Everyone who needs a Novella/Super edition by Swanflight

Swanflight lists cats they think should get their own books.

Official illustration by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello! This is Swanflight and my articel about all the cats who need Novellas/super editions!
**WARNING** Spoilers of like everything, may possible ocur. If you see a name you don’t know, then scroll to the next one

Breezepelt: We never really know what he’s thinking or how he felt, besdes angry. I want to know his kit-hood, but hten again, I want to know his reasonings for going to the Dark Forest and how he felt when his clanmates didnt trust him. I want to KNOW Breezeplet, his feelings for HEathertail, Nightcloud and what he thought of Crowfeather.

Brokenstar. He needs this stuff. We need to know his Kit-hood, his reaction to finding out Yellowfang was his mother, everything. I want to know his motives for killing the kits and training cats to hard. His reasons for training kits before their six-moons old. I generally want to know more about the Dark Forest’s cats motives. Like, who, what and why about SParrowfeather, the she-cat witht he dog-savaged muzzel. But Brokentar was thier leader. I want to know his final plans in the DF. I want to know this cat.

Russetfur. Okay, okay, we already know about her, but I want to know everything. Her life with Hal in twoleg-place, her feelings about Hal’s death, and her motives for attacking Firestar in the very battle she died in. Why did she leave Twoleg-place to join the clans? Why did Blackstar pick her as deputy? I want to understand her feelings when she was named the next deputy. What were her motives? She deserves this as much as Leapordstar desvers Leapordstar’s honor.

Stormfur. I just GOTTA know about him and Brook. I want his reaction to fidning out about his sister’s prophecy. I want his feelings about his sister’s death, after his mothers. I want to know how he was really feeling when Tigerstar ordered Stormfur’s(paw, at the time) own mentor to murder him and his sister. I also want to know what finaly made him pick between Clan and Love. And why he picked Love. This dude is INTERESTING. He loved Riverclan. He had a crush on Squirrelpaw. He loved Brook. He left his clan. He had kits. He needs his own story!

Ashfur. This guy SUFFERED. His mother was slaughtered. His father was murdered (Well, then he avenged his dad’s death by killing his murder via apprentice swarm) his two kit brothers died of sickness. Half his sister’s kits died. then the love of his life rejected him, for the son of his mother’s murderer. dun dun dun! Then he decides to murder his ex’s father, and her “Kits” in a fire. I want him to explain why he decided to BURN THEM ALIVE.

Barley. I think we should know what exactly made Barley let Ravenpaw stay. I think he should explain to us everyhting about Bloodclan. (i know he does in Ravenpaw’s comic books….) I want to know what he was feeling as he told them about his sister, and about Bloodclan.

I hope you liked my article!

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