Where we are in the broken code so far by Tyrantstorm

Tyrantstorm takes a look at The Broken Code.

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(Spoiler Warning for The Broken Code and Graystripe’s Vow)
As my second article on BlogClan, I want to talk about what’s currently going on with Warriors and why it’s happening. I’m discussing why StarClan’s trapped, how Ashfur is thinking, and what’s to come next.

To start off, we know that StarClan is completely unable to connect to the living world. We saw evidence in the third book whenever Harestar lost a life and returned, but no further evidence has actually been presented to us otherwise. It is safe to say that, judging by the Leafpool scene we get in the 4th book prologue, StarClan has gone completely rogue from the Clans. Another clue that we get when we read the prologue is that branches swirled across the pool, essentially blocking their vision of the Clans. The Moonpool usually gives StarClan a birds-eye view of the Clans, and they can watch anywhere they want. These branches don’t snap, either. Shadowsight was able to dig through them, so these are special.

Something else worth mentioning is that absolutely no form of connecting with StarClan seems possible. In Graystripe’s Vow, Graystripe temporarily leaves ThunderClan in hope of connecting with his ancestors through the old kicking grounds; the Moonstone. Around halfway through the book, we realize that it doesn’t work. The thing is, it seems to be different from the Moonpool, because instead of not being able to reach StarClan, Highstones caves in and the Moonstone is destroyed. Graystripe thinks that he made StarClan angry, but it might have been Ashfur or someone else.

Time for my opinion as to what’s going on here: Ashfur’s manipulating power to trap StarClan. If StarClan is broken off from the living Clans for too long, they end up dying out. To understand why, we look at some of the cats in StarClan. Well, specifically two of them; Leafpool and Firestar. Both of them were very close to Squirrelflight, who seems to be the leading cause for all of Ashfur’s actions. We’ve seen him water cats close to Squirrelflight out of the clans before; Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Bramblestar out of his body, Alderheart, and a lot more. He’s doing this so that he can pressure Squirrelflight into thinking that he’s the only one she can run to. But it backfired, and Squirrelflight left altogether. Ashfur was taken into ShadowClan camp, held in prison, got out, and took Squirrelflight to the spirit realm. There’s even reasoning as to why all of the cats that died were taken to The Dark Forest to become his mindless puppets. To lure Squirrelflight into The Place of No Stars, so he could get her alone with him forever.

We see how this turns out in the latest book released, conveniently titled The Place of No Stars. The prologue starts with Squirrelflight, dragged into the Moonpool and being taken with Ashfur. She sees Bramblestar’s spirit, which appears to be dead. The cats in real life? Fighting over who’s fault it is and trying to figure out what’s going on. This is what Ashfur is counting on. He expects cats to come into The Dark Forest, Willowshine, who he kills and takes control of. He wants Rootspring to get into The Place of No Stars, he controls Willowshine to do it. He’s luring in Bristlefrost. But why?

It could be because he wants Squirrelflight to feel hope. Someone from her Clan is finally coming to rescue her. More likely, he wants her to feel hopeless. Kill Bristlefrost and remind Squirrelflight no one can save her. But most likely, he’s luring Squirrelflight in by capturing one of her clan, and her true love. If so, Squirrelflight might fall into his trap, and never had seen it coming.

Well, thanks for listening to me rant about theories. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. My mind’s reeling as I write this. I wrote this in 30 minutes and figured out my theories as I was writing it. I didn’t even know what I was going to talk about, and we ended up here. Well, see you next time. Maybe I’ll do a response article to the 6th book, see how well I figured things out. I’m probably wrong, though. A 30 minute brainstorm probably isn’t what Erin Hunter has in mind.

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  • I hope that the in the end the code changes for the better. All I know is that the clans will unite against the greater danger coming in book 6.

  • This article scares me. I’m worried for Bristlefrost now… her safety and Rootspring’s safety. Let me start off by saying Bristlefrost is my all time favourite character and Rootspring is one of my favourites. I also didn’t get why Ashfur was luring Rootspring and Bristlefrost into the dark forest. Of all cats why them. I really hope we get more answers in a light in the mist. This book just gave me more questions.

  • Awesome article! I was starting to forget some events in The Broken Code, but I liked how you summarized everything so that people could see the important things but skip over the tiny details. I feel as though a Clan cat, like Shadowsight or Bristlefrost, will go to the Dark Forest and trick Ashfur into spilling a big secret that will save all the Clans. However, since they are many possibilities for the ending of The Broken Code, I’m likely wrong on this theory. ~ Cloudy