[a full-body design of Goosefeather laying down and looking off to the side]

An Examination of Goosefeather’s Life by Leafpatch

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Leafpatch analyzes Goosefeather

This paragraph contains information from Goosefeather’s Curse and Bluestar’s Prophecy. Spoilers!! I believe the saddest warrior cat is Goosefeather. Goosefeather was a ThunderClan medicine cat who trained Featherwhisker. Goosefeather had his kithood ripped away because he could see Starclan cats. He was made a medicine cat apprentice against his will at 3 moons old by Dovestar. Cats then hated him for his “special treatment” calling him names like “Liar” and “Insane” and everyone avoided him. His own sister didn’t want anything to do with him. Mapleshade took pity on him and when he asked why he was training him if she hated ThunderClan so much, she said his fate was already doomed by StarClan. He often had visions of the near future, his first vision came before he was apprenticed to save another cats life but soon he quickly learned he was powerless. He could receive these visions and try to prepare for them but his efforts would always be spoiled. He often wondered why StarClan gave him this gift if he could only sit back and watch his Clanmates die. Once, he had a vision of a great winter where they would nearly starve to death. Goosefeather tried to warn his leader and prepare but his efforts were spoiled and his clan starved, relying on worms and tree bark to keep them fed. His first visit to the moonstone he heard Starclan cats screaming prophecies and warnings at him of the future. When he witnessed Sunstar’s birth he told his mentor, Pearnose, that he was special not thinking that call kits are special in their own way. He wasn’t let near kits again. He was given his full medicine cat name at 6 moons and became an outcast even more so. People often avoided him thinking he was strange and he was often seen walking around muttering in camp to ghosts no one else could see. He saw himself as a tool for StarClan to pass messages through, believing that was his only purpose. He often had to make big choices and once relied on a vole to decide the fate of the clans. Goosefeather had a vision of himself dying on the first day of Leafbare, and thats exactly what happened. He saw himself as a tool for Starclan to use, a messenger, someone who could only watch as horrible things happened. Accepting what happened and letting himself be dragged along by the strings of fate. When he died, he didn’t go out with a bang, he died curled up in his nest, asleep, just as he predicted. Goosefeather really deserved his own super edition, not just a short novella. There was so much to tell in so little time.

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