who will crowfeather choose in starclan? by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost wonders who Crowfeather loved the most.

Art by Cherivinca

heya! it’s hollyfrost back with another article! today i will be sharing MY opinion on who crowfeather will choose in starclan,everyone has opinion’s so this is just my opinion! just a reminder: i have NOT read crowfeather’s trial or past eclipse in POT but i have heard some quotes! this might also offend some people’s opinions. and there may be spoilers!

ok,ok,nightcloud to start! so first of all,he will obviously NOT choose nightcloud! he never loved her! i know that because i heard somewhere he never loved her sooooooo

ah leafpool…. what! leafpool is alrighttttt not in my top 10, ANYWAYS, this is not a article on leafpool,it is about crowfeather 😤. ok enough of that! now…. i personally think he WILL NOT choose leafpool either! i heard somewhere that in crowfeather’s trial, that his love for her faded. like crowfeather was just sad so he wanted a new mate quickly and was like “oh leafpool’s pretty,her personality is like feathertail,imma go with her!” `that’s probably what happened. and he wanted to run away with her,probably because he didn’t want her to die like feathertail! also leafpool didn’t even love him that much! she partly didn’t even wanna run away with him! as you can tell i really don’t think he will choose leafpool. (i also really don’t like this ship!)

i think that he WILL choose feathertail! yea,yea she’s goes to the tribe of endless hunting,but she will probably GO to starclan and VISIT the tribe of endless hunting,she would probably much rather hang out with friends and family other than a bunch of strangers! people said feather x crow is a childhood crush,i heard somewhere that crowfeather loved leafpool as much as feathertail so then crow x leaf is a childhood crush,think about that! speak about childhood crush,that’s exactly what storm x squirrel was! and im pretty sure in a book feathertail said that she and crowfeather would be together in starclan or something like that. therefore crowfeather will choose feathertail in starclan!

now i would write more but my hand hurts sooooooo
welp i hope you enjoyed!
peace out!
~ hollyfrost/holly that falls on frost/holly

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  • Personally I think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool because in Squirrelflight’s Hope it still shows that Crowfeather still rushed to save her from danger.

  • I think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool, because he was really mates with her. I think if Feathertail survived, their relationship wouldn’t last very long. Also in The Light In The Mist, you can see Crowfeather is closer to Leafpool because he doesn’t even talk to Feathertail(I know he looks at her…) Also I’m a CrowXLeaf fan FOREVER!!