Cats that deserve dark forest by Stonecloud

Stonecloud takes a look at cats who should have gone to the Dark Forest after they died.

Official art by James L. Barry

There are several cats that went to starclan but deserved dark forest. I’m going to be listing a few down below.

1. Mudclaw
Mudclaw doesn’t deserve dark forest as much as other cats. he didn’t cause anyone death but his own (Unless your talking about the two cats that fell into thunderclan camp and broke their necks) and power was pulled out of his claws in a flash. It’s like losing the fattest mouse you’ve seen. and I understand his pain but he isn’t evil. I still feel like he deserved dark forest.

2. Oakstar
I don’t know much about Oakstar but I know enough to say he deserved dark forest. If you really think about it he is the one that caused Mapleshade to go rogue which caused the death of Ravenwing and Appledusk and the blindness of Frecklewish and the potential death (It wasn’t mentioned if she survived the adder bite). Oakstar let his anger blind him which should land him in the dark forest.

3. Darkstar (female)
Same as Oakstar. She should not have exiled Poor Mapleshade.

4. Leopardstar
She practically Gave up her spot as River can leader to Tigerstar, THE TIGERSTAR FOR STARCLAN’S SAKE. She partly caused the death of Stonefur, Stonefur 100% deserves Starclan he died to protect Feathertail(paw), Stormfur(paw), and Mistyfoot(Star). and Leopardstar just watched as one of her Warriors got slaughtered right in front of her. WHY DID CROOKEDSTAR EVER APPOINT HER DEPUTY. speaking of crookedstar.

Rainflower is bad for a number of reasons. first of all rainflower, you can’t just go from “Oh, My handsome kit you will be the best warrior in Riverclan” to “AHHHHH, GET YOUR HORRID FACE AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEE”. and then Crookedstar becomes leader. Now that’s a spot where you can say IN YOUR FACE RAINFLOWER. It’s one thing getting rejected by your clan because of your looks, but losing your OWN MOTHER is a whole other level. LIKE COME ON RAINFLOWER FOR STARCLAN’S SAKE HE IS YOUR KIT. I don’t blame Crookedstar for making the promise.

6. Foxheart
Her name says it all.

7. Ashfur
as far as I know, he doesn’t deserve dark forest I just despise him. and besides I’m only on outcast. I’ll find a way to send him to the dark forest *evil hand rub, evil hand rub*

I hope u enjoyed it and I hope you agree with me

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