Dovewing and Ivypool by Flamefire

Flamefire shares their opinion on Dovewing and Ivypool.

Art by blazedestroyed

Dovewing and Ivypool are sisters… And interesting ones at that. They are definitely different. This is my first article, so if it’s bad I’m sorry. Also, this is just my opinion! Hopefully no one will take this personally if they have a different opinion than mine. (Also, SPOILERS AHEAD BEWARE!)

Dovewing: I feel like Dovewing makes me mad. She just does. She’s really unfair to Ivypool, even though she does care. (For all the Dovewing fans this is just my opinion!) Dovewing, I feel like, kinda deserves her powers, and yet at the same time… I don’t know… She just doesn’t in some cases. I’m a DovexBumble so I was kinda disappointed when you know, SHE LEFT HIM! And for Tigerstar 2. I mean, I like Tigerstar 2, and I do support TigerxDove, and I DO think it is better, but I just feel like Bumblestripe didn’t deserve to be hurt like that. It seemed extremely unfair to him. And Bumblestripe already has enough sadness with Millie for a mother. (Millie only cares about Briarlight)… But, then again, with Graystripe as a father he does have good moments. (Major Graystripe fan right here). Anyways, back to Dovewing! I LOVE Hollyleaf so of course I wanted her to be the third/and or fourth cat. So I was very sad when I realized she was not either of them. NOW I’ll get back to Dovewing. Dovewing seems to always want the opposite of what she has. She doesn’t want her powers when she has them. She wants her powers when she DOESN’T have them. That’s just…. Something to me.

Ivypool: Ivypool! A favorite character of mine! I love Ivypool. I feel like she was overlooked for the most part. Dovewing got a series and a novella. Ivypool was in OoTS, and they did do her point of view, but honestly everyone was looking at Dovewing and wondering what would happen in the Great Battle, and where Hollyleaf had gone. (Or if she died, like said in the books before she came back). Ivypool isn’t overlooked now, I’m happy to say there are lots of Ivypool fans. (I’m one of them). Ivypool did many important things, like, let’s see… Risk her life spying for Lionblaze and Jayfeather in the Dark Forest! She fought very hard in the Great Battle and I feel like Dovewing didn’t fight as hard as her sister. (Once again, my opinion). Also, I’m a big IvyxFern shipper, so there’s that. I literally LOVE Fernsong!! Anyways…

So! That’s my opinion on Ivypool and Dovewing. I’m off.

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  • I wish there was more Fernsong x Ivypool moments. The Erins made it a big thing and then didn’t even show Fernsong taking care of the kits.
    I hate Tiger x Dove! I always found it weird that none of the Shadowclanner denied Dovewing and Tigerstar’s pressance.

  • Hi! First of all, your article was really good! 😀 I am personally NOT an ivypool fan, I feel like she was entitled and really hated dovepaw for nothing, which makes me frustrated.
    (Here is some short-ish rant about ivypool and dovewing)
    dovewing is not perfect and ivypool is a jerk.
    dovewing reaches out to her sister to be her friend, but ivypool is jealous because of a narative she made in her head that everyone respected dovepaw and Firestar asked her for advice, which WASNT TRUE
    ivypool also trained in the dark forest. why?
    because she was jealous of dovewing.
    Even though ivypool is CONVINCED herself that she’s training for her clan
    when dovepaw finds out ivypaw is training in the dark forest she trys to stop ivypaw. when dovepaw comes back from that arguemnt, she gets right back to work at camp, helping re build the dens. when ivypaw gets back an hour later, she finds a worried cinderheart.
    ‘ “where have you been? dovepaw’s been back ages!” Cinderheart asked worriedly
    “i er- wanted to practice the hunting crouch. to get it right.” Ivypaw wasn’t about to admit that she had been silently fuming by the lake”
    -night whispers
    also, theres one part in night whispers where durning a training session, ivypaw pulls off a skilled move. but when the cats ask her to show them, ivypaw lies that she doesn’t remember the move, because she wanted to be the best at everything, not help her clan.
    ivypool is the worst, and really selfish
    Also, dovewing’s silence is the BEST warrior cat book and the true end to omen of the stars, it is needed for story development and it is beautifully written.
    Anyway that’s my opinion, welcome to the blog flamefire :)!

    • Dovewing is also selfish. I like to disagree with the part that Dovewing is a selfless character and didn’t want to have her powers. I don’t mind Dovewing from having her powers. I dislike her usage of her powers. She do care about her reputation as it shown in Night Whispers, she want to destroy everything for Ivypool if she tells that she have seeing Tigerheart. If she didn’t want the reputation for her powers, why would she ever say that? They were first friends, mind you. But they drifted apart because Dovewing keep the secret. Ivypool didn’t became jealous instantly, she didn’t understand why her sister was so special. Honestly, I think Dovewing had to keep the secret but it does not mean she can just make it as a excuse to compare her with Ivypool. The reason people like Ivypool is because she is a relatable character. She works hard, but she can’t be equal like Dovewing because Dovewing have super powers. But yet she don’t understand why! That is why she join Dark Forest.

  • Great article! Even though I am a Dovewing fan, I do agree with everything that you said.

  • Adding to the,
    ”Dovewing seems to always want the opposite of what she has. She doesn’t want her powers when she has them. She wants her powers when she DOESN’T have them. That’s just…. Something to me.”

    Dovewing was born with her power to hear exceptionally, after that was taken away it was almost like she’d gone deaf. It be scary for anyone.
    Dovewing always had her power on, unlike lionblaze and jayfeather who could turn it on and off at will. It was much more difficult for her to handle when they were gone.
    And the powers she had caused a lot of trouble for her as well. She couldn’t tell her sister about her powers, and it caused her to get unwanted attention. It really did make it difficult to maintain a relationship with her sister, even though dovewing tried her best.
    Thats just something I wanted to point out.

  • Bumblestripe was creepy and a little stalker ish. Just because somebody has a crush on you does not mean you have to love them back. Dovewing tried to nicely decline him, but he wouldn’t let her go. Everyone thought she was mean but bumblestripe just kept going when she didn’t want him

  • Great article! I don’t agree with the part where you talked about Dovewing wanting her powers when she doesn’t have them and not wanting them when she does have them, though. When Dovewing had her powers, it was a cool power, but she felt like it kind of made her different from her Clanmates. But then when she lost them, she realized how much they actually meant to her.

  • Great article! I’m also an Ivypool fan, but I do love Dovewing as well. I really love all 3 of these she-cats. My ranking for them:

  • I disagree with the Dovewing part. It really makes me sad when I see people typing nonstop stuff about not liking Dovewing. I know it’s your opinion, and I respect it, but Dovewing didn’t “leave” Bumblestripe. He was making her feel uncomfortable, and she reacted, basically saying: “If you’re going to pressure me to be your mate, it’s not going to happen.” Dovewing didn’t dump him.

    And yeah, Millie was unfair to Bumblestripe, but again, he was pressuring Dovewing. He probably didn’t mean to though. That’s the thing. In the warriors world, you have to be careful with realationships.

    Yeah, Hollyleaf maybe didn’t get to be the third cat, and I was like: “That’s okay, she can be the fourth cat.” But I was really mad when I found out when it was actually FIRESTAR!!!! Dude! You’ve had your moment! Give the actual Three and stuff a chance to shine!

    Anyway, people (cats) can be confusing sometimes. In the beginning, Dovewing was a bit scared about her powers, and overtime, she got pretty used to them, and they turned out to be helpful. But when she was used to them, she suddenly lost them, and she was a bit confused. Wouldn’t you be too?

    To be honest, the reason she went to the Dark Forest was because she was jealous of Dovewing.

    Yes! She did fight hard in the great battle! But Dovewing fought hard too.

    I don’t ship IvyFern. Ivypool basically made Fernsong do all the work. I’ve heard that he was the first “male queen”.

    Overall, I disagreed with your article. But I’m impressed with it! Great work! <3
    I'm sorry if I hurt or offended you. I didn't mean to if I did say anything offensive.

  • For me, unlike the whole fandom, I don’t like both of them. But I hate Dovewing more than Ivypool. I think the reason why people like Ivypool is because she is a relatable character.