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What happens to cats that die outside of the Clans? By Strawberrykit

Strawberrykit guesses as to what happens to cats outside of the Clans when they die

Hi BlogClan! It’s me Strawberrykit. Today I’m asking the question of what happens to cats who die outside of the Clans.


What happens to cats who die outside of the Clans? During the journey in The New Prophecy, Feathertail dies. She ends up going to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, because StarClan can’t travel that far (?) without the Clans to be sort of “carrying” StarClan with them. But, the cats traveling are all Clan cats, and all strongly believe in StarClan, so how come StarClan wouldn’t be there? When Sandstorm dies, they’re beyond the Clans, but she ends up going to StarClan. How come when Feathertail died, she goes to a different place? Like, wouldn’t there be some kittypets/loners/rogues around who believed in something, so why wouldn’t Sandstorm go to some kittypet/loner/rogue afterlife? Sandstorm managed to get into StarClan, even if they were far away from the Clans. So why didn’t Feathertail?

Here’s another question, what about Smokepaw? You probably don’t remember him, he was a very minor character who fell to his death in the mountains while the Clans were traveling to their new home. Where does Smokepaw end up anyways? This time StarClan was “making” the journey with them, but also, Smokepaw died in the MOUNTAINS, which is The Tribe of Endless Hunting’s domain. So would he have ended up in the Tribe like Feathertail, or would he have ended up with StarClan? Because technically, Sandstorm ended up in StarClan, so that means StarClan was with the cats in the Apprentices Quest, so StarClan should’ve been with the cats selected in the New Prophecy, but Feathertail still didn’t get into StarClan. So the chances are higher that poor Smokepaw didn’t make it into StarClan.

Lastly, I wonder about Spiresight. I have not read Tigerheart’s Shadow for a while, so I don’t remember if Spiresight died close to the Clans or not. But he died anyways, and on the Wiki it says that he died saving Pouncekit from a drawbridge, so they definitely weren’t in Clan territory. But somehow Spiresight ends up going to StarClan, even though I don’t think he outright said he believed in StarClan, but he did get visions and stuff from StarClan. He ended up in StarClan but he was also a rouge/loner so that doesn’t fully add up. Even if Tigerheart gives him a warriors name and stuff when he died, that still doesn’t really count. So how did Spiresight get into StarClan?? (Please note I have not read Tigerheart’s Shadow in a while, so this info may not be correct)

That’s it, BlogClan! Hope you enjoyed reading this article, and have a good day!

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