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My Honest Opinion on Mapleshade by Cloudjumper

Cloudjumper shares their thoughts on Mapleshade.

Art by DragonWarriorCat

Hello! I’m Cloudjumper, the she-cat from RiverClan. This is my honest opinion on Mapleshade from the Warriors series!

Well, do you like Mapleshade? I personally like her but don’t think her actions should be justified. You may think she is just misunderstood, and her actions should be justified, but I don’t exactly agree with you. I feel horribly sorry for Mapleshade and I don’t agree that she should have been exiled by Oakstar and Darkstar. Ravenwing had told the Clan, leaving Mapleshade with a reason to hate her. Although, I don’t think she had to go out of her way to murder her and the others. Appledusk may have been horrible to her, but she also shouldn’t have killed him, nor Frecklewish. Mapleshade’s hallucinations and the death of her kits were unbelievably sad. I don’t fully understand why she killed those cats. She may have been heartbroken and alone, but she should have appreciated the time she had with those cats instead and maybe joined a new Clan or lived as a loner. I read Mapleshade’s Vengeance and enjoyed it, but still believe she could have been a good warrior. With or without Appledusk’s love, she could have been a good warrior. Maybe even ‘fixed’ it like Graystripe had. I don’t understand why she was driven insane, she could have been a better cat instead of the evil cat we all know now. I personally still want a good Mapleshade. Also, if Mapleshade only did that because of heartbreak, why did she have to suffer and join the Dark Forest? I think at least, she should have joined StarClan like other ‘misunderstood’ cats. Now, on to the part that “I don’t exactly agree with you.”. Since she was semi-misunderstood and deserved better, I like her. The writers obviously portrayed her emotions and feelings,(I just don’t understand them fully) leaving her an openly good character. Her character can be relatable (NOT on a murderer level) and she had a good motive. The only thing I don’t understand is why they kept her ‘alive’. I believe she’s been alive for a long time, and probably should have died at the great battle. But no, she’s too powerful and blah blah blah.
Anyways, that was my fully honest opinion on Mapleshade! Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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  • I personally hate and like Mapleshade.
    My feelings are very complicated.
    I agree that she deserves Dark Forest and none of her victims deserve Dark Forest.
    But her victims are not innocent and they do not deserve to die.
    I liked her because I saw her potential as the second Bluestar.
    Now Starclan abandon everything for her.
    I sympathize with her, but I don’t feel her actions are justfied.

  • Great article! I agree! Though I understand why she went insane, I think the death of your own kits and being banished by two Clans is a lot to handle. Also, I’m a firm believer Mapleshade does deserve the DF, but she’s still such an awesome character with an awesome backstory and personality. Again, you made some great points.

  • Great article! 😀
    I agree with you! And this article is written very well! <3
    (I love your name, by the way! 🙂 )

  • I don’t like Mapleshade and agree that her actions are completely unjustified. However, she’s also a very well created character, and so I like her. In short, I like her as a character, but if she definitely deserves everything she got.

  • Nice article! It was really calm :3 but I I disagree with you, I feel sympathy for her because of the situation she was put through, but Ravenwing, Frecklewish I, and Appledusk certainly didn’t need to die, so her actions aren’t justified at all to me. Murder is basically taking someone and ending there life forever, there’s really no second chances, Some of the cats she killed could of had mates and kits, or become deputy or clan leader. but she just killed them and they will never have that chance. Sorry, but despite how she was treated I believe there is always a choice. She tormented Crookedstar, and I love him more then I could ever with Mapleshade. She always wanted to go the dark forest, even if meant never seeing her kits. It was just another chance to torment Appledusk’s blood lines forever. Done ✔️ with rant :3

  • That’s where I disagree with you.
    If she had the might to actually kill her own clan mate, she would be exiled. It doesn’t make sense to keep a cat capable of murder in a clan. Sorry folks, just my opinion.
    I think she was loyal at some point, but it’s obvious ot me even before she was exiled she wasn’t perfect. I mean, she ran off with a cat from another clan. That isn’t as bad as it could be, I admit. Still. She isn’t one you should pity to much. Besides the kit and mate thing.

  • Not trying to be offensive but I completely disagree with you! My sweet little maple has a REASON for all that and does not deserve to go to the dark forest!!!!(if you think mapleshade is my favorite character you are right.)

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