The Stars can’t influence anything before it, because they were just BEFORE. Firestar’s Quest is still just Sandstorm’s normal, human jealousy out of Fire and Spotted’s control. At THAT point.

      • I didn’t mention Firestar’s Quest’s title because it was the one which the article talked about and it sounded pretty obvious to me

  • i hate spottedleaf’s heart as much as the next person but i think it’s part of why spottedleaf was so .. clingy? towards firestar. having gone through the same thing spottedleaf did in her novella, it definitely ruins your view on relationships or how love is supposed to feel, or even how friendships are supposed to be. it could also be why spottedleaf was head over paws for a cat that was like, apprentice age while she was a warrior (medicine cat but you know what i mean). iirc firestar was also reciprocating these feelings somewhat in firestar’s quest and that might’ve been why sandstorm got jealous? even if not getting jealous to some extent is normal in relationships soooo idk why the fandom loves to hate on spottedleaf so much.

    • I DEFINITELY agree with you, Nightclaw. Spottedleaf has NEVER been a Mary Sue EVER! Why do people HATE her so much?? She’s a REALLY good cat!

  • Me: Looks up Spottedleaf in the search bar of BlogClan in hope of some articles defending Spottedleaf.

    Also me when I surprisingly see them: “All hope is not lost!”

    But in all seriousness, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!

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