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Stonecloud evaluates Mudclaw’s character

Mudclaw is a very interesting cat. though he doesn’t get much attention in Prophecy begins. But in the new prophecy: Starlight is somewhat based on him. To find out the answer to the question we need to look further into Mudclaw’s character.

Mudclaw has always been loyal to Windclan. to the point where Tallstar trusted him enough to appoint him deputy. when the clans arrived at the lakes territory Mudclaw took the role as Windclan leader when Tallstar was too weak to, which any deputy would have done. he didn’t want Windclan to miss out on any territory. That only proves that Mudclaw would have been a great leader for windclan, But Tallstar thought otherwise. he thought that only blood will spill under Mudclaws rule, and Tallstar didn’t want that for windclan. so with his last dying words, he appointed Onewhisker (onestar) as his deputy. when Onewhisker came out with Firestar, Mudclaw didn’t believe a word they said. he said.
“You don’t think I believe this load of fox dung, do you? Every cat knows that Tallstar practically handed our Clan over to Firestar before he left the forest. He’s always felt more loyalty to ThunderClan than they ever deserved. And now Firestar tells us that his friend Onewhisker is to be a leader!”
―Mudclaw to his Clanmates Starlight, page 126
Onewhiskeer tried to appoint him deputy, but he was enraged and refused. Betrayed by so many of his clanmates, he gathered a group of cats with the help of Hawkfrost. and they attacked. the battle rages on, and thunderclan comes to help onewhiskers side of windclan. after a while, Mudclaw and hawkforst flee, but bramblecaw chases after him. then Mudclaw and Bzrambleclwa fight and hawkfrost helps Brambleclaw. Betrayed Mudclaw flees but starclan sends lightning which struck a tree and unlucky Mudclaw got squashed.

Another point is that Mudclaw joined Starclan. he thought he was acting on starclans will. and onewhisker wasn’t appointed with the right deputy ceremony. if muclaw had acted out of pure evil. he would have gone to the dark forest.

So what does that say about Mudclaw? Mudcalw had a legitimate claim over Windclan because onewhisker want appointed right. but rage clouded his judgment which ultimately caused his downfall. But back to the starclan point. it is proven that Mudclaw wasn’t evil enough to go to the dark forest.

So is Mudclaw evil. No, I don’t think he is. but he did a lot of bad things in Starlight. which proves he is not good either.

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      • …which was sort of inevitable, because Hawkfrost is known to be really persuasive and suave. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Hawkfrost only joined the rebelling cats so WindClan gets divided and weaker

  • Nice article!
    I agree! Mudclaw wasn’t a bad cat. He just wanted the best for his Clan! And some of his ways were not as “friendly” as Tallstar’s. I honestly think Mudclaw would have been a better leader then Onestar! 🙂

  • Nice article! I think that Mudclaw couldn’t have possibly ended up a worse leader than Onestar- Who knows, if being leader can make Onewhisker hostile and aggressive, maybe it could make Mudclaw friendly and helpful! :]

  • Great article! I think that Mudclaw would’ve been a better leader than Onestar, because Mudclaw wouldn’t have needed to prove himself to his Clanmates and would’ve already had leadership experience. As seen in TPB up until Starlight, he was a very reasonable warrior/deputy, and knew what was best for the Clan. Onestar, one the other hand, was fine as a warrior and would’ve been a great leader… if he was deputy for longer. Since he wasn’t, he had to prove himself to his Clanmates and tried to show them that he was a great and capable leader (he wasn’t).

  • I didn’t like Mudclaw since the moment he stopped Bluestar from going to the Moonstone. Great article!

  • Yes! Mudclaw isn’t evil! He probably wanted to have the best for his Clan, but he was hurt that Tallstar appointed Onewhisker at his dying breath, so that’s why Mudclaw became “evil”. Also, the “being friends with ThunderClan” could have it’s advantages, but it’s sort of weak to want to be friends with another Clan. I mean, if I were ACTUALLY a cat, I would be quite ambitious! Anyway, and Onewhisker didn’t stay “friendly” for very long. (I found this meme on Google about Firestar and Onestar’s friendship falling apart. It was so funny!) Almost right after Onewhisker became leader, he wasn’t that nice to Firestar as he was as a warrior. So basically Tallstar made Onestar dep for nothing, because basically the only reason he DID do that was to be friends with ThunderClan.

    As a conclusion, I highly agree with this article!!! Great job, Stone!

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