Dovewing and Ivypool by Flamefire

Flamefire shares their opinion on Dovewing and Ivypool.

Art by blazedestroyed

Dovewing and Ivypool are sisters… And interesting ones at that. They are definitely different. This is my first article, so if it’s bad I’m sorry. Also, this is just my opinion! Hopefully no one will take this personally if they have a different opinion than mine. (Also, SPOILERS AHEAD BEWARE!)

Dovewing: I feel like Dovewing makes me mad. She just does. She’s really unfair to Ivypool, even though she does care. (For all the Dovewing fans this is just my opinion!) Dovewing, I feel like, kinda deserves her powers, and yet at the same time… I don’t know… She just doesn’t in some cases. I’m a DovexBumble so I was kinda disappointed when you know, SHE LEFT HIM! And for Tigerstar 2. I mean, I like Tigerstar 2, and I do support TigerxDove, and I DO think it is better, but I just feel like Bumblestripe didn’t deserve to be hurt like that. It seemed extremely unfair to him. And Bumblestripe already has enough sadness with Millie for a mother. (Millie only cares about Briarlight)… But, then again, with Graystripe as a father he does have good moments. (Major Graystripe fan right here). Anyways, back to Dovewing! I LOVE Hollyleaf so of course I wanted her to be the third/and or fourth cat. So I was very sad when I realized she was not either of them. NOW I’ll get back to Dovewing. Dovewing seems to always want the opposite of what she has. She doesn’t want her powers when she has them. She wants her powers when she DOESN’T have them. That’s just…. Something to me.

Ivypool: Ivypool! A favorite character of mine! I love Ivypool. I feel like she was overlooked for the most part. Dovewing got a series and a novella. Ivypool was in OoTS, and they did do her point of view, but honestly everyone was looking at Dovewing and wondering what would happen in the Great Battle, and where Hollyleaf had gone. (Or if she died, like said in the books before she came back). Ivypool isn’t overlooked now, I’m happy to say there are lots of Ivypool fans. (I’m one of them). Ivypool did many important things, like, let’s see… Risk her life spying for Lionblaze and Jayfeather in the Dark Forest! She fought very hard in the Great Battle and I feel like Dovewing didn’t fight as hard as her sister. (Once again, my opinion). Also, I’m a big IvyxFern shipper, so there’s that. I literally LOVE Fernsong!! Anyways…

So! That’s my opinion on Ivypool and Dovewing. I’m off.

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  • I hate Dovewing more than Ivypool. Ivypool is also a brat in the books, but Dovewing is more worse. Remeber the herb patch incident? Dovewing was the one who told Tigerheart about it and when Ivypool got captured, she didn’t do anything. When it was clearly her fault that she was captured.

  • Great article! I like both of them! Bumblestripe was being a horrible, horrible mate to Dovewing, and if you have Cinderheart, Blossomfall and Rosepetal forcing you to be his mate, as well as Ivypool being mad at you and Jayfeather and Dovewing being annoying, then you deserve a bit of time where you can just talk to Tigerheart 🙂 Really, the only reasonable cat in Dovewing’s early life was Whitewing, who even though thought Dovewing was lying in the Fourth Apprentice, really made up for it later 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure Bumblestripe was being a bad mate because the Erins needed an excuse for Dovewing not to want to be his mate so she could be with Tigerheart. (Which made me really mad because I really liked Bumblestripe before Tigerheart did that to him :[ ) I mean, in the series they never really tell us an actual reason why he randomly started acting like a jerk. And the time when he starts acting jerky conveniently lines up very nicely to when she starts falling in love with Tigerheart. I would find DovexTiger an ok ship if it weren’t for this but DovexTiger killed Bumblestripe in my opinion. :[
      (Sorry if this felt like a rant, sorry DovexTiger fans)

  • Bumblestripe was being an immense creep when he asked Dovewing to have kits in front of Purdy’s corpse. It was Dovewing’s choice. Millie wasn’t a bad mother, and Bumblestripe didn’t mind.
    Ivypool’s spying was half-done, as well.

  • I know Lionblaze and Jayfeather had their reasons,but I really disliked them in OOTS.I don’t hate them,but they’re no longer my favs,and that’s coming from someone who likes most of the characters for no reason.I mean Lionblaze constantly reassuring Dovewing makes sense,as she was once his apprentice,but he treats Ivypool like trash.I mean,didn’t he blow up at her once when she refused to tell them one certaiin thing about the dark forest?Yeah,Ivypool wasn’t the worlds best spy,but if you were spying on Litteral killers and outlaws,would you want to talk about it?I think she thought her job was to tell them the important stuff,like when the battle was,not everything about it,as the Dark Forest is the last place you want to be in.

    Anyways,that’s just my opinion and great article!

    P.S. I like both Dovewing and Ivypool

  • Haha, now I realize (I think a half-year later?) that Bumble x Dove was a toxic ship! I loved Bumblestripe up until those moments, his character was ruined for the Tiger x Dove ship.