Ranking villains form most evil to least by Stonecloud

Stonecloud ranks some of the antagonists from the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

heya, Stonecloud here with another article. in this article I will be ranking villains from most evil to least. to rank these cats I will be looking at a few things. First of all I will be looking at what got them to be evil e.g. being treated badly. second I will be looking at their master plan e.g. sending a dog pack to destroy your enemy. lastly I will be looking at their ending/death e.g. drowning. so lets get going.

10. Darkstripe
I ranked him last because he really isn’t evil he just followed Tigerstar which landed him in the dark forest.
what got him to be evil? he was inspired by Tigerstar, and Tigerstar made him do some bad things like poisoning sorreltail. to be honest if he had left Tigerstar like longtail did he wouldn’t be on this list.
His master plan? his master plan is Tigerstars master plan which I will be covering.
his death? he was killed during the battle that Tigerstar started, the battle against Bloodclan by Graystripe. he deserved this ending and it is very fitting for this cat.

Some of you might argue that rainflower isn’t evil,and I might or might not agree with you. But in my opinion she needed to go on this list for what she did for crookedstar.
What got her to be Evil? She hated how crookedstar looked because he broke his jaw.
Her master plan? she really didn’t have one.
Her death? she hit a rock and Died, she is probably the first and last cat that’s going to die from hitting her head. Like WHAT KIND OF DEATH IS THAT.

I struggled with this one but I decided on bone. if you don’t know who bone is. Bone is one of scourges biggest followers. he collected claws form cats and teeth from dogs. and he killed poor whitestorm.
what got him to be evil? He was deceived by scourge and fought beside him.
his Master plan? his master plan was scourge’s plan he was his follower.
His death? he as destroyed by apprentices. I think this is a perfect ending for this cruel cat.

7. Mudclaw
I don’t think Mudclaw is evil. he just did a lot of things that made me put him on this list.
What got him to be evil? He had leadership snatched from him in a matter of seconds. he along with other cats didn’t believe that onestar was the true leader of windclan.
His master plan? along with the help of Hawkfrost he gathered cars from windclan, shadowclan and riverclan to help raid Onestar’s side of windclan so he can be leader.
his death? he was crushed by a tree from lighting that Starclan send. I think this was a good ending because it both proved that Starclan approved of Onestar being leader and also ending Mudclaw.

6. Appledusk
I’m not even going to follow the thing I said up above, I don’t care. I’m going to say what I really fell about him. He is the reason Mapleshade killed so many cats. He deserved to die from the person he cheated on. Appledusk let Mappleshade take the blame and didn’t even help when HIS OWN KITS WERE DROWNING IN THE RIVER. he didn’t even make an effort to save the kits. and not to Mention he cheated on Mapleshade just when she was giving birth to HIS OWN KITS. and then the little devil gets to float of to starclan while Mapleshade gets trapped in the dark forest only for avenging her kits. that little so and so is the evilest of them all and that is a fact.

5. Mapleshade
Mapleshade is a cat that lived in oakstar’s time. she killed Ravenwing, Appledusk, and blinded frecklewish.
What got her to be evil? her kits died and she was exiled from two clans. she wanted to get revenge and avenge her kit by killing the cats that she thought were responsible for their death.
Her master plan? I will be talking about the plan she had for crookedstar. when crookedstar(Stormkit at the time) broke his jaw he was rejected by so many cats including his own mother. Mapleshade took advantage of that and made him promise to be loyal to his clan above everything else. it is later reveled that crookedstar was related to appledusk and mapleshade wanted to destroy him and every thing he loved. so everyone he loved kept on dying until his daughter died and finally he joined starclan.
Her death? when she went to kill appledusk she took his apprentice, pouncepaw hostage she said she would let him go if he fought her. appledusk and mapleshade fought and she killed him. then pouncepaw jumped on top of her and bit down on her neck which was the wound that caused her death. she died alone and will continue to be alone for the rest of eternity.

4. Hawkfrost.
Hawkfrost is the son of tigerstar and Barmbeclaw’s half brother. he trained in the dark forest along with Brambleclaw.
What got him to be evil? he was too ambitious and he followed Tigerstar’s instructions to rule the forest.
His master plan? he manipulated Mothwing into doing what he said and was going to kill Firestar if it wasn’t for Brambleclaw.
His ending? He got stabbed in the neck from a foxtrap while fighting Brambleclaw. in a pool of blood.

scourge is a small cat. he is the one and only leader of Bloodclan. he collects teeth from dogs and claws from cats. and his claws are reinforced with dog teeth.
What got him to be evil? he was born tiny and was teased for his small size by his litter mates. they told him that the twolegs threw useless kits into the river and to escape this fate he ran into the forest, where he encountered a patrol of Tigerpaw(star) bluefur(Star) and Thistleclaw. Tigerpaw is then ordered to attack Tiny (scourge) and if it wasn’t for bluefur(star) he would have died. being mistreated by so many cats, then gain power from a mere accident must have been the reason for him becoming evil.
his master plan? he wanted to take over the forest because twoleg place was not good for Bloodclan.
His death? he was killed by firestar after firestar got revived in the battle of bloodclan. I think it was good that firestar killed scourge because that proves that he is a loyal thunderclan cat.

2. Tigerstar
I know a lot of people might disagree with this but I had to put tigerstar 2nd not 1st for a reason.
What got him to be evil? He wanted to be leader of thunderclan but when firestar uncovered all his secrets and he got exiled he wanted to destroy thunderclan.
His master plan? he has a few. His first one was to kill redtail in hopes of him getting chosen as deputy next. then when lionheart got chosen he killed lionheart so he can be deputy. when he finally was appointed deputy he tried to kill bluestar in a battle with shadowclan but firestar uncovered him and bluestar exiled him. then he brought a dog pack which thunderclan later killed using the gorge. Later he became shadowclan leader and join with riverclan to create Tigerclan which he ruled. then he brought scourge and bloodclan into the forest to force the other clans to join under his leader ship. when his plan backfired after firestar uncovered all his secrets to both the clans and scourge he was killed and resulted to a big battle between Lionclan (all the clans combined) and bloodclan.
His death? he got his nine lives ripped out of him when he attacked scourge. How Ironic.

Finally Number 1
1. Brokenstar.
Brokenstar is broken both mentally and physically.
What got him to be evil? I he was mistreated and neglected and like I said he was mentally insane. he is fox-hearted and soulless
His master plan? he killed his own father Raggedstar ripping all nine lives out of him then blaming it on windclan. he drove out windclan from their territory and trained kits too young when he killed two kits he blamed it on Yellowfang and drove her out and calling her a rouge. he was driven out by the very elders that he exiled then became a rouge along with some of his warriors. then he attacked Thunderclan but was blinded and taken hostage.
His end? he was fed death berries by Yellowfang. I was so relived when he died.

Well that’s it I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you agree with me.

Thank you for reading

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  • Bramblestar is number 1 or number 10 because he is the worst leader and is a VERY abusive husband. Moonkitti explains this completely in her video

  • Haha. It says August 2nd but that is impossible cuz it’s August 1st right now.
    It’s just funny, ya’know?

    • That is because you are likely from a different country/timezone to what BlogClan goes by.
      BlogClan uses the British Summer Time (BST) timezone, which is the main timezone used in Great Britain (where i live).
      So, when it is August 2nd in the UK, it might still be August 1st in another country!

      Hope this explanation helped 😉

  • I think the Erins have confirmed that Darkstripe was implied to be gay along with Ravenpaw.
    Rainflower is just cruel, not evil.
    You put Appledusk on here and for what?
    PEOPLE *CLAP* MAPLE *CLAP* SHADE *CLAP* IS *CLAP* EVIL *CLAP*. If she had the capasity to kill her own clanmates, she is judgeable.
    Yep. Brokenstar was always evil. He was evil enough to kill his own father at least.

    • I’m just tired of people making a stink about Appledusk. He did nothing wrong except cheating. And really, Mapleshade was very controling.

      • Appledusk in my opinion was never evil near the level of other villains but u he certainly did more than cheating
        He called Mapleshade and her kits mistakes
        He cheated on her
        He lied
        He betrayed her and sided with others against his mate
        He wast punished for breaking the code like Maple was

        And in my opinion as well the reason I like Mapleshade is BECAUSE she is evil

    • So I knew about the Erins implying Ravenpaw as gay but I didn’t know about Darkstrike. Do you maybe I have link to the pages? Just seems interesting to me.

    • Why do people say maple shade is evil?!? She is my FAVE! She had a hallucination telling her to kill those cats! She’s not evil, she’s just misunderstood! So many articles say that! And I think appledusk is the evil one! If mapleshades evil, than I’m a dinosaur!🦖

  • I disagree with Rainflower and Mudclaw being so high up, and Appledusk. He’s just a simple cheater; he never did anything particularly evil. He certainly didn’t deserve to die, and he did help when Mapleshade and her kits were drowning.

    • I totally agree! The majority of this wensite is against him I’ll say. Mapleshade is cool and all, but Appledusk is innocent. I can’t really do an article on this cuz I havn’t read Mapleshade’s Venagnce yet. I know a lot of spoilers to it though.

    • Briarpaw, Rainflower and Mudclaw and Appledusk aren’t really very high up, 10 was the least evil and 1 was the most. Though I can agree with you there, Appledusk was a jerk and kinda an awful person but I don’t think he deserved to die.

  • I disagree about Appledusk. He was never really “evil”. He was just scared because he was in a situation where he had to choose his mate or his Clan. It’s understandable that he chose his Clan instead of Mapleshade. And it wasn’t all his fault that she became evil anyway. Appledusk was overall a good cat, and he was always trying his best to be loyal to his Clan. If YOU were put in Appledusk’s situation that time, what would you do? Great article though!

  • Awesome article Stonecloud! But I think that Tigerstar 1 should be in the #1 spot. He killed like 4 cats and sort of killed tons more. And he killed Firestar! NOOOOOOOOO!

  • Nice article! I personally disagree with Appledusk being held as the only reason Maple went on a rampage,since Ravenwing and Oakstar were big parts of it too,but that might just be me :p (and a lot of other cats have had more than one mate/cheated on their mates too,idk if that can be considered one of the reasons he’s evil)

  • So I think Maple shade should be 1st not second. Yeah she wasn’t starting wars when she was alive like Tigerstar BUT if u think about it half the warrriors villains we know where trained by her . Without Mapleshade their would be no star clan v DF battle no tiger star or some of them other villains

  • I agree that brokestar was the most evil but I have to admit I kind of feel bad for him. He had a hard life as a kit. BUT it still doesn’t justify how he killed all those poor kits and his father raggedstar