Warrior cats name taken literally by Wavestar

Art by WeHaveCandy

Wavestar analyzes Warrior names literally

Hi! This is Wavestar. Call me Wave. I have seen a lot of Warrior cat names taken literally here and there. So I thought I should do one too.

Breezepelt- His fur must blow him away
Brambleclaw- Who knew you could have a bramble as a claw?
Squirrelflight- Watch out! Flying cat!
Brightheart- How bright?
Cloudtail- He must be in the sky
Flametail- Ahhh! My tail is on fire!
Longtail- Hope it does not get stuck!
Leafpool- A pool of leafs?
Berrynose- Does he smell berries?
Runningnose- Help him catch it!
Gray Wing- One gray wing
Mudfur-He must fall the the ground!
Brokentail- I can’t climb!
Smokepaw- To much smoke
Firepaw- My paws are on fire!
Spottedleaf- A spotted leaf?
Neddletail- Does she sow?
Feathertail- How many more until she’s a bird?
Onewhisker- How can he tell where he is?
Princess- How does she fit in a dress?
Thistleclaw- Same as Brambleclaw
Mistyfoot- How does she walk?
Sandstorm- Run! She is going to destroy us
Appledusk- Who knows fruit can be a time of day?
Dustpelt- He must roll in dust!
Smallear- How can he hear?
Goldenflower- Medicine cats use her
Blackstar- I thought stars were white
Talltail- What story does he tell?
Ivypool- A pool of ivy?
Dovewing- Can she fly?
Sparkpelt- Her pelt must look like she went through a thunderstorm.
Hollyleaf- Don’t let the wind take her!
Jayfeather- Just a feather.
Spiderleg- How many legs?
Rainfur- He must be wet!
Stonefur- He must be hard to move.
Rootpaw- He must be stuck to the ground.
Silverstream- How many cats get their paws wet in her?
Leafstar- A star made out of leafs? Possible
Snowfur- Does she melt when it’s Newleaf?
Turtletail- How does the turtle stay on?
Moth Flight- All moths fly
Clear Sky- I thought skys were blue
Loudbelly- Does he ever get enough food?
Lightning Tail- Thanks for all the storms
Stormtail- Boom! Boom!
Toadfoot- Can he jump high now?
Whitestorm- I thought it was snow!
Pebbleheart- Hard and cold heart
Adderfang- Now he is deadly
Goosefeather- Is he white?
Featherwhisker- I am a bird!

That is all I have for this article. There are most likely way more than this but this is what I got! Wave out!

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