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Defending those who can’t Defend Themselves (Breezepelt) by Rockpelt

Rockpelt defends Breezepelt.

Art by Silverzoul

Welcome, one and all to… This internet page!… (Crowd cheers)
Today I’m continuing a little series I’ve been doing… I’ve been defending the most hated cats in the clans so today I’m going to be talking about the most misunderstood cat in all the clans… Breezepelt.
We all (probably) know Breezepelt. What you remember him for is what really counts. Most people remember him as the annoying hairball turned into the evil excuse for a cat turned into… A side character. Today I’m going to give the inside reasons for Breezepelts actions and prove to you once and for all Breezepelt is just misunderstood.
First of all let me say: Some cats are NOT misunderstood. Some are just plain evil. Breezepelt is not.
Breezepelt has had a tragic past let me explain to you exactly what happened. Heathertail and Breezepelt eventually become mates. Though it has been stated that Heathertail didn’t have feelings for Breezepelt until after the events of OotS we cannot say the same for Breezepelt.
Breezepelt probably had feelings for Heatherpaw as she neglected him for a Thunderclan cat named Lionpaw. This gives Breezepelt his first grudge against Lionblaze. Breezepelt probably sees Lionblaze as an arrogant furball as his father is Thunderclan’s deputy.
Breezepelt then goes on a journey to the mountains with his enemy and his father who for reasons Breezepelt couldn’t understand seemed to love Lionblaze more than him. Breezepelt falls into a pit of lies that claim that he’s worthless. He begins to take out his anger at himself on other people.
Then, it’s proven that Leafpool and Crowfeather, his father, are the parents to Lionbaze. Breezeplet is now, mentally, worse than ever. His two parents hate one another, he feels worthless, and to top it all off his father loves his enemy more than his father loves him.
Then, someone shows up. A cat of legend who promises Breezepelt the honor and respect that Breezepelt deserves. This cat sees promise and value in Breezepelt that nobody else can see. This cat makes him feel like he’s worthwhile, that he doesn’t have to prove himself because he is good enough.
This cat slowly grants him honor and respect for simply being him all he has to do is attack the clans. To gain love and honor Breezepelt only has to drive away the very cats who have shown him nothing but hate. After the battle Breezepelt is faced with a clan that wants nothing to do with him. Except for his childhood crush who beleivesw in him. They become mates. Yay.
In that perspective Breezepelt isn’t that bad. Ivypool was faced with the same decision that he was faced with. She would have gone down the same path too if Lionblaze hadn’t stopped her. You don’t hear anybody saying Ivypool is evil! That was pretty much a narration of Breezepelts life. Remember you never know EVERYTHING that is happening in everybody’s life. So bef9ore you judge, remember you don’t know the battles that person faces.

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  • Great article! I agree, although Breezepelt’s character arc was really underwhelming.

  • Great article, though you can never persuade me to like Breezepelt. I do feel bad for him about the CrowxNight situation. Nice article, Rock!

    • I feel the same…
      I’ll never like Breezepelt but he might have been a wholesome different character if Nightcloud and Crowfeather showed a lot more interest in him and truly cared for him like a REAL parent

  • Breezepaw didn’t know Heatherpaw was meeting Lionpaw in secret.
    Breezepelt decides to turn his back on everyone. Even Heathertail. He decides to kill everyone. Even his mother who coddled him.

    In The Fourth Apprentice, Breezepelt tries to kill Poppyfrost and frame Jayfeather. He never apologizes for it. Breezepelt knows what the Dark Forest is trying to do. He wants to kill and wipe out the whole Clans.

    He never truly apologizes, either. I hate Breezepelt.

  • Part 1
    Breezepelt is a bad cat. He is an extreme hypocrite and his redemption isn’t well done. Sure he got a lot better in character than used to be, but that does not mean suddenly he is a “good” cat now. He tries to kill Jayfeather and Lionblaze, and literally says to Hollyleaf’s corpse that she deserves to die. He also tries to kill an innocent queen and tries to frame Jayfeather. Murder can’t be excused. People say it is because Crowfeather abused Breezepelt, but he didn’t. He cared for him and he tried to save him in the Sight (forgot the book sorry). Yes, he was distant but that does not mean it justifies all of Breezepelt’s actions. Criminals that got abused by their parents don’t get no punishment. They also get punished. Even though in Crowfeather’s trial he got some kind of “punishment” by humiliation in his clan, other dark forest cats like Mousewhisker that changed sides still suffer from it as well. But Breezepelt is worse, he knew Dark Forest wanted to destroy his clan yet still follow them. People claim that Breezepelt was saving Lionblaze from the stoats, but no. He just saved him and quickly moved on. That is what allies do, it is not Breezepelt wanting to save Lionblaze. Not only that, he tried to kill Leafpool as well. I mean okay, you might be angry at your father’s ex-wife, but it does not mean you can kill that cat. It wasn’t necessary for self defense! It was real attempted murder at someone. Like murder, attempted murder is not excused. He says that he was loyal to Windclan but in the books he says he wanted to be part of the dark forest as a clan.

  • Part 2
    Breezepelt’s action is not justifiable, and because he was “neglected” isn’t a good excuse. Now, did Blossomfall turn evil and try to kill bunch of cats because Millie “neglected” her? No. Even though neglecting is bad, it isn’t a good excuse to dragg it up a character’s excuse on doing bad things. People can say he might redeem himself, but he never really said a full apology to his victims. Only Lionblaze. You might say he didn’t have the chance, but the point is, he met the cats he victimize in Crowfeather’s trial. But he didn’t! His redemption is so rushed and it seem like Onestar forgived him just after DF battle. In Squirrelflight’s hope he calls Squirrelflight and Leafpool “traitors”, but he is the one who betrayed the clans in the first place. But that is not all. Look at these quotes.

  • Part 3
    “I trained with the Dark Forest to become a stronger warrior. I needed some cat to believe in me, and the Dark Forest cats did – or at least they seemed to. But I wasn’t fighting against the Clans. I’ll always be a WindClan cat first. This battle with the stoats is my chance to prove myself.”- Crowfeather’s trial
    What the??? He say that he will never betray Windclan. However, he contradicts this.
    There you are!” Breezepelt’s eyes shone. “We’re going to launch an attack on the [Windclan] camp. – Last Hope.
    Long after his ‘redemption’, he’s shouting hypocritical statements:
    Breezepelt: “She’s disloyal!”
    Squirrelflight: “That’s not true!”
    Breezepelt: “And it’s not the first time.You raised your sister’s half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You’re a liar.”
    Bramblestar: “We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones.”
    Breezepelt: “We didn’t expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy! Squirrelflight’s disloyal. She’s been disloyal before. She can’t be trusted!”
    Squirrelflight: “You don’t get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?”
    Crowfeather: “We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later.”
    – Squirrelflight’s Hope
    As a fan of Squirrelflight and Leafpool, I can’t stand this.
    “Crowfeather was at his side in an instant, sending sandy soil flying in desperation to save his son. Breezepaw’s still buried!” Crowfeather panted.” -The Sight, page 352.
    Crowfeather trying to save Breezepaw.
    “Sending you to StarClan isn’t enough of a punishment. You need to know what it’s like to have every cat in your Clan stare at you, whisper about you. You need to know that you’re surrounded by lies and hatred and things that should never have happened.”- The Fourth Apprentice, page 239.
    He try to frame Jayfeather and kill a innocent bystander.

  • Wow wow wow, who is hating on Breezepelt?!
    Sure, he’s not my favorite but he has been through a lot.

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