Why I hate Firestar’s and Onestar’s ‘friendship’ by Lynxshade

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Lynxshade shares their thoughts on Onestar and Firestar

Heeeeey! It’s me Lynx back with yet another article. this time I will be openly expressing my hatred towards onestar and why I hate his and firestar’s ‘Friendship’. lets start.

I am currently reading Warriors: eclipse. I’m at the part were Windclan invades Thunderclan territory. When this happened I just kind of Popped. HOW DARE ONESTAR INVADE THUNDERCLAN AFTER ALL THEY HAVE DONE FOR BOTH WINDCLAN AND ALL THE CLANS. and onestar has the guts to attack Thunderclan in their own clamp.and then he confronts Firestar being like. Windclan are true warriors while all Windclan have proven to be is Foxhearted prey-stealers. UGHHHHHH.

I actually used to have a little bit of respect for windclan. but Onestar Ruined that little bit of respect I used to have. Onestar just gave up and crushed the alliance between Windclan and thunderclan. Without Thunderclan Onestar would have joined starclan a Onewhisker. please do note that Firestar was the one that supported him when he first announced that he was appointed deputy before he died. and Firestar along with Graystripe saved his precious clan after they were driven out by shadowclan. Then that back stabbing Foxhearted pray-stealing cat, dares to attack the clan that saved him along with EVERY SINGLE CAT IN THE FOREST. the only cat that I like in Windclan right now is Crowfeather, and to be honest there wouldn’t be much difference if mudclaw had been leader.

I wish Firestar would just let go of his friendship with onestar, obviously all it’s doing is harming the clans. If I were Firestar I would have jumped on Onestar and clawed his ears of when he said that thunderclan weren’t warriors. to be honest the most honorable clan right now is shadowclan, and that’s not a common title for shadowclan. Onestar obviously thinks that being at peace with the clans is not a good idea. but Firestar doesn’t want his dear friend Onestar. UGHHHHHHH. I just hate the way firestar doesn’t want to break any firendships even though its obvious that the other side doesn’t want his Kindness. Firestar should learn to let go of friendship that will only do harm. like lionblaze gave up his friendship with Heatherpaw for his own good. Winclan just starts battles while firestar wants to fight battles that have strong reasons behind them. and Windclan call that weak even though its actually smart. And thats what I hate. windclan always rushes to conclusions that are just ubsured

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  • Ridiculous how literally two arcs before Eclipse, Firestar and Graystripe went on a mission to find Windclan, but they forgot that about five seconds after they came home, sooo-

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