My Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Cats by Loonsong

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Loonsong lists their top 5 favourite and least favourite cats

Ok so I have seen many favorite and least favorite cats articles so i decided to make one 🙂 lets start with my 5 favorites 🙂
Number 5- Hollyleaf- she is kind, loyal, and brave, she sacrificed her life for another cat and would probably do it again. Yes she killed Ashfur but he was so clearly evil and after she did it she confessed out of guilt and ran into the tunnels as a punishment for herself.
Number 4-Mapleshade- She is evil, but not a bad kind of evil, She had a reason to do what she did and it was a good one- She killed cats as revenge, the medicine cat for sending her away, another cat from her clan for standing and watching as her kits died, and her mate for abandoning her when she needed him most. So for those reasons she deserves a spot on my list.
Number 3- Ivypool- yes she trained in the dark forest for a few moons but she thought is was starclan, she, like many other cats, had been tricked into training with them, so if you don’t like Ivypool for training in the dark forest then you should also not like, lionblaze, Brambleclaw, Crookedstar, and many other cats. Ivypool also realized her mistake and turned training in the dark forest to her advantage and the advantage of her clan.
Number 2- squirrelflight- She is awesome and loyal.
Number 1-Jayfeather!!!-He is just plain awesome.
Ok now for my least favorite cats
Number 5- Ashfur- He is evil and he doesn’t even have a good reason for it. He tried to kill three cats because their mother didn’t date him like three years ago.
Number 4-lionblaze-he thinks he is so awesome and indestructible but he sucks
Number 3-Firestar-he’s good for the first few books but then he get really annoying and boring
Number 2-dovewing-She is boring and perfect.
Number 1-Millie-she is so annoying and makes me want to rip my hair out. She has three kits but she only cares about one of them. She is so evil and she is by far my least favorite cat.

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  • also, dovewing isn’t perfect, but she’s expected to be. she has a better power then lionblaze or jayfeather. lionblaze is powerful, which is helpful in battle, not before. jayfeather can… dream walk. which is ok, but not helpful. dovewing can spy. hmmm. but guess what? a Mary Sue would chose to spy. Dovewing, didn’t want too. she was loyal. She also told tigerheart about the herbs by mistake. dovewing ALSO defended a sister that hated her for something is couldn’t control, when jay and lion asked dove so ask ivy to spy. a perfect character would have said ok, but dove said that she wouldn’t but ivypaw, who has been a JERK to her, in that much danger not, even for all 4 clans. but Jayfeather and Lionblaze act like dovepaw can do anything and try to make her

  • I agree with most except I HATE holly leaf. Sol helped shadowclan, and the warrior code is horrible

  • Hollyleaf-Amazing
    Mapleshade-Ugh I hate
    Ivypool-Gave birth to Bristlefrost, so, amazing
    Squirrelflight- meh
    Jayfeather- He’s great, but a little grumpy
    Ashfur-Serriously is the most evil warrior cat there ever was. Wanted to destroy to clans because Squrrirelflight likes Brambleclaw?
    Lionblaze-He’s okay. I definitely don’t hate him.
    Firestar-He’s great, what are you talking about boring. Defeating Scourge and Tigerstar?
    Dovewing-By far my favorite warrior cat.
    Millie- She was worried about Briarlight. She still love Bumblestripe and Blossomfall.

  • Nice article! I disagree with you on quite a few things, so here goes…

    1. Dovewing – Dovewing is an amazing character. Though she could never be my favorite, she is pretty decent. In fact, she feels that she isn’t perfect after losing her powers.

    2. Millie – Uhm? What? Blossomfall is the jerk, if you ask me. Her behavior and the fact that she acts like her mom doesn’t like urges me to rip her fur out. Briarlight lost so much, and the fact that Blossom feels jealousy instead of empathy is just annoying. Millie cares for all her kits equally, and Blossom only cares about herself.

    3. Firestar – He’s not great, just at the right place at the right time with the right skills. Though the story is kind of bland he is quite exceptional.

  • Hi! I’m a new member so this is my very first comment. I’m not interesting in reaching out and making friends bc I’m a bit young (I’ll just say 9-13) to be on a public website. But, I have read all the books! (not super editions or novels. Manga included!)
    Anyways, here are my opinions.
    Hollyleaf: Great. Wish she was more involved in Straclan and prophecys.
    Ivypool: ‘The Better Sister’
    Jayfeather: Ah yes. The superior medicene cat of Thunderclan
    Mapleshade: I havn’t read Mapleshade’s Vengance (is that what it’s called?), but I’m not so sure she’s innocent on any account.
    Ashfur: I didn’t care about him at all until the newest book series. Honestly it is very hard for me to hate villains bc WHY? They are meant to be evil.
    Millie: She was AMAZING in the mangas, but in the regular book series she wasn’t that great.
    Dovewing: Though she has flaws (jelous, annoying, etc.), she is basically the original Mary Sue.
    Squirrelflight: I prefer Leafpool (adult) because Squirrelflight just is not the character for me. To random Ashfur drama. ReAlLY StRiNiNG HiM aLoNg, Squirrelflight.

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