Toms Who Mated With Two She-cats by Drizzlepaw

Drizzlepaw talks about toms from the series who had more than one mate.

Art by The-Demon-Ferret

Hi, everyone! This is my first article and today I will be talking about some tomcats who mated with two she-cats, and which ship is better. *Warning: Spoilers alert!*

1. Graystripe

Graystripe is a long-haired gray tom, and an old friend of Firestar’s. He mated with Silverstream, a pretty RiverClan warrior, against the warrior code and was heartbroken when she died while kitting Stormfur and Feathertail. After he got trapped in a monster, he met a kittypet called Millie, and grew close with him as they journeyed to find the Clans. They had three kits, Blossomfall, Briarlight and Bumblestripe.

I actually like the Gray X Silver because I think that Millie was a horrible mother to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe(no offense to those who like Millie). Graystripe mating with a RiverClan warrior made the storyline flow more interesting, and without Feathertail(Silverstream’s daughter), Crowfeather might have died, and then there would be no Threes to save the Clans!

2. Berrynose

Berrynose is a cream-coloured tom, and is the son of Daisy and Smokey. He is an annoying furball and all, but he has two she-cats padding after him! First he mated with Honeyfern, and was devastated when she died saving Briarlight from a snake. Then he fell in love with Poppyfrost, Honeyfern’s sister, and had two kits: Molewhisker and Cherryfall.

I like both of the ships, but I slightly prefer Berry X Honey. I like how the annoying furball grew close with a quiet and shy she-cat, and how they look so cute together! But I like Berry X Poppy too. The only thing I don’t like about the ship is that Poppyfrost is a bit annoying, agreeing to every mean and nasty words Berrynose says.

3. Crowfeather

Crowfeather is a very dark gray, almost black tom and is a warrior of WindClan. He was chosen to journey with the other three cats to the sun-drown place, and fell in love with Feathertail, a beautiful silver tabby she-cat from RiverClan, in the process. However, she died saving him(Crowpaw) from Sharptooth in the mountains, and he was heartbroken. He soon fell in love with Leafpool, the medicine cat of ThunderClan and the daughter of the great leader Firestar, but broke up when Leafpool realised that she had to put her Clan first. They had kits secretly, who were Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. He mated with Nightcloud of WindClan and had a kit, Breezepelt, but broke up with her after knowing that she wasn’t the right mate for him.

I love the ships Crow X Feather and Crow X Leaf, but I despise the ship Crow X Night. I like how both his love was forbidden, and how Crowfeather loved both of them despite the warrior code. I hate the ship Crow X Night because Nightcloud was a horrible mate and mother, dragging her son Breezepelt away from his father and forcing Crowfeather not to see Leafpool, while Feathertail was so kind to Crowfeather and let him see Leafpool.

4. Gray Wing

Gray Wing is a dark gray tom, who was one of the cats who came down from the mountains to form the Clans. He grew close with Turtle Tail, a tortoiseshell she-cat, but she mated with Tom instead and had three kits, Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart. He loved Storm, a silver she-cat, but admitted that she was destined to mate with his brother, Clear Sky. After Turtle Tail was killed on a Thunderpath, he met Slate, and mated with her before having three kits, Black Ear, Silver Stripe and White Tail(I like those names; they’re all colours!).

I don’t really like Gray X Turtle, although many people do. I don’t like how she ran off to the Twolegplace to live with Bumble just because Gray Wing started seeing Storm, and mated with Tom, who was so mean and horrible to her and her kits. I love Gray X Slate, though. Slate is a wonderful cat, who is so kind and caring to Gray Wing. I also like how Slate introduced Gray Wing to slates too!. (^ ^)

5. Clear Sky

Clear Sky, also known as Skystar, is a pale gray tom, and is the first leader of SkyClan. I hate him so much, because he took away his own son’s mate and killed a lot of cats just to prove that he was strong. He mated with Bright Stream first, but was devastated when she was carried off by a mean hawk. Then he saw Storm, and fell in love deeply with the pretty silver she-cat, but let her go off on her own when she was carrying his kits. Thunder survived, but Clear Sky was very, very nasty to him, rejecting him twice. And THEN he mated with Star Flower, a golden she-cat, and had three kits, Flower Foot, Tiny Branch and Dew Petal.

I love the ship Clear X Bright because Clear Sky was a nice character then, and Bright Stream was such a nice cat. I kind of like Gray Wing with Storm more, because Clear Sky started to turn really mean by this point, and let her go off on her own when she was pregnant! He also turned down his only living son once when he was a kit and once when he grew up. I hate Clear Sky so much. I don’t think anyone ships Clear X Star, because Star Flower was such a mean character to Thunder and even fought against him! I hate Star Flower too.

6. Thistleclaw

Thistleclaw was a villan in Bluestar’s Prophecy, and he was a mentor to Tigerclaw, who was the evil leader of ShadowClan. He grew close with Snowfur, Bluestar’s littermate, much to Bluestar’s disgust. Snowfur and Thistleclaw had one kit, Whitestorm, but Snowfur was killed on a Thunderpath while chasing off ShadowClan intruders when Whitestorm was still a kit. Then Thistleclaw had a crush on Spottedpaw, the future medicine cat of ThunderClan, but Spottedleaf broke up with him after realising that he was training in the Dark Forest.

I actually hate both the ships. Thistleclaw was a horrible mate to Snowfur, and was so mean to Bluestar too. He trained Whitekit(Whitestorm) battle moves when he was still a kit! I guess he was a villain, but even Tigerstar was nicer to Sasha! I don’t think anyone ships Thistle X Spotted, because Thistleclaw was a bloodthirsty murderer and Spottedleaf was too nice for him. Anyways, Thistleclaw already has a mate(but she died…) and a kit, and Spottedleaf(Spottedpaw back then) was still an apprentice! Conclusion: I hate both ships so much!

That’s all for today! Feel free to share your opinions and ideas on the comments! Which ship is your favourite?

*I hope you like my first article!*

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  • Cool article, but I thought it will be about Toadskip (a tom who was in triangle with two she-cat, or three) also.

  • I just get real triggered when Slate is mentioned.
    I perfered Greywing with Turtle Tail.
    R.I.P, Turtle Tail. Honestly she4 had one of the saddest deaths in the whole Dawn of The Clans.

  • I love your article, bestie!
    And it’s really good for your first one! I would never be able to write one as good as yours.

  • Though I haven’t yet read in DAWN OF THE CLANS that Gray Wing mated with Slate,I could guess.He really liked her,and she to him.Just like that,I HAVE to say that that was my favorite Love Ship.{I liked Gray Wing X Turtle Tail,but…the kits they had together didn’t really treat Gray Wing like a father after Turtle Tail died.}

  • if silverstream did live i think she would be a much better mate for graystripe . when graystripe is with millie i dont really get the mate vibe. and feathtail i think would be the best mate for crowfeather cause she really helped him lossen up but i also think this cause there was much more romance in these to couples and i honestly love romance but it was also just the two couples helped one and other like be more joyful and if they were mates in the same clan i think they would love each other and the kits more cause they would be following the warrior code and see each other way more offten and when silverstream was kitting they would have a med not a med app hopefully

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