Dovewing or Ivypool? Which Sister is Better? by Frostdapple

Frostdapple takes a look at the Omen of the Stars sister duo.

Art by crefollet

Hey there guys, Frosti here! Today, I’m going to go over which sister may be better than the other: Dovewing or Ivypool. FYI I like Ivypool a bit more but as I read through Dovewing defense articles, I started to like Dovewing a bit more until it was completely nuetral. So here I go!!! (BTW, MAJOR spoilers for Oots!!! Also, correct me in the comments if I’m wrong about something!)
Okay, first off, some bad things about both sisters.
Dovewing is sort of whiny, and she was first panicking about her powers. Then, when she lost them, she started to get whiny again. Ever since Dovewing got her powers, she could pretty much do everything better than Ivypool. Ivypool started thinking that Dovewing thought she was better than her, so Ivypool started training in the Dark Forest. Ivypool kept training there with Hawkfrost thinking he was a StarClan warrior, and got better and better at fighting.
Conclusion: Dovewing is whiny and kind of Mary Sue-ish, and Ivypool will work her butt off to be better than Dovewing, which is a bad trait.
Some good things about both sisters.
Ivypool stopped training in the Dark Forest as soon as she figured out that Tigerstar and the other guys just wanted to get revenge on the Clans and stuff. When Jayfeather wanted Ivypool to spy on the Dark Forest, Dovewing was releuctant because she was being a good sister. Ivypool agreed, and she started spying on the Dark Forest. In the Great Battle, Dovewing and Ivypool both fought against the Dark Forest, and were extremely loyal to their Clans during that fight, and not one of them gave up. StarClan and Jayfeather’s Ancients even helped with the fight. The Clans won against the Dark Forest, and most of the dead Dark Forest cats lost their Spirit Lives. Now they were pretty much gone for good.
Conclusion: Both She-cats are loyal and kind, brave and helpful, and will do anything to protect their Clan.
So. Who IS the best sister? The answer is…

YOU DECIDE! Type in the comments which sister YOU like better! If you haven’t decided yet, use all of the facts I put into my article! I hope you liked this!
Frosti out!

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