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My Thoughts on Yellowfang by Willowstream

Art by Alder-Leaf

Willowstream shares their thoughts on Yellowfang

Okay, so if you’ve read the warriors books you’ll know who Yellowfang is. I started off really hated Yellowfang because her mood was so random and I hated it. I prefer characters like Spottedleaf who’s mood is always constant. I cried when Spottedleaf died but I was so surprised when Yellowfang was chosen to be medicine cat. That’s when I really started to like Yellowfang. Yellowfang acted so much more wiser! She helped pull Cinderpelt out of her sadness of losing her leg and helped her out of her “depression” of losing Silverstream. After I finished the first arc I was like “Hmmmm, I should read a super edition…” Right when I saw that there was a book on Yellowfang, there was no stopping me from getting it. I literally could not look away. Yellowfang has such a sad sob story. Raggedstar and Yellowfang never got their happy ending and that’s why I love Yellowfang so much! I love stories that have no happy endings. Yellowfang just wants to help and heal Shadow Clan. Brokenstar is so terrible is exile Yellowfan and blame her for the deaths of kits. Brockenstar started to make kits train to be warriors and Yellowfang asked pretty nicely for him to stop and what did Brockenstar do? Make sure the Yellowfang could never come home by making her clanmates hate her! Yellowfang’s home got taken away from her. I honestly think that it was a little to much of a coincidence that Firepaw, the sweetest cat in the forest happened to stumble across Yellowfang but it made the story and lot more interesting. The one and only reason why I hate Yellowfang is because she killed Brokenstar. I get why the Erin Hunter team made the choice but I would have preferred anyone else to kill Brokenstar. It was so terrible the Yellowfang made him eat those berries. I would have started hating Yellowfang from that moment on but then Yellowfang feels some remorse for killing her son. Yellowfang says that she wishes that Fireheart/Firestar was her son and the was enough for me to forgive Yellowfang. Yellowfang is so amazing but has her faults which is why she is such a great character!

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