Finding StarClan Cats that Deserved the Dark Forest (Part 2) by Bronzestrike

Bronzestrike wonders who should go to which afterlife.

Artwork by allepowerreal

Hello! I’m back with another article! Earlier I posted an article titled something like “Finding the first StarClan cat that deserved Dark Forest”. Then I got an overload of comments about later cats after the DotC, so this is a Part 2 where I go over the same topic except with more cats. This won’t include Code of the Clans, or Secrets of the Clans, because the latter was retconned (it contradicted DotC) and I’m too lazy to reread the former, which also had some mistakes, such as Squirrelflight having a vigil. Alright, I’m going to get into it now.

From Cloudstar’s Journey:

Redstar (TC), Birchstar (RC), Swiftstar (WC), and Dawnstar (ShC):

These are the four leaders that exiled SkyClan from the forest. I don’t really have much to say about these four. How did they even get into StarClan? Besides, Redstar said that each Clan can’t hunt on another Clan’s territory, as in, the invaders can’t catch the prey. This is his excuse. SkyClan can hunt in ThunderClan and ShadowClan territory really well. Dark Forest for them. Granted, they did all give Leafstar a life, but still, it was kind of like “see? totally meant to make up for it”. IF they really wanted to atone, how about sending Firestar the vision instead of leaving that to a cat who lives very very far away?

From Mapleshade’s Vengeance:


Appledusk is the mate of both Mapleshade (formerly) and Reedshine (last known). He is the great-grandfather of Crookedstar (Crookedstar’s father is Shellheart, whose mother is Willownose, whose parents are Appledusk and Reedshine). Time to explain his backstory. He was a RiverClan warrior who illegally had kits with Mapleshade from ThunderClan. When Mapleshade was exiled, Appledusk and Darkstar (Leader of RiverClan at the time) rejected her, and said it was her fault her kits drowned. So what were his crimes? Having a mate and kits from a different Clan. You don’t get Dark Forest for that. Bluestar was mates with Oakheart and had two kits, so if Appledusk goes to Dark Forest, so does Bluestar (She’s a StarClan judge).


Though he did have a big impact on the story, he had no real crime. All he did was banish Mapleshade kinda unfairly………. I’m going to say Oakstar is a lot like Lionblaze. They always let their feelings cloud their judgement. In Lionblaze’s case, it is usually anger. In Oakstar’s case, it was grief for his son Birchface. He didn’t exile Mapleshade for having kits with someone from another Clan; he exiled Mapleshade for having kits with Appledusk in particular (Appledusk accidentally pushed Birchface off of Sunningrocks. Birchface drowned). Personally, I think he deserves StarClan.


She let kits drown without trying to save them. Oh wait, she can’t swim so she can’t really save them… I’m going to say StarClan.


StarClan. He got a sign from StarClan, found out who the true father was (Appledusk), and reported to Oakstar not knowing how Oakstar would react. He never committed a crime.

From Goosefeather’s Curse:


I think he deserves the Dark Forest. He tried to murder his Clanmate, who was also his secondary medicine cat (Cloudberry was the head medicine cat of ThunderClan). Then he also tried to make Moonflower hate Goosefeather for hating Stormtail for trying to kill him, which I know isn’t against the Warrior Code, but it’s still wrong.

From Bluestar’s Prophecy:


He’s the head medicine cat now, but he doesn’t seem to care much about his Clan. My ropinion? Give him a break! He literally is stuck with having to see the future. He KNEW Pinestar would become the leader and defect back when Doestar was leader (I think). He deserves his spot in StarClan.

From Crookedstar’s Promise:


She deserves all the hate she gets for abusing Stormkit, but I don’t think that’s DF worthy.

That was all for Part 2! Comment if I should do Part 3 (also tell me which books to judge the characters from). Bronzestrike out!

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  • Nice article! I disagree about the leaders who agreed with kicking SkyClan out. That’s not big enough a crime for the Dark Forest and it’s ridiculous if you imagine SkyClan melting into the other Clans.

    I disagree with Stormtail as well. It’s not really “confirmed” he attempted to kill Goosefeather and he wasn’t that bad.

  • The four Leaders that rejected Skyclan: I think the situation is more morally grey than that. Yes, the leader’s rejection was in a very callous way. They could’ve defiantly helped Skyclan more, than ordering them to leave a few minutes into the Gathering. The Skyclan members could’ve sheltered in the Four Camps, until they scouted a safe territory.

    However, it’s not as simple as giving up large sections of their lands either. The Four Leaders have to protect their own clanmates, not just Skyclan. Those are populations that frequently have food shortages. It’s not just a matter of ego, but life and death. It’s a lose-lose situation, no matter what the Four leaders choose.

    Stormtail: This section has a misunderstanding – Stormtail never attempted to murder Goosepaw. The young apprentice didn’t know how to interpret his powers yet and he jumped to the wrong conclusion. It’s the same thing as Dawnpelt did. Both Goosepaw’s mentor, sister and Stormtail himself told him; that Stormtail had accidentally stumbled upon the badger and was getting help. Him running into Goosepaw was a coincidence and he shouted for him to run. The apprentice was too big for Stormtail to carry and he thought he was capable of running on his own.

    Goosefeather: He’s guilty of way more, than just not caring about his Clan. Though I’ve already written all the reasons on my list (He’s Number 2) I’ll save time by simply linking it here:

  • Great article, but I’ll elaborate on Goosefeather.

    I absolutely agree with you on Goosefeather. He was literally “cursed” by StarClan to see the future but not be able to change it. Feeling that powerless changes a cat. Plus, it would make absolutely no sense for StarClan to send Goosefeather to the DF when it was their fault for giving him the powers in the first place! When Goosefeather was young, he was made an apprentice, and then a medicine cat, very early, similar to real life child prodigies. He had a lot of weight on his shoulders, since he had such an important power. He was one of the closest cats to StarClan. Again, having that much stress changes a cat and led him to make horrible decisions. Based on his own power that StarClan gave him. Honestly Goosefeather lived a terrible life, just being thrown around like a tool all the time until he finally got to StarClan. Since he could see the future, he could see Pinestar would run away to become a kittypet in the end, so he couldn’t enjoy the moment anymore. He didn’t care about his Clan because he knew it would end someday. Just because he desperately wanted to attack (WindClan? or RiverClan? I dunno i forgot)’s medicine supply so he could finally prove he could do something right does not mean he was evil and had terrible intentions.

    Again, great article!

  • Great Article! I think if the Cloudstar’s Journey leaders were able to make up for it later on, they don’t deserve DF. Also, I think Rainflower does, because if you try to make your kit’s life utterly horrible and go out of your way to make sure he gets no love from you, that’s very DF worthy.

  • Cheetahheart!!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) tell me if i missed any names! says:

    PART THREEEE!!!!!!!

  • This was such an amazing article! <3

    However, I disagree with the leaders of every clan but SkyClan. Obviously they wanted to do the best for their clans, and we can’t ask for any more than that. Though I do think they should have offered they stay refuge in one clan’s camp, it’s not ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, or WindClan’s fault they won’t let strangers into their home.

    I also disagree for Stormtail. In Bluestar’s Prophecy it is shown that he is not very close to his daughters. However, he really loved/loves Moonflower as he is seen calling to her in StarClan when Bluepaw and Snowpaw get their warrior names. Not to mention the fact that Goosefeather has bees in his brain.

    I love this article, however much I disagree with some of its content! Great job, it was quite entertaining. <3

  • Appledusk loved Mapleshade once. But, it can’t last when they are from two different clans and neither made the move to change clans before Mapleshade was exiled. Mapleshade is to blame for her kits deaths. And, don’t even say Appledusk didn’t care about the kist because that is so wrong. He visably went through the stages of greif. I read this fact in an defending Appledsuk article. Check it out! It has a lot of good points. It was made by Rockpelt.

  • Frecklewish and Ravenwing deserve Ghost Residence. They will stay a ghost till they do something special to make up for their 1000000000000000000% WRONG doings.